Thursday, July 1, 2010

Essential fatty Supporting Growth

Grow and develop optimally be done by fulfilling the intake of essential fats that can be obtained from foods consumed by children.

Every day a child must obtain a balanced composition between carbohydrate intake (50-60 percent), protein (15-20 percent), fat (30 percent), and various kinds of vitamins. 30 percent of the total fat consumed, preferably not more than 7 percent saturated fat is fat (Safa) and 25 percent are unsaturated fats.

Told by clinical nutritionist who is also a member of PDGKI (Indonesian Association of Physician Nutrition Clinic), Dr Fiastuti Witjaksono MS SpGK, that the menu presents an intelligent diet by parents is very necessary for the creation of a healthy diet, controlled, and fun.

"In preparing food intake in children, the key there is 3J are the type, amount and schedule," she said in launching the Blue Band Gold themed "Children Can Make sure the intake of Essential Fats for Optimal Growth with Blue Band Gold" which was held by the Blue Band products in Jakarta, recently.

Fiastuti said, 3J consists of the composition of foods with carbohydrates, protein, and fat balance, in addition to vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, D and E, whereas for the number, then the number of calories consumed must according to need and with a regular eating schedule.

To meet the nutritional adequacy of children, essential fat intake can help children to grow optimally.

Fiastuti explained, essential fatty acids are needed for child growth because it is the formation of cell membrane components that are essential for cell growth and development and greatly affect their physical growth.

Intake of essential fats can also make the cell membranes become more flexible and better able to absorb nutrients because it helps to form and integrate the cell membrane.

Ersa Mayori is one of the artists who are trying hard to apply healthy eating patterns in children. "Since childhood, my mother always provide healthy food at home, now I also instill healthy habits early on to my children," said this beautiful artist.

"Gifts are prepared to take Kika or lunch at home with a varied menu including sandwiches, macaroni, and fruit pieces. In addition to providing nutrients, should also be delicious for the child likes to eat it, "mention in the same event.
To meet the consumption of fat intake is essential to be more balanced, then it could be done by adding the Blue Band Gold at the time of preparing nutritious meals kids.

Told by the Blue Band Brand Manager PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, Agus Nugraha, that the Blue Band Gold new variant of the Blue Band is margarine made with vegetable oils containing more essential fats needed for growth and development of Indonesian children.

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