Monday, June 7, 2010

Alert, Women with diabetes, are more susceptible cancer

Red: Ririn Sjafriani
Rep: cr2

If you are a woman with diabetes, should improve the lives of healthier, more at risk for developing cancer suspected. Conversely, men with the same condition it does not have a similar risk

Results of research notes, women with type 2 diabetes have up to 25 percent risk of cancer than non-diabetic women. These risks and impact on other problems such as heart disease. Previous research revealed the same thing but are assumed not distinguish gender.

Meanwhile, recent research at Tel Aviv University Medical School - which monitored 17 000 diabetics found a number of male patients with diabetes tend to be far less than healthy men who specialized cases of prostate cancer risk. That is, no increase in their overall cancer risk.

Special women's precisely the case is different. Female patients with colon cancer and cervical cancer to give them a higher cancer risk overall of about 25 percent and cases of type 2 diabetes in women tends to increase rapidly.

Keep in mind, nine out of ten patients with type 2 diabetes when the body gradually loses the ability to process blood sugar automatically advance to the level that can damage organs.


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