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Health Benefits of Yumberry Fruit

Yumberry Fruit

How is your health today? hopefully good. Ok, here we discuss about the fruit that comes from china. The name of this fruit is Yumberry, how? you want to know more about the Yumberry, and also benefit from yumberry. Just follow the following article.

Yumberries (the new name for yang-mei fruit) have been grown and enjoyed in China for thousands of years. They look a little bit like a raspberry with a sweet-sour flavor similar to cranberry and pomegranate juice. Their texture is unique - slightly stringy like the flesh of citrus fruit - with a pit in the center.

Health Benefits of Yumberry Fruit

- Fight free radicals. OPC is said to fight oxidation 50 times better than vitamin E and 20 times better than vitamin C.

- Reduce your blood pressure and protect your heart health.

- Lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.

- Protect your eyesight and reduce your risk of cataracts.

- Strengthen your cell membranes.

- Fight inflammation and associated diseases such as arthritis.

Yum-berry is rich in vitamin C and contains multiple organic acids. This appetizing rich fruit acid can do many functions. It aids saliva secretion, and will clear up hard digested food in your stomach. It will also prevent body sugar from being converted to fat.

Tummy problems? Get some yum-berry juice. It has the potential to cure persistent purging of the bowels (diarrhea!) or bellyache and also can inhibit E.Coli too.

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How to Lower Blood Sugar

This way of lowering blood sugar may be the recipe from my neighbor, though it seems quite impossible but for the sake of my mother treatment, I try to stay as well. according to the "Mak lan" the name of my neighbors was the way she lowered her blood sugar had reached 500 up to 280 within a few days just by eating the "Undur-Undur" and small animal hole digger maker sand, like the picture besides, how else very easily just by eating the 3 of undur-undur. That is inserted into the banana and conducted for 3 consecutive days, and the results are remarkable blood sugar can drop very rapidly (500 off 280).

Apparently, this powerful way strengthened by one of the sources of my friends who work in batam named "Rusli", he said once his friend bought the drug from the sense of blood sugar (Chinese medical experts) to his father that shaped capsules that cost Rp.250rb, 2 x-consuming capsules father's blood sugar dropped dramatically, the friend was curious because the efficacy of this capsule which only eat 2 undur-undur, a direct blood sugar can go down, then he bought the capsule again and try to see its contents, apparently inside the capsule there are 3 tail "undur-undur", small animals as I told above.

Seeing the fact that my mother had tried it, I painstakingly look for it, go along the edge of the house and tore-abriknya with a small spoon. New to 3 tails and overnight've eaten, lived 6 tails should I be looking again today. hopefully this is useful way to help lower blood sugar and my mother was not in vain I publish this article to help others who are experiencing the same thing.

Why are there health disorders in children

The children get sick because of his endurance and strong yet still so sensitive that children (under five) most often sick. Moreover if the diet and unruly life. Character children tend to fight when told to rest, and also not easily persuaded to enjoy healthy foods.

Children are more inclined to choose food according to taste his tongue, not in accordance with health needs. Moreover, every day a lot of food and beverage vendors that pass in front of the house in addition to drain pockets of parents, food and beverages are not guaranteed safe or healthy for the consumer.

Here are some of the causes of health disorders in children:

1. Lack of rest and too much play

In general, children prefer to continue playing rather than sent to bed and rest. Even stopping to eat it sometimes they do not want that we often do not understand "why children are not easy to feel hungry even after not eating daily. If it happens only occasionally may not be too influential on health, but when the child often will not eat and only wants to play it, do not be surprised if they are easily hurt, lack of energy, vitamins and minerals.

2. Food and beverages that contain chemicals

Children often eat foods and beverages that contain additional substances that can damage your health. Substances such as preservatives, coloring, and reinforcing a sense of who is usually a chemical commonly used in the food and beverage vendors. Dyes, preservatives, or reinforcing a sense of nature is very difficult in Indonesia because the price is quite expensive. Sold for consumption especially school children, the industry prefers household chemicals.

3. Too often consume drugs

Sick children do need medication, but did not have to force your child with a chemical or antibiotic drugs continuously. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor about the good and bad to drink a particular drug and duration of use.

Try to be considered and adapted to the complaints of the. For example, a child with the flu or a cold. Why the flu or a cold is a germ or bacteria that could be eliminated by increasing the body resistance to intake of highly nutritious foods, such as vegetable soup or porridge or drink warm milk combined with a banana.

4. Less attention from parents

Parents are so busy with your work often giving less attention to their children. All the affairs and needs of children handed over to the maid or nanny. Children who lack of love and attention parents often feel depressed and insecure. This can interfere with mental health and physical well because they are not lazy appetite or eating.

5. Environment plays an unhealthy

Child's environment and dingy, dirty, greatly affects health. For example, many flies and dust would descend foods eaten. Not to mention if people around the playground of his suffering from infectious diseases. His endurance is still vulnerable to lead the children contracted the disease easily. Therefore, keep the kids from the neighborhood who did not play well.

6. The existence of hereditary factors or genetic

Parents who have a history of the disease can be caused by genetic factors must take precautions to avoid these illnesses experienced by children. Instilled discipline parents to their children (for example, set a good diet and right) helps maintain the health of children.

How to Overcome Cancer Since Early

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cells that are not normal and not controlled, which generally form a lump. Cancer cells can spread through the bloodstream or lymph system to other parts of the body is called metastasis. The types of cancer are: gastrointestinal cancer, stomach, pancreas, colon, rectum, throat/esophagus, breast, skin, prostate, ovaries, cervix, endometrium, liver, lungs and bladder.

What causes of cancer?

Cancer occurs because of gene mutations (gene changes) are triggered by the presence of foreign materials that are carcinogenic (cancer originator) and into our bodies. The materials are carcinogens, among other things:

1. Chemical compounds containing oxidants, such as cigarette smoke, tar, smoke in motor vehicles, food preservatives, MSG, arsenic, charcoal, saccharin, asbestos, and oral contraceptives.

2. Physical factors such as solar radiation, x-rays, nuclear, and radionukleid.

3. Virus.

4. Chronic irritation and inflammation.

5. Genetic weakness of body cells.

How to Overcome Cancer Since Early?

The best step that should be done is to manage a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, including:

1. Stopping smoking.

2. Stopping alcohol consumption.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Managing stress well.

5. Consuming fruits and vegetables fresh.

6. Avoid eating too many high fat foods.

7. Avoiding the consumption of foods that burn too much.

8. Consuming antioxidants, for example by consuming vitamin C is good quality.

Modes of Transmission Virus HIV/AIDS

Modes of Transmission HIV

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that attacks the human immune system. AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS develops after a virus (HIV) attacks the immune system for five to ten years or more. Immune system becomes weak, and one or more diseases can occur. Because of weak immune system earlier, some diseases can be more severe than usual.

HIV is found in most body fluids
, namely:

1. Blood
2. Semen
3. Vaginal fluid
4. Breast milk (ASI)

HIV is transmitted through:

1. Making love is made of blood, semen, or vaginal fluids from HIV-positive people into the bloodstream of people who have not infected (ie sexual intercourse without a condom made through the vagina or anus; also through the mouth, even with a small possibility).

2. Wearing syringes used another person, and which contains HIV-infected blood.

3. Received a blood transfusion infected with HIV.

4. Of mothers of HIV-positive precipitates to the baby in the womb, during childbirth, and if breast-feeding.

Having a toothbrush and razor itself, because in addition to personal hygiene, if there would be no risk of blood infection with other viruses that carried the blood (such as hepatitis), not just HIV.

HIV is not transmitted through:

1. Shook hands, hugged
2. Kissing
3. Coughing, sneezing
4. Wearing such household utensils, telephone, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, etc..
5. Mosquito bites
6. Work, school, driving with
7. Wearing public facilities such as swimming pools, public toilets, saunas, etc.

HIV can not be transmitted through the air. The virus is also quick to die if it is outside the body. This virus can be killed if that conceived him bodily fluids cleaned with bleach (bleach) as Bayclin or Chlorox, or with soap and water. HIV can not be absorbed by the skin does not hurt.

Durable technique in bed [husband and wife]

Here are some simple tips "Durable technique in bed":

Thicker condoms

So, what can you do to prolong the sex drive? A more practical way is to use a better protection and more thick.

The next time you are faced with an intimate situation, try using a thicker condom to reduce sensation on the tip of your penis. In addition, this type of condoms will reduce the sensitivity of the organ so he can romance any longer.

