Sunday, June 20, 2010

Five Steps to Sharpening Brain Memory

Still young but rather forget? Well, do not let you in stamp deh senile while still young. There are many ways to avoid forgetting aka senile. These five easy steps coupled with nutritious food and diligent reading (to strengthen the memory).

1. Calm
Our brains will work better when we feel relaxed or not stressed. California Institute of Technology revealed that draw a deep breath can make us relax.

2. Plan
They are used to making plans or planning in their lives will not be susceptible to dementia because their brains are continually encouraged to work.

3. Walking

Walking stimulates nerves in the body to relax. When we would walk off the chemicals needed by the brain.

4. Snacking
Who said snacking bad for health. Blueberry fruit and snacks will make your blood sugar increases and nervous system work in the brain work better.

5. Learning something new
Another way is to train the brain to try new things. An example is playing music, foreign language lessons, or just a hobby.


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