Sunday, June 6, 2010

Careful in Choosing Yogurt! - Constipation problems should not be underestimated. Not only because making such abdominal discomfort receive waste in the colon, digestive problems can also cause complications such as ulcers, hemorrhoids and even colon cancer. For that you need to adjust your diet with plenty of fiber, and exercising regularly. Eating yogurt can also help overcome constipation.

But do not haphazardly choose yogurt to overcome constipation. One chose the yogurt to make efforts to prevent, let alone treatment, becomes not optimal.

Dr. Karim Regina, Health Marketing Director of Danone, advised to choose yogurt with two criteria, namely:

1. Period of less than three months outdated
Good yogurt containing live bacteria. These bacteria will work to overcome the problem of constipation. Long live good bacteria is not more than three months. So if you see outdated yogurt with a period of more than three months, the good bacteria in it are not working optimally, or not the live bacteria is needed to overcome digestive problems.

2. Not UHT products
Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) is a product that is heated, or foods that pass through high temperature sterilization process within a certain timeframe. UHT products will cause the good bacteria are dead. In fact, it takes a live bacteria to overcome constipation.

"We recommend that regular consumption of yogurt twice a day for two weeks, as the treatment of constipation. Better yet, as a precaution, to regularly eat them every day. Yogurt with live bacteria safely consumed every day," said 'Dr. Regina' to Compass Female, in the event listing MURI record for "1000 Women Eat Yogurt Together" organized by Activia some time ago.

According to Dr Regina, regularly consuming yogurt also will not cause diarrhea. In fact, he said, people suffering from lactose intolerance safe to eat yogurt. People who experience lactose intolerance tend to get diarrhea when drinking milk, because her body can not absorb lactose.


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