Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vitamin B, Prevent Lung Cancer

Vitamin B, Prevent Lung Cancer - Vitamin B has been more famous for its benefits to maintaining brain health. But the latest study showed vitamin B also lowers the risk of lung cancer, even in smokers.

The study of 400,000 people showed, vitamin B6 and amino acids in the body methionin enough to reduce the risk of lung cancer by half. However, the experts emphasized that quitting smoking is far more effective to prevent lung cancer.

"Increasing intake of vitamin B will never be the same effect as if we quit smoking," said Dr.Panagiota Mitrou from the World Cancer Research Fund, one of the researchers.

Research of this nature is still early of course require further research to prove whether the vitamins are widely available in nuts, fish, or meat is indeed effective in preventing lung cancer.

Nevertheless, the ex-smokers or people who have never smoked can still do something positive, such as vitamin B-sufficient, to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

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