Special cream
There are other ways to reduce the sensitivity of your penis head, with a special cream. Role cream is to "freeze" tip of the penis to allow you to have sex for a long time. This cream can be found in the shops (usually via online).

pull out your Penis
All men can anticipate when they reach orgasm, and at that time, they must immediately stop stimulation. To try this technique, the woman needs to be cooperative because after a few minutes, an erection will feel a little more "soft". But sex session can still proceed.

This technique has obvious advantages. First, women will have plenty of time to reach orgasm. Second, your orgasm will be delayed by a higher intensity than usual. This is a matter of time, so make sure you are able to pull out the penis is the right time.


Another technique is to masturbation. Of course masturbation is able to increase your sexual stamina. For if a man masturbate and reach orgasm in just a few minutes, then chances are, he will more quickly achieve orgasm during intercourse with a partner.

Techniques you can do with masturbation is stopped just before ejaculation and start again when the sensation was gone. It is basically to train the organs men last longer when approaching orgasm.

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How to Make baby food, age 6 months

Before we talk about how to make food for babies aged 6 months in advance to find out what became food for babies six months. To find food for babies 6 months please go to foods-for-infants-6-months

How to make

- Starting from rice flour porridge very dilute one day, approximately 1/2 tablespoons of the first experiment. Why rice? Rice has a low risk of allergy.

- If the baby is getting used to eating, can be added or added portions porridge consistency. Shape over time need not food was too soft, like porridge for adults.

- Always try to introduce new foods to babies with given the time to wait 4 days to see whether the baby smoothly allergic reaction to food. Begins by giving a sense of each time adding the menu. If looks do not cause allergic reactions, the next day can be mixed with another feeling that was caught not cause allergic reactions, too. Do not limit the type of food for your baby, even though it was not food that you like.

- Some people suggested to provide vegetables before fruit is given, so the baby does not know in advance more fruit sweetness.

- If the baby is accustomed to eating once a day, can be added to two times a day and then became three times.

- Stimulation child to chew. If a baby can be seen chewing movement though not yet have teeth, can begin to be given food that is not too soft like a small piece of banana (do not softened), pieces of papaya, mango, or too little hard foods like pieces of dry bread, carrots, apples, pieces of cheese, so the baby can not bite could only gnaw. Let them hold and try nibbling. Babies do not chew food using the teeth, but suppressed by the gums. Make sure that the food given to infants has no potential to make him choke and always supervised while eating. Familiarize children from an early age to chew him to ease out of a soft food.

Foods to avoid

- Honey. Not recommended for babies under one year, because there are likely to get the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. Babies do not have immunity against these bacteria.

- Salt. Baby foods should not be given a strong salt because they have not been processed by the kidneys. Breast milk and formula are suitable for salt in the body

- Sugar. Let the baby is not accustomed to the sweet taste that can damage teeth.

- Nuts. In addition there is the possibility of choking, nuts are also very potentially cause allergic reactions

- Cow's milk as a beverage. Not enough fat content, nutrients (especially iron), and calories. Too much sodium. Also the potential to become allergens. Except for dairy products like cheese, are allowed after 6-month-old baby.

Note - At the age of 6-8 months, breast milk or formula is still the main source of baby food. Other foods just extra.

- Always wait 4 days to introduce new food to him, to see whether the baby has an allergic reaction to food.

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Foods for Infants 6 Months

Entering the age of 6 months, your baby needs complementary feeding (MPASI). No need to confusion, many variations can be created porridge. Introduced bit by bit and make the variety of food.

MPASI first was introduced to a baby milk porridge. Use milk as the main ingredient. If it does not exist, then use the formula.

The first stage of type 1 introduced the dominant food containing carbohydrates. For example rice, is mixed with a little fruit or vegetables. Observe whether the new food allergic reactions that led to appear on the skin or in digestion. If you believe no interference occurs, the baby food can be combined with various other materials.

Introduction of various foodstuffs highly influential early in a child eating patterns later in life. To do so, vary the ingredients in preparing baby food menu with the rules adopted a diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Or Read the following article [Infants 6 Months]

Entering the age of 6 months babies can eat solid food. Types of food provided is also more diverse during the tenderness and consistency is adjusted according to the needs of babies and not given the salt or sugar.

Baby signs ready to eat solid food

These are characteristics that need to be considered even though your baby may not do everything

- He can hold his head up his own

- He could well sit in a chair

- Can make chewing movements

- Weight loss seemed to increase to approximately twice as much weight at birth

- Seen interested in food

- Can close my mouth when offered a spoon

- Can move food from mouth to mouth the front of the rear

- Can move the tongue, and no longer push food out with tongue

- There was still hungry after being given eight to ten times 1200 cc breast milk or formula milk

- Start Teething

Infant Food Type

- Breast milk or formula PLUS

- Porridge rice cereal or rice flour porridge

- Continued with sesame seeds, cereals other

- Puree vegetables (eg sweet potato, pumpkin) or pulp of fruit (eg bananas, apples, pears, avocado)

- Broth

- Items such as cow's milk cheese

- Beef, chicken, lamb, liver, and fish that have been refined. Fish is the recommended postponed until more than a year because of potential allergic reactions

- Red eggs. Egg whites have a permit before one year, there are also advocating delayed until more than a year because of potential allergic reactions

- Tofu

The symptoms of dengue fever that you should consider

Symptoms of Dengue Fever - Dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) are acute febril disease found in tropical areas, with geographic distribution similar to malaria.

The disease is caused by one of the four serotypes of the virus from the genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae. Each serotype is different enough so that no cross-protection and epidemics caused by several serotypes (hiperendemisitas) can occur. Dengue fever is spread to humans by the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Here are some of the symptoms of dengue fever:

1. Red Spot
Often at the beginning of fever, no red spots. There are also some cases that are no red spots.

2. High Heat
Heat could fall up, or may not fall at all during the day.

3. Shivering and bone ache
Feeling cold all over and there are certain points on the body's bone ache.

4. Dispose of black water and hard
This phenomenon is seen when platelets are running low

5. Platelets began to fall
Platelet levels may be known by blood tests in the laboratory.

6. Pain when eyes looked to the side
Some friends have this pain when glanced to the left and right side.

7. Neck pain
Sometimes, too, swelling in the neck and sore

If you are a high heat with prolonged (more than 1 day) and not cured by taking drugs, try to go to the nearest hospital and check your blood. If you find you're in platelets below normal limits (normal range: 150000-500000), be careful.

There are ways that can be taken without having to stay in the hospital, but need a strong will to do so. The way it is as follows:

1. Drink water min. 20 medium-sized glasses every day (more is better)

2. Try to lower the heat with hot-lowering medications (eg paracetamol)

3. Some friends and doctors recommend drinking additional ions such as "POCARI SWEAT"

4. Other beverages recommended: red guava juice to increase platelets (some are suggested: Angkak leaves, guava leaves, etc.)

5. Eat nutritious foods and try to eat in quantity that many (though usually of interest to eat would decrease drastically).

Actually, all the above efforts aim to increase body resistance against dengue fever, because it basically does not have dengue certain drugs (and indeed there is no cure for it). Resilience of the body can be seen from the number of leukocytes in the blood. When the leukocytes started to increase (improve), it is usually platelets, which then increases.

If you are able to no.1 of the above business without the slightest less, you do not have to go to the hospital for hospitalization (save it?)

If we are hospitalized, consider the drug presented, because there is no medicine that can cure dengue fever that (except for fever). Infusion is necessary, but do not ever want to be given antibiotics (unless there are other diseases). Tablets are usually given vitamins.

Notice also the results of laboratory every day. In fact, if the platelets had increased over the lower limit of normal (platelets graph does not go down again), had normal body heat back (36'C-37'C), blood pressure (tension) is normal, a sign that you've started to recover, and you've can ask the doctor for outpatient care only.

During the house, trying to drink water as much as possible to keep running. If you are worried and not sure able to outpatient care, keep living your hospitalization. (quoted from various sources)

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Mango Fruit Benefits for Health

Mango, but delicious to eat, mango ate beneficial to the health of our bodies, among others are;

Benefits of mangoes to the body

1. Mango efficacy as antioxidants Body

Mangoes also a source of beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C. Beta-carotene is a substance in the body is converted to vitamin A (essential nutrients for the function of the retina). Beta-carotene (and vitaminC) are also classified as antioxidants, compounds that can provide protection against cancer because it can neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced by unstable by the body's normal chemical processes, solar or cosmic radiation, cigarette smoke, and environmental influences others.

