Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eat burgers too often can risk of asthma

Eating Healthy - Burger was delicious, especially with a solid content of different toppings and a thick sauce. However, you should not too often. In addition to risk clogging the arteries, a study proves, burgers can increase the risk of asthma and shortness of breath, especially in children.

Conversely, in the same research that led Gabriele Nagel from Ulm University in Germany, the Mediterranean diet - which is full of fruit, vegetables, and fish - although the fat, can help avoid asthma-related respiratory problems. Research results published in the British Medical Journal published today.

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children. The disease is often triggered by dust and allergies. Symptoms include heavy breathing and usually reads, chest pain, and respiratory tract to contract. Worldwide, this disease affects about 300 million people and kills about 250 thousand each year, according to World Health Organization (WHO). For reasons that are still poorly understood, asthma has been increasing over the last 25 years, especially in rich countries.

To assess the extent to which diet can be a factor for asthma, researchers led by Gabriele Nagel at Ulm University in Germany studied data on 50 health. thousand children aged eight to 12 years, collected between 1995 and 2005 from 20 rich and poor countries around the world. Parents are asked to describe what their children eat, and whether they had ever been diagnosed with severe asthma or shortness of breath.

Nearly 30 thousand of the children tested to see whether food and beverages have opportunities to develop allergies in the body. Diet does not seem to increase sensitivity to common allergens, but it was correlated with the prevalence of asthma and asthma.

And, here it is, children who ate three or more hamburgers a week along with soft drinks to face a higher risk significantly. However, Nagel said, can not call a burger as the sole and direct cause of the disease, because of lifestyle factors also support the development. "This would explain why the burgers in poor countries is not related to the same level of risk," he said.

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