2. To maintain healthy teeth and gums
In addition to functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin C has a function of health care and stimulate capillaries, healthy teeth and gums. He helps the absorption of iron and can inhibit the production of natrosamin, a substance triggers cancer. Vitamin C can also make permanent normal connective tissue and aid in healing wounds.

Vitamin C content of the mango accounted worthy enough. Every 100 grams of ripe mangoes can be eaten to supply as much vitamin C 41 mg, young mango and even to 65 mg. Means, by consuming 150 grams of ripe mango or mango doll 200 grams (1 / 2 small pieces), the adequacy of vitamin C is recommended for men and women per day (each 60 mg) can be fulfilled.

3. Mangoes contain potassium lowers the risk of stroke
Potassium has a function of increasing regularity of heart rate, kotraksi activate muscles, and help blood pressure. Adequate consumption of potassium may reduce the effects of sodium in increasing blood pressure, and are free to contribute to the decreased risk of a stroke.

One study showed that when someone adds a high-potassium fruit into a pattern of daily food, fatal stroke risk can be reduced by 40 percent. Extra consumption of 400 mg of potassium each day can reduce the possibility of getting heart disease and blood vessels.

Potassium is abundant in the mango. Each contained 100 grams of mangoes for 189 mg of potassium. By consuming a mango harumanis very small size (at least 250 grams), or a medium-size mango Gedong (200-250 g), the adequacy of 400 mg of potassium per day can be met.

4. Beneficial to crush Cancer

The experts believe is the source of mango carotenoid called beta crytoxanthin, the material is good penumpas cancer.

5. Good for digestive, health, eyes, mouth, and throat
Acid content of error in the mango is very good for the digestive tract. While its riboflavin content is very good for the eyes, mouth, and throat.

6. Cure various diseases

Mango also potent to help cure various diseases, including dermatitis, flu, asthma, vision problems, bleeding gums, sore throat, inflammation of the airways, shortness of breath and ulcers. It also can handle boils, scabies, eczema, abdominal colic, diarrhea, motion sickness, worms, loss of appetite, vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, hernias and rheumatism.

7. Mangoes benefits for therapy

Eg for blood cleaner, Lower heat loss, and eliminate body odor. Mangoes are considered able to clean the blood flow and reduce excess body heat. Besides mango is also good to get rid of body odor.

Benefits of Mango Fruit

Mango has many varieties. There was a mention, at least there are 2000 types of mangoes in the world. Mango form a fully rounded, like mango Gedong, and the long round, like "mango harumanis" and "mango manalagi", Mango kopeks flat, round, oval doll was mango.

Although the shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors of mango variety. In terms of nutrition it is almost no different. Fresh ripe mango contains about 82 percent water, 41 mg vitamin C, and energy/calories, 73 Cal per 100 grams. In every 100 grams of young mango, mango, raw water contained approximately 84 percent, 65 mg vitamin C, and the energy of 66 Cal. Energy in the young mango low because many contain more starch, which will turn into sugar in the process of maturation.

Most mango energy from carbohydrates in the form of sugar, which make it sweet. Sugar content was dominated by sugar sucrose groups. Sugar contents in mango 7-12 percent range. However, the type of sweet mango can reach 16-18 percent.

Mangoes are also high in nutritional substances antioxidants, also found the content of beta-carotene and vitamin C (along with potassium, vitamin A activity, carbohydrate, energy and water).

You want to buy a mango can choose a good mango color is yellowish green, smooth skin and sweet aroma. Avoid choosing fruit that is too hard or too soft, bruised, or the smell of fermentation.

How to prevent heart disease by Coffee

Do not drink coffee, then heart disease! This layman assumption was not entirely correct. Because the coffee was friends with the heart.

At the conference the American Heart Association (AHA) in San Francisco, plus record number of coffee drinkers. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk for abnormal heart rhythm disease. And there is no indication by sipping a few cups of coffee can increase the risk of Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the blood vessel wall which causes a heart attack. Other Ingredients in coffee, but caffeine can reduce the risk of diabetes for women who regularly drink it.

However, one report found a potential link between drinking coffee with high blood pressure. But do not worry, its effects can still be tolerated.

"The study of heart rhythm was examined 130,054 members of Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program is being treated by a heart rhythm disturbance. About two percent experienced Atrial Fibrillation. However, for drinkers of four cups of coffee per day 18 percent lower risk of heart than those who do not drink coffee, "said Dr. Arthur Klatsky, a senior cardiac consultant.

Another study followed 3000 men and women aged 20 years found no relationship between coffee consumption and atherosclerosis, both male and female, black or white, smokers or nonsmokers.

This was agreed by Jared Reis, Epidemiologi experts from the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, said there was no substantial relationship between drinking coffee and an increase or decrease in Atherosclerosis.

Not only is the Women's Health Study explains that diabetes type 2 (diabetes as a lifestyle) experienced fewer coffee drinkers. Researchers compared 359 postmenopausal women who suffer from type 2 diabetes and 359 women without the disease. Found women who drank four cups of caffeinated coffee a day, have a risk of 56 percent lower than those who did not consume coffee.

"Coffee reduces the risk of the effects of caffeine because caffeine hormone binding," said Dr. Liwei Chen, assistant professor of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Cancer Prevention and Early Warning Signs

Cancer disease is very chronic disease, so, we must be careful of it symtomps and early warming. below any article about cancer, may useful to us and can to take it in our life. this is took of http://womenshealth.about.com

A report released December 11, 1997, by the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention reinforces the results of their 1996 report which clearly indicates 50 percent of all cancer is preventable by investigation of realistic means of modifying individual lifestyle factors, public policies, and clinical practices. The 1996 report states that clearly 50 percent of all cancer risks could be reduced by following a modified diet that includes: low- fat, high fiber, and little or no red meat, as well as, through increased exercise, limiting alcohol use, and quitting smoking.

The 1997 report found clear evidence relating the risk of colon cancer and lack of physical activity; 15 percent of all colon cancer cases are preventable by adding just thirty minutes of exercise to your daily schedule. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths, claiming almost 55,000 lives last year alone.

The FDA's recent approval of the new "estrogen light," is a victory for women in the fight against endometrial cancer; one of the most common forms of cancer in women. Current estrogens place women at an increased risk for breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Eli Lilly Co. will sell raloxifene under the brand name Evista. Raloxifene promises to produce the benefits of HRT which reduce osteoporosis without the increased risk of cancer.

In "Safe Sex and Cancer Prevention," former About.com Cancer Guide, Dr. Barry Tepperman said, "Cervical and anal cancers have a strong association with a virus transmitted only by sexual contact, without risks related to blood or body fluids. Cervical cancer is one of the most common lethal malignancies of young women. Epidemiologic studies clearly show that risk of cervical cancer rises as women become sexually active at earlier ages, have more sexual partners, and have unprotected sex more often."

Cancer Prevention Tips

* Exercise regularly: Minimum 30 minutes per day. Moderate regular exercise reduces your cancer risk at least 30 percent.

* Eat a healthy well- balanced diet: low- fat, high- fiber, little or no red meat, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

* Quit smoking or, even better, don't start smoking!: Cigarette smoking increases your cancer risk by 30 percent. Is that cigarette really worth dying for?

* Limit your use of alcohol: One drink a day has been found to reduce some health risks, including significantly reducing the risk of heart disease but, even one drink a day may increase the risk of breast cancer by, as much as, 30 percent.

* Smoking combined with alcohol has proven to significantly increase cancer risks for oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and other cancers.

* Maintain regular gynecological examinations: including Pap smears and Mammograms.

* Perform monthly breast self exams.

* Use sunscreen: use an SPF of 15 or higher anytime you're outdoors and avoid being outdoors during the middle of the day.

* Practice Safe Sex: Always use a condom unless you are in a long- term monogamous relationship!
"Exercise is clearly related to a reduced risk of colon cancer," said Dr. Graham Colditz of the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention. "And you keep reducing your risk more with even more activity."

According to the report more than 60 percent of adults do not get enough regular physical activity and almost 50 percent of our children are not getting enough exercise. The report calls for increased physical education in schools and more public funding for safe outdoor areas such as bike paths, playgrounds, and walk ways for children and adults to get more physical activity.

Women can significantly reduce their risk of cervical cancer by seeing their gynecologists regularly for Pap smears and physical examinations. The Pap smear is the only screening tool for cancer which has reduced the number of deaths from any type of cancer. Mammograms should begin usually between the age of 35- 40 for a baseline mammogram. A baseline mammogram establishes a pattern for comparison with future mammograms.

Early Detection, Breast Cancer

The emergence of a lump in the breast area may be an indication of the possibility of a type of breast cancer. But not all lumps mean cancer because they have to be examined further for his assurance in the hospital or doctor.

Another indication of this disease is a lump in the armpit, breast pain, change in color or texture in the breasts, nipples are interested in, the areola (the area around the nipple brown), or on the nipple. In some cases, the detection of breast cancer from discharge from the nipple yellowish, greenish, or pus.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before he has a chance to spread. One cause of high mortality from this disease due to lack of awareness to detect symptoms that exist. Generally after arriving at the complaints that weight, a new patient consults a doctor who often means the cancer is in advanced stage. Therefore, when the disease has reached an advanced stage, it will be difficult to heal.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Preventing Breast Cancer

One of the breast cancer prevention is a healthy diet. An estimated one out of three cases of breast cancer due to dietary factors. A good diet that will help keep your immune system, and this is the prevention of the most powerful disease. Although not known any food that can cure cancer, eating certain foods and reducing certain other foods can be a preventative action.

Fiber-rich foods, can help reduce levels of prolactin and estrogen, possibly by attaching themselves to these hormones and threw out the body. This can further suppress the phase of carcinogenesis (cancer formation). In addition, reducing the saturated fat diet may reduce the risk. Soybean and fermented soy products without can inhibit tumor growth.

Vegetables rich in vitamin A, like carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and spring greens, may help. Vitamin A prevents the formation of cancer-causing mutations. As for fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduce the risk of breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

 Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the abnormal cell growth in breast tissue person. When you have reached an advanced stage, lifting the breast is sometimes done for the safety of patients. This certainly becomes something frightening for a woman.

Almost all cancers have a specific cause. For example the majority of cases of skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun. While lung cancer caused by smoking. But there is no single definitive cause for breast cancer.
Several factors could be the cause of breast cancer. For example genetic factors, environmental, and hormones may contribute to breast cancer. Women are vulnerable to this factor may have a higher risk.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

No one knows for sure what causes breast cancer. Based on statistical results, most breast cancer patients are women with age above 50 years. This means that the older a person, then the chances of this disease is growing. Another factor that affects the family history. If there are families who suffer from this disease like a mother or siblings the greater the chances. Breast cancer can also be caused by previous cancer in other organs that spread to the breast. Or if there is a history of previous cancer in other organs.

Another thing that can trigger cancer is lifestyle. Often consume foods that contain chemicals or are carcinogens, alcohol, or smoking.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tips Prevent Cavities

tips prevent cavities

To prevent the occurrence of holes in the teeth, you can perform the following tips:

1. Checking your teeth regularly
Visit your dentist every 6 months even though you do not feel the toothache. This is needed so that doctors could detect a small hole which happens to teeth and can be handled immediately so that no bigger hole. Can also detect the uneven teeth or grooved teeth which can cause difficult to clean.

2. Brushing your teeth regularly and at the right time
The morning after breakfast, and evening before bed is a great time to brush my teeth. Saliva is not much out of our time sleeping, so the teeth will be damaged if you let the rest of the food on the teeth without the brush. Saliva is useful to protect teeth from cavity-causing bacteria.

3. Brushing teeth with the right way
While brushing teeth has been carried out regularly, but if done in a way that is not true, of course the result will not be maximized. The right way is to brush downward to the front teeth (incisors) the top, brushing towards the top to the bottom front teeth and brush horizontally for molars. Brushing teeth should be longer, because this tooth has the potential to stick leftovers.

4. Mouthwash after meals
Brushing teeth is not possible after we eat, the best way is to rinse out his mouth so that leftovers do not keep sticking and reduce the acid in the dental situation.

5. Use dental floss to remove food scraps
Time food is left, should not be removed by using a toothpick. Use a toothpick can cause a gap between the larger teeth on the side can cause injury to the gums.

6. Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride
Using toothpaste that contains fluoride. This substance is one of the tooth enamel forming materials. The existence of these substances can prevent tooth decay.

7. Eat fibrous foods
Consuming vegetables or fruits can prove stronger teeth and prevent cavities.

8. Reduce foods containing sugar and flour
This type of food if left on the teeth and the bacteria will cause acids that create cavities.

Simples Cough Medicines

simple cough medicine

Change of season is usually also accompanied by changes in the weather. If our physical condition does not fit then we'll easily hospital as a result of various changes that accompany the change of seasons as the temperature changes and so on. Many common diseases that attack the turn of the season, one cough. Coughing is annoying, though now a variety of cough medicine can we find everywhere, but sometimes the factory-made cough medicine is not powerful enough to drive sustained cough. It would not hurt if we try to use simple ingredients that are around us, much cheaper than natural too.

Lime and Ketchup

Take a lemon and then split into two, on the surface of the slices, we drop the soy sauce to cover the entire surface of the slice immediately after it crumbled in our mouths, squeezing an orange peel that orange juice mixed with soy sauce will flow down into our throats. If not used in that way then pour it into the soy sauce and berries tablespoons lemon lime juice until full, then drink like a syrup medicine. Perform routine 3 times a day until the cough healed.

Lime, Honey and Powder

Take kencur then peeled and grated, then squeezed and taken with filtered water to reach approximately 15 tablespoons. Drinking water that turmeric with a little honey and lemon juice drops. Drink 3 times a day until the stubborn cough and phlegm disappeared.

Lime, Honey and Eggs

Take one chicken egg, taken it yellow, 2 tablespoons lime juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. mix all ingredients and mix them together and add another with 1/2 cup hot water, drink while warm. Apply once a day until cured coughs. In addition to missing cough mixture was also added our stamina.


Take squash young, peeled and then washed and then boiled. Eat them as lalap when we have breakfast, lunch and afternoon. Cough hopefully recover soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overcoming Toothache

Overcoming Toothache

We can to overcome the toothache of any technique below:

With shell Oil Palm

Coconut shell or coconut shell in the hollow coconut meat former coals were then placed in a bowl. Once the bowl is thick yellow liquid coming out of the shell, this shell of oil/shell. Take the cotton and dip or bump less important oil seep in cotton. Enter cotton soaked in oil then perforated teeth bite hard. In a relatively short time the pain will disappear.

With the frangipani tree sap or oil of cloves

Enough cotton dipped in oil of cloves, then put into a hollow tooth. Cotton soaked with a frangipani tree sap can also relieve tooth pain.

Overcoming Toothache With avocado seed

Take the avocado seeds, cleaned and pounded until smooth. Enter this avocado seed powder into a hollow tooth. The pain will soon disappear.

Overcoming Toothache With red onion

Take a single spring onions. Rub on the feet thumb interrupted. If the toothache is the right of the rubbed between the big toe on the right and vice versa. Rub it until the pain subsided.

Overcoming Toothache With garlic

Take a garlic clove a single bulbous (Java = lanang onion) finely crushed and enter the hole in the tooth. Do not chew, bite strong enough to stick to the onions cavities.

Hemorrhoid lost with Salak Leaf

Not only the fruit of a complaint useful to overcome the disease. Other parts of a plant is also very useful. For example, the roots, stems or leaves. If you suffer from piles (hemorrhoids) are not severe, you can take advantage of salak leaves very efficacious to eliminate this disease.


1. Prepare 3 salak leaves. Boil with one glass of water.
2. Strain the cooking water and drinking with red sugar.
3. Perform routine 2 times a day, morning and night. In approximately 15 days will be forfeited hemorrhoid.

Benefits Orange Lemon

Orange Lemon is a fruit that is very beneficial to your body's health, but of course lime. Lemon contain fiber, potassium, alkaline, phosphorus and calcium. If you buy a lemon, try choosing lemons that feel heavy and hard and a little fruit has yellow skin.

Here are some benefits of lemons.

1. Stimulate the appetite.
2. Curing constipation.
3. Relieve pain vomiting and abdominal bloating.
4. Normalize digestive problems.
5. Against bacteria.
6. Curing diseases associated with damage to the bladder and kidneys.
7. Lowers high blood pressure too much.
8. Maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
9. Curing a cold, influenza and malaria.
10. Caring for the heart and nerves.
11. Neutralize blood sugar.
12. Counteract the free radicals is more effective when mixed into green tea.
13. Overcome the oily skin.
14. Softening the elbows, knees and ankles rough and blackened.
15. Solve problems of dull and brittle nails.
16. Solve problems of hair lank and dull due to sun exposure.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric as a spice in the kitchen in addition to the delicious cuisine, as well as useful and efficacious for the health. Natural materials which one can you make natural herbs for your health and beauty.

1. Treating diabetes mellitus. Boil 3 rhizome of turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon salt in 1 liter of water to boiling. Strain and drink 2 times a week each 1 / 2 cup.

2. Treat typhoid. 2 mashed turmeric rhizome, 1 bulb and 1 SERE sambiloto leaves. take 1 cup of warm water, strain. Drinking every day for a whole week.

3. Treat appendicitis. Prepare 1 rhizome of turmeric, lemon juice 1 egg, 1 piece of palm sugar (palm sugar), salt. Turmeric grated and mixed with lime juice and palm sugar and salt. 1 cup brewed with hot water and strained. Drink every morning after breakfast. Perform routine.

4. Treating dysentery. Prepare 1-2 turmeric rhizome, gambier and enough whiting. Boil all these ingredients with 2 cups water to boiling until remaining 1 glass. Strain and drink until healed.

5. Overcoming whitish. Prepare 2 turmeric rhizome, 1 handful beluntas leaf, tamarind 1 receiver and 1 piece of palm sugar. Boil all ingredients in 1 liter of water to boiling and filtering. Drink 1 cup every day.

6. Overcoming non-current periods. Prepare 2 rhizome turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon coriander, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg and 1/2 handful Srigading leaves. Mash all ingredients until smooth and then boiled with 1 liter of water until boiling. Strain, and drink 1 cup every day.

Tomato Repellent Acne

Acne on the face often becomes a serious problem for women. Infection of the skin surface that can even make women's stress and loss of confidence. Especially when the anti-acne products never heal.

Do not be overcome easily frustrated acne. Try the natural way to deal with acne with tomatoes. Lycopene content of tomatoes owned very efficacious for skin health.

Biological protein, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin A, B1, and C, also make good tomatoes to be applied as a mask. Not only can make acne dry, tomatoes are also nutritious black stain of acne scars.

How to make a mask of tomato:
- Destroy the two tomatoes in a blender
- Add lemon juice, mix well

How to use:
- Apply to the face and neck before bed
- Allow up to early morning
- Rinse with warm water

For routine care smooths the face, mask tomatoes can also be used on a regular basis. After the face and neck in jerky tomato paste and lemon, do gentle massage for 15 minutes. After that wash with warm AOR.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tomato, Drugs of Various Disease

Tomatoes, is the easiest plants encountered. The bright color really interesting. In addition to vitamin C and A, plum tomatoes supposed to cure various diseases.

If traced its history, or Lyopercisum esculentum tomato initially found around Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. In France, the tomato is called 'apple of love' or pomme d'amour. Told as a love apple, because tomatoes are believed able to heal impotence and increase sperm counts and increase agility movements.

Tomatoes are also widely used for dishes, such as soup, juice, pasta, etc.. It was a bit sour and even make your appetite increase. Further studies by DR. John Cook Bennett from Wiloughby University, Ohio, as the first to examine the benefits of tomatoes, in November 1834, shows that tomatoes can cure diarrhea, attacks bile, indigestion and restore the function lever. Other researchers from the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, also found other benefits of tomatoes. According to him, a yellow gel surrounding tomato seeds can prevent blood clotting and clotting that can lead to heart disease and stroke.

It is also recognized by the doctors of nutrition, Dr. Leane Suniar Manurung, MSc. Seeing so many benefits of tomatoes, then either consumed any tomatoes at an early age. "Moreover, tomato is also high vitamin C and vitamin A, which is useful to boost immunity." But what kind of tomatoes consumed good? If you look at the market, we can find tomatoes in two colors, namely red and green colors. This color difference shows vitamin content. According Leane, a good tomato is red tomato consumption. Red tomatoes contain vitamin C and vitamin A five times more than the green tomatoes. The more ripe tomatoes, the rich content of vitamins. "Because it was a small child should be accustomed to eating lots of red tomatoes. This is essential for healthy eyes, "says Leane. So, no doubt giving the bullet a little tomato. Since the age of 6 months, a child begins to get used to eat tomatoes mixed with other vegetables. Destroying Free Radicals

In the red pigment in tomatoes, the other has more value. The red color in tomatoes more lycopene, a substance of antioxidants that can destroy free radicals in your body by smoking, pollution and ultraviolet rays. Also, later known lycopene is also efficacious help prevent cell damage that can cause cervical cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. "It was lycopene not only found in tomato, but also in red wine, watermelon and papaya. However, lycopene is the most abundant in tomatoes, "Leane light.

To get the benefits, especially for adults, tomatoes should be eaten every morning as much as one or two. Sour taste in tomatoes comes from citric acid content caused fresh tomatoes, so it can increase appetite. This sour taste is very good when we dokonsumsi experience nausea or consumed by the women who have PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). If you can not take it with a sour taste, especially for those who have ulcer disease, Leane was not advised to consume even though in the form of juice that has added sugar, because it would aggravate the disease condition. Better Prepared.

Unlike the other vegetables more useful if eaten raw, turned out better tomatoes mixed with food or crushed before eating. The researchers found that lycopene in tomatoes was issued more than a tomato eaten directly without being processed first. Unfortunately, despite abundant lycopen content, tomato paste and tomato sauce are sold in the market has a lot of food laced with additives such as dyes or synthetic preservatives. "This additional material fact stimulate the emergence of many free radicals that trigger cancer.

Diet For Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a terrible disease. where, if someone has been attacked diabetes mellitus, then all the other diseases that injuries would be very difficult to be cured or can not even treat. we express the following ways of maintaining healthy diet for diabetes can be overcome.

Now, We will try to explain about how to manage the diet for Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is a disease that characterised by hyperglycaemia, whether it is cause by deficiency of insulin in the human body or diminished effectiveness of insulin it self. There are many cases why the insulin become inactive and hence induces hyperglycaemia, for example due to over production of other hormones which are antagonistic to Insulin such as glucagon, hormones of the pituitary, adrenaline and thyroid. Also due to increased production of substances which inactivate insulin (insulinase and insulin antagonists present in plasma.

The disease is chronic and affects the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, fat, water and electrolytes. Diabetic Diet for diabetics patient is simply a balanced healthy diet which is vital for diabetic treatment, but sometime many people are they don't understand that these diet consist only diabetic foods. Diabetes mellitus is often found to be associated with other conditions such as blood pressure, obesity, hypercholesterolaemia, cardiovascular disease, kidney disorder and the nervous system.

Dietary control is an integral part of management for the diabetic. The diet should always provide the essentials of good nutrition and adjustments must be made from time to time for changing metabolic needs For example during growth, pregnancy, lactation or modified activity. Dietary control is very important in the treatment of diabetics. There are two simple principles in order to manage or control the diet for the diabetic patients:

1. Eat less (fewer calories) to maintain ideal body weight.

2. Eat low Glycemic Index (GI) foods that do not turn into sugar quickly

Glycemic Index (GI) is food's clasification according to the amount of carbohydrates, This index is a measure of how a given food affects the blood-glucose levels in the two or three hours after eating. Below are the general guidelines to what is considered high or low Glycemic Index (GI) foods.

** Foods with high Glycemic Index (GI), You have to considered do not to eat all this foods :

- Foods containing sugar, honey, molasses, & corn syrup.
- Fruits - bananas, watermelon, pineapple, raisins
- Vegetables - potatoes, corn, carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips
- Breads - all white breads, all white flour products, corn breads
- Grains - rice, rice products, millet, corn, corn products
- Snacks - potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, rice cakes, pretzels
- Pasta - thick, large pasta shapes
- Alcohol - beer, liqueurs, all liquor except red wine
- Cereals - all cereals except those on the Low GI List below

** Foods that contents low Glycemic Index (GI), Recommendate foods for diabetic patients :

- Breads - whole rye, pumpernickel, whole wheat pita
- Whole Fruits - all except the High GI fruits above
- Green leafy Vegetables - all except the High GI vegetables listed above
- Grains - barley, bulgur, kasha
- Snacks - nuts, olives, cheese, pita chips, fried pork rinds
- Cereals - Special K, All Bran, Fiber One, regular oatmeal
- Pasta - whole-wheat pasta, bean threads
- Misc. - olives, eggs, peanut butter (no sugar)
- All meats and All dairy products (no sugars)
- Alcohol - red wine

Disease Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

Disease Diabetes Mellitus (DM), also known as diabetes or blood sugar disease is a chronic disease group characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels as a result of disturbances in the body's metabolic system, where the organ pancreas unable to produce insulin the body needs.

Insulin is one of the hormones produced by the pancreas which is responsible for controlling the number/blood sugar and insulin is needed to change (process) of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy needed human body. Lower insulin function in blood sugar levels.

1. Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Early signs that it is known that a person suffering from DM or diabetes that can be seen directly from the effect of increasing blood sugar levels, which increase blood sugar reaches 160 to 180 mg/dL and urine (urine) diabetic containing sugar (glucose ), so the urine is often surrounded by ants.

People with diabetes generally show signs and symptoms below, although not all patients experience:

1. Number of urine issued more (Polyuria)
2. Often or quickly feel thirsty / thirst (Polydipsia)
3. Excessive hunger or eat a lot (Polyphagia)
4. Increased urine frequency / urine kept (glycosuria)
5. Losing weight is not clear why
6. Tingling / numbness nerve endings in the hands & feet ditelapak
7. Quick tired and weak all the time
8. Myopic vision experience sudden
9. If the wound / etched (korengan) slow healing
Especially 10.Mudah infection of the skin.

Condition drastic sugar levels rapidly decrease will cause a person to become unconscious and even entered the stage of coma. Symptoms of diabetes can develop quickly over time in a matter of weeks or months, especially in a child who suffered from diabetes mellitus type 1.

Another case in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus, they generally do not experience the symptoms above. Even they may not know has suffered from diabetes.

2. Disease Type Diabetes Mellitus

1. Diabetes mellitus type 1
Diabetes type 1 diabetes who are dependent on insulin deficiency where the body of the hormone insulin, known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). This is due to the loss of insulin-producing beta cells in the islands of Langerhans of the pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is usually found in infants, children and adolescents.

Until recently, type 1 Diabetes Mellitus can only treat with the provision of insulin therapy continuously conducted continuously. Family history, diet and environmental factors influenced the treatment of type 1 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes should be considered controlling and monitoring blood sugar levels, you should use a blood sugar test. Especially in children and toddlers which they very easily become dehydrated, vomiting and often prone to various diseases.

2. Diabetes mellitus type 2
Diabetes type 2 is where the hormone insulin in the body can not function properly, known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). This is because the various possibilities such as defects in insulin production, insulin resistance or reduced sensitivity (response) and sell the body tissue to insulin is indicated by rising levels of insulin in the blood.

There are several theories that articulate the cause of insulin resistance, including obesity factors (obesity). In type 2 diabetes, controlling blood sugar levels can be done with some measures such as diet, weight loss, and the provision of diabetic tablets. If the provision is not maximized tablet treatment response in blood sugar levels, then injecting the drug began to be considered.

3. Blood sugar

Normal blood sugar levels ranging from 70 to 150 mg/dL (millimoles/liter (United Kingdom unit)) or 4 to 8 mmol/l (milligrams/deciliter (United State unit)), Where 1 mmol/l = 18 mg/dl.

However, of course sugar levels increase after eating and decreased at a time when early morning waking. Someone said to have hyperglycemia when the blood sugar levels well above normal values, while hypoglycemia is a condition where a person experienced a decrease in blood sugar values below normal.

Diabetes Diagnosis can be established if the results of the fasting blood sugar level reaches 126 mg/dL or even more, and checking blood sugar after 2 hours of fasting (minimum 8 hours) to reach the level of 180 mg/dl. Meanwhile, blood sugar tests are done at random (as) can help diagnose diabetes when blood sugar values reached levels between 140 mg/dL and 200 mg/dL, even more so when he over 200 mg/dl.

Many blood sugar testing devices that are traded today and can be purchased in many places selling medical devices or pharmacy as the Accu-Chek, BCJ Group, Accurate, OneTouch UltraEasy machine. For patients diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, it's good for them to be able to buy it.

4. Disease Treatment and Management of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes generally undergo treatment insulin therapy (Lantus/Levemir, Humalog, Novolog or Apidra) is continuous, but it is by exercising sufficiently and controlling your diet (diet).

In people with type 2 diabetes mellitus, management of medication and treatment focuses on lifestyle and physical activity. Control values in blood sugar levels is the key to treatment programs, namely by reducing the weight, diet, and exercise. If this does not achieve the expected results, the tablet drug delivery would be required. Even giving insulin injections is required when a tablet'm not cope with controlling blood sugar levels.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strained Brain Not Enough with Games

strained brain

Quality of life can not be obtained in a way that instant. No exception as we aspire to have a brain that stay sharp until the old. When we heard that games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles can help to improve the sharpness of the brain, we were excited to play it straight. But after a month, those efforts began to fade, and eventually disappeared.

Things like this may be different, if we do so with full awareness. Moreover, factors that can help sharpen the brain was not only to his game. If there were a few things you can do, surely you will be more relaxed with it. Ready to put this activity into daily routines?

Playing Scrabble hobby. Games such as scrabble, sudoku, and crossword puzzles, intended to sharpen intelligence. We are so stimulated to remember many words in a relatively short time. Another benefit of this brain teaser, according to Cynthia Green, PhD, director of the Memory Enhancement Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is a stress reliever. Author of Game Plan brainpower this encourages us to make the event a relaxation after work.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Richard Restak, a clinical professor of neurology at George Washington's Medical Center, video games can also improve the sensor sensitivity and fast response if done wisely. The result, you are able to respond more quickly and more accurately the events that happen simultaneously.

Expand Omega-3 acids. We can enhance the brain by consuming omega-3. Well, we can protected from dementia. Omega-3 can be obtained by diligent eating tuna fish. Tuna fish is also rich in vitamin B12, to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Add one or two servings of food into the menu every week. The result, the risk of dementia can be reduced by 30 percent.

Omega-3 also can be obtained from walnuts. Nuts are also enriched with other ingredients that act as antioxidants to block free radicals cause damage to brain cells. In the meantime, blueberries contain antioxidants but also improve brain circuits.

Come to yoga class. This exercise is recommended by many experts. In addition to relaxing, yoga also increases the sharpness of mind and improve brain function thanks to the breathing exercises. Breathing exercises makes our lungs breathe more maximal oxygen useful for maintaining the health of brain cells.

Turn on the left hand. So far, we almost always use right hand to do many things. Occasionally, active with his left hand. For example, for eating, brushing teeth or combing hair. This could train the balance between left and right brain. Therefore, the left hand is controlled by the right brain, while the right hand, left-brain controlled. For a lefty, let's also occasionally switch the right hand.

Learn one word each day. Make this a new habit. When you do this, it means in a year you learn 350 new words or 3,000 words of a decade. Fair is not, because the functional vocabulary of the average adult is only about 10,000 words. According to scientists, learn new words involving language centers in the brain, the frontal lobe, and memory circuits.

Enjoy the art. Music will enhance the language and verbal skills, while the instrumental music will enhance the ability of the brain. Playing the instrument is also improving the agility of the fingers, that would increase longevity.

Keep a healthy weight. It is important to keep your body stay fit, because it has found that obesity is the biggest cause of dementia diseases in the elderly. Most important, obesity causes a decrease in functional ability in humans, such as intelligence, mental acuity, cognitive flexibility, and concentration.

Walk. Walk along the 1.6 km per day will reduce the tendency of developing dementia by 50 percent. If you do not have enough time, brisk walking for 45 minutes three times a week will also prevent the brain changes associated with age.

Sleeping during the day. Short nap for 20 minutes was enough to improve the memory, like when we sleep at night. Lie also improve your mood, restore concentration, and enhance creativity.

Master the new skills. Find something that interests you, and learn new things until they reach an expert level. For example, learning a foreign language, playing music, sports games, and so forth. This activity will enhance the long-term memory and cognitive reserve.

In a smaller scale, you can also challenge yourself to solve the puzzle, or memorizing a shopping list. A better memory will also enhance the imagination and creativity.

Bananas Can Inhibit HIV ?

Experts indicate, bananas have a substance that has the potential to become an obstacle to HIV infection. These findings are expected to open a new window in the treatment of prevention of HIV infection has yet to find a cure.

Researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School are interested in lectins, chemicals that are naturally in plants, because of its ability to stop the chain reaction of various types of infections. Laboratory test results show, BanLec, lectins found in bananas, as effective as anti-HIV drugs at this time.

A new way to stop the spread of HIV is absolutely necessary. We have a number of new HIV infections exceeds the number of individuals who received antiretroviral drugs, namely 2.5 to 1. In fact, there are no signs of an HIV vaccine would be present in the near future.

At present the use of condoms is still so prevention of HIV transmission is most effective when used consistently and correctly. Other prevention strategies are also effective means to prevent transmission through the vagina and rectum using a drug that prevents HIV entry into target cells.

Research conducted by Michigan State University researcher shows how lectins can identify the attackers from outside the body, such as viruses, and attack him as a pathogen, can be developed to identify the HIV virus.

Besides having the same potential anti-HIV drugs currently available, the banana lectins are also much cheaper to produce as a drug that can reach the wider community. Lectins from banana is believed to be more effective when used in preventive medicine components of the virus that spread the genitals or anus.

"The problem for anti-HIV drugs is the ability of the virus to mutate and become resistant. However, it can be prevented by lectins. Lectins can be attached to the sugar found in various points of HIV-1 envelope and the estimated need of mutation for the virus to multiply get it, "said Erwin J Goldstein, PhD, professor of biological chemistry.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Macrophages - Eater Antigen That Protects HIV

You know if our antibodies do not work alone in maintaining immunity (immune system) and resist the attack antigens (foreign objects) that come from outside. There are other cells called 'Macrophage' which assist in keeping our Immune system.

Macrophages are cells produced by the network contained in the blood as Monocytes. Macrophages derived from cells in the spinal cord of the Promonosit then divides into monocytes and circulate in the blood. Macrophages derived from the Greek word meaning "Big Eater". with the size of 21 micrometers in diameter.

Macrophages are large cells with phagocytosis ability, which means "cell eating" can be equated with pinositosis which means "cell drinking". Phagocytosis is the ability to absorb and destroy microorganisms (bacteria or foreign substances). Way macrophages to destroy (eat) bacteria or foreign matter is by forming the cytoplasm when bacteria or foreign objects attached to the cell surface of macrophages, and then it curved into the cytoplasm of the bacteria, or wrapped the foreign body, cytoplasm bulge will fuse together into one so bacteria or foreign objects get caught in the vacuole. Lysosomes that have the ability to break down the material that comes from within and from outside will be merged with the vacuole so that bacteria or foreign substances will be destroyed.

Macrophages have a function or a primary role for eating and digesting particles together with lysosomes is related to defense and repair functions, another function is to produce IL (Inter Leukin) governing duty-B cells and T cells from lymphocytes and mobilize the body's defense system Another, also macrophages sekretori cells that can produce tumor necrosis factor (TNF = tumor necrosis factor) that can kill tumor cells, also produced some important substances including enzymes (lysozyme, elastase).

Tues Macrophages have a free and fixed macrophages. Free macrophages are cells that are able to move freely, was found in interstitial tissue macrophages and histiosit form. While macrophages remained, unable to move freely as free macrophages, interstitial tissue was found in the spleen, lymph nodes, and in the liver.

But this has no effect on the HIV virus. According to the study of this virus can not neutralize the "Macrophage". In fact, Macrophage is a place for HIV to protect themselves from the other antibodies and antigens. Macrophages is one of the first cell in the infection by HIV. Macrophages also serve as spreaders of HIV to various cells and other tissues.

Naegleria - Deadly Disease, Destroyer Brain System

Now we have to be careful when we swim in a place of recreation. Because there is the Naegleria. Anyone know not, what is Naegleria. This one disease is not so popular, especially in Indonesia. What else Infectious disease is very rare in the find. But very carefully, if we contract the disease within 1 week it was flying lives. In addition because this disease has not been found the cure, this disease is also spelled out the infection quickly.

Naegleria is a living amoeba in fresh water of hot water. The disease is the cause of this amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. Fowleri derived from the name of the inventor "Dr.'s Fowler". Amoeba is usually available at:

* Lakes, Rivers, and other natural resources
* Source of Earth's hot water
* The swimming pool is poorly maintained
* Land

From the year 1998-2007 reported 33 new infections in the United States. There are currently no reports Naegleria in Indonesia. Although there has been no report we must remain cautious. This amoeba is usually entered through the nose and then attack and destroy brain cells and the sum-sum spine.

In the early stages of Naegleria infection is more similar to bacteria mininghitis. Initial symptoms of headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, and stiff neck. Then there was a lack of attention to the surroundings, loss of balance, convulsions and hallucinations. After the deaths within 3 - 7 days.

One way to anticipate, so we are not infected Amoeba are:

Avoid activities related to water in the warm body of fresh water, hot water, and thermally-polluted water such as water around power plants.

1. Avoid activities associated with water in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperatures and low water levels.
2. Hold the nose shut or use nose clips when taking part in activities related to the warm water in fresh water bodies such as lakes, rivers, or hot springs.
3. Avoid digging or stirring the sediment while taking part in activities related to the water is shallow, warm freshwater areas.

So be careful when ya friends go swimming in the open. Let us not become the next victim of this disease.

Detecting Breast Tumors with Flashlight (Breastlight)

Women may be a little excited because it was able to detect breast tumors themselves only with a flashlight to illuminate only the breast with a red flashlight. The Breatlight, so the name of the device, equipped with a LED light that can be expected to detect breast tumors with accuracy up to 96 percent. Thus, this tool got a success rate greater than mammograph. Mamograph is one of the detection of breast tumors are usually performed by the hospital with accuracy of about 60 to 85 percent. The breaslight can detect very small lumps ranging from 7mm where this can not be done by Mammograph.

The Breastlight is suitable for all women especially those who feel ashamed if have to check her breasts every month to the hospital. According to Dr Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist at King Edward VII Hospital, London, The Breastlight works by illuminating the breast tissue with red light.

"The light will be illuminated red blood cells and red blood vessels so that all parts of the breast will look like a point clear of a road map or a network. When a tumor is found in a woman's breasts, a blood vessel will look bigger than others and will appear darker area when illuminated with light, "said Dr. Burnettseperti quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (26/1/2010).

How to use the tool The Breastlight quite easy. First of all, users must be in a dark room. While standing, place the flashlight is just below the breast and then switch to red lights and illuminate all the breast tissue. For the healthy breast, blood vessel tissue are small and thin. But to have a breast tumor, will look spots or dark areas around the breast blood vessels. By considering the development of these spots, known whether the tumor will grow or not from day to day.

Although highly beneficial for women, The Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign urged the parties concerned not to sell pharmaceutical equipment because they think it can trigger a sense of lazy women to check themselves into the doctor and his own conclusions that may be wrong. "It was indeed helpful, but it is feared that many women who own and concluded that the results could be wrong to interpret the results of its radiation.

Besides, no one can guarantee a tool that really safe and accurate. Or a woman might find herself affected by breast cancer tumor or from the results of the examination, but instead of shame and hide it so that would not be seeing doctors, "said one opponent of the Breastlight.

Nevertheless, based on survey results of Sunderland City Hospital, many women who love this flashlight denggan presence. 88 percent of women will feel more confident with the tools The Breastlight and 84 percent felt the Breaslight easy to use.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Urethral Infection

Urinary tract infection or UTI is a health problem serious enough for the millions of people each year. UTI is an infection disease number 2 of the most attacking humans on earth. Generally, this disease attacks women but often also found men who suffer from UTIs.

Or urinary system urinary system consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Among the four organs, the kidney is the most plays. Functioning kidney to filter waste from the blood vessels, regulate fluid balance, and produce several hormones. Ureteric function filtered drain the kidney to the bladder to be stored temporarily and when the bladder is full it will be released to the outside world through the urethra channel.

Every adult average produce from one to 2 liters of urine per day depending on weather conditions and the amount of fluid intake.

Causes of urinary tract infections.

Normally, urine or urine is sterile germ-free aliases. Infection occurs when bacteria or germs from the digestive tract into the streets or the end of the urethra to the urinary tract and multiply there. Thus the most common bacteria causing UTI was E. coli is commonly found in the lower digestive tract.

First of all, the bacteria will stay in the urethra and multiply there. As a result, the urethra become infected later called by the name of urethritis. If the bacteria then went upstairs to the urinary tract and multiply there will be a urinary tract infection that later referred to as cystitis. If the infection is not treated then the bacteria will rise back up toward the kidneys and infect the kidneys are known as pyelonephritis.

Microorganisms such as chlamydia and mycoplasmal can also cause UTIs, but infections caused only limited to the urethra and reproductive system. Unlike E. coli, the bacteria infect people through the medium of intercourse.

Risk factors

Some people do have to suffer the risk of UTI is greater than the others. Abnormalities of the urinary function to be the culprits. Urinary stones, prostate enlargement would inhibit urine spending facilitating the propagation of germs.

People with diabetes are also prone to suffer from UTI due to decreased immunity. Other diseases that have the effect of lowering body resistance is also a risk factor of UTI.

Urinary tract infections are also often found in children who are born with urinary tract abnormalities.

Women are more prone to suffer UTI when compared with men may be due to the channel shorter urethra and the tip of the anus that is located near the tip of the urethra.

UTI Symptoms

Not all patients felt the symptoms of UTI but generally there is one symptom that they felt even if not very disturbing. The symptoms include, frequent urination and pain when urinating, burning pain to the bladder.

In the women felt discomfort in the pubic bone. Generally, people who have UTI will always want to pee pee issued but very little.

Own urine can be white, brown, reddish. UTI will not cause fever for still infects the urethra and bladder, fever appear when the kidneys are taxable. Other symptoms of kidney infection as is the presence of back pain, nausea, or vomiting.

UTI Treatment

Urinary tract infections treated with antibiotic drug. Choice of drug and length of treatment depends on the duration of infection and type of bacteria. When did the symptoms appear, you should immediately see a doctor to get treatment.

UTI Prevention

Some things you can do to prevent UTIs include:

* Drink lots of fluids every day.
* Immediately whenever you want to pee pee, do not hold urine hobby.
* Anal cleansing moment for women, wash from front to back rather than vice versa.
* Choose the shower while bathing compared with bath tub.
* Clean sex will have sex when.
* Avoid the use of fluids that are not clear benefits to the genitals. This fluid can irritate the urethra.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Somethings that Need to know about breast

No one can change the natural breast size, unless you experience weight gain as well as hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty. Therefore, do not be tempted with a variety of fast bids primarily with the pill or capsule is said to increase breast size.

If you are taking these drugs usually contain ingredients with estrogen-like effects without direct supervision by a physician will cause problems and if excess estrogen can cause breast cancer.

Other than breast milk consists of glands and fat also contain collagen. The more you age collagen will be thinned, and even buffer slack skin. Indeed no one can prevent that happening but you can wear the right bra should be started from a young age. Note also that good posture, because the body is upright can improve breast appearance. If you frequently do a lot of activities like aerobics beat, jogging, tennis, etc. will wear the appropriate bra that is capable of a sports bra for support while reducing the jolt.

Hormonal changes in the body is able to change the texture of breast skin. the breast tissue was very smooth for a few days after my period, but do not be surprised if your breasts feel swollen and sensitive to a week before menstruation. Not all women have breasts that size, just between the right to the left, even some of them, have a different cup sizes between the left and right breast, but it includes normal.

Perform regular breast care. Benefits in addition to maintaining its beauty as well to detect any abnormalities in the breast. Pay attention to the emergence of a mole, pain or lump in the breast that is when you are feeling.

Temperatures in the crook of the breast are usually higher or more hangar than other regions. If you want your parfurm spray smells more intense in the area. Pangs are set to make perfume molecules evaporate more quickly. Keep your body weight to remain stable because if the ever-changing drastically will cause weakening of muscle tissue supports the breast, as well as loss of elasticity of the skin. The results of breast skin will loosen and wrinkles appear.

It can not be raised breasts without the extra but you can establish appearance with exercise. Do the exercise focus on the chest muscles like lifting weights and swimming. Balk posture is also very helpful for example by standing and sitting with his back upright. When you want to perform maintenance such as using a moisturizer should be done with great caution, because the breast is very sensitive and avoid the use of moisturizers in the nipple area.

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Organs Transplantation in Humans

Heart Transplantation in Humans

Transplant is the transfer of cells, tissues or organs from one donor life to others or the recipient. Or transplantation from one part of the body to other body parts such as liver transplantation, with the aim to return liver function has been lost. Transplant can provide a significant advantage for those who suffer from diseases that can not be cured. Blood transfusion is a transplant of the most frequently performed.

Liver transplant success rate is lower than kidney transplant, but 70-80% recipients survive for at least 1 year. Those who survive the most is the recipient of his heart had suffered damage from primary biliary cirrhosis, hepatitis or drug use that is toxic to the liver. Liver transplantation as a treatment for liver cancer is rarely successful. Cancer is usually re-grow on the transplanted liver or other organs and less than 20% of recipients who survived for 1 year. What is surprising is that the reaction of rejection in liver transplant rejection reaction is not as good as in other organ transplants (such as kidney and heart).

But after the surgery should be immunosupresan given drug. If the recipient have an enlarged liver, nausea, pain, fever, jaundice or have liver function abnormalities can be identified from the results of blood tests, it can be done biposi needle. Biopsy results will help determine whether the transplanted liver has been rejected and whether the drug dose should be increased immunosupresan.

Organ transplants typically involve a suitable donor search, due to potential risks of surgery, use of drugs immunosupresan the potent, the possibility of rejection by the recipient's body and the possibility of complications or death. For those vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidney or bone marrow) is not working properly and function can not return to normal, then the organ transplant may be the only opportunity for survival.

Tissue or organ donor may come from other people who are still living or recently dead. Is the preferred tissue derived from the people who are still alive because of the high success rate. But the heart, liver, lung and eye components (cornea and lens) can only come from someone who had just died, and usually by accident rather than because of illness. Part of the liver tissue have also been transplanted from a donor who was still alive. Transplant organs from living donors performed within a few minutes after the organ removed. Some organs last only for a few hours outside the body, whereas other organs can be stored in a refrigerator for several days.

Yellow Disease/Jaundice In Infant

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a disease that occurs in a few days after birth. Usually causes the baby's skin, eyes and mouth yellow. Yellow color is caused by bilirubin.

Bilirubin is made when the body releases blood cells red old. This is a normal process that happens for the rest of our lives. After that bilirubin into the intestine and kidney and whole body. If too much bilirubin is released into the body of the baby then it causes the yellow color is called Jaundice.

Jaundice is common in infants and is usually not a dangerous thing.

Why babies can be affected by Jaundice disease?

Red blood cell cycle is shorter in infants than adults. This means more bilirubin is released through your baby's liver. Sometimes the baby's heart yet mature enough to handle the amount of excess birubin.

Jaundice occurs when the baby's liver can not remove bilirubin from the blood quickly. Excess bilirubin that can not be out of the body and then assembled on the white skin of the eyeball.

This incident is common in infants with the following conditions:

· Infants born prematurely

· Infants who have a different blood type with his mother

· Infants who have abnormalities in the liver and other health disorders.

· Dehydrated babies.

· Breast-fed infants

How do the characteristics of the affected infant Jaundice?

You should see the color changes in your baby's skin. You should also check the whites of your baby's eyes and the inside of your mouth is pink. If it's yellow you may be exposed Jaundice infant.

When my son was exposed to the disease check with your doctor gently pressing the skin on the chest with a finger and it looks different colors. White fluorescent light is usually difficult for us to see differences in color, so you might check at the time of day.

Here are some of the symptoms if your baby is affected by Jaundice:

1. Baby's skin and whites of the eyes yellowish. Infants also may have yellowish on mucous membranes, such as the gums and the tongue or on the hands and feet nails.

2. Urine dark yellow

3. Looked tired and somewhat cranky

4. Your baby is less liquid/drink

How Jaundice disease treatment

If bilirubin levels are not too high usually does not need treatment. Usually doctors recommend to give breast milk or formula more often.

Just sharing the experience, when my son is a doctor having to give drugs (do not know his name) and I was advised to move the baby box/bed near the window so baby tekena morning sun. Doctors advised against tekena rays directly, but through the glass window. Apply approximately ½ - 1 hour with a note, the time between the hours of 7 to 9 am. Do not forget to give as much breast milk or infant.

Is Jaundice Dangerous for babies?

In babies born healthy and no abnormalities, jaundice is not a serious problem. But in any case a very high bilirubin amounts can be dangerous. This can cause the baby suffered brain damage.

Check into your child's doctor to check bilirubun levels, if necessary, the doctor will give medicine. This is usually to prevent the level is not too high.

How long Jaundice usually happens?

The length is different for each baby. Usually the number of bilirubun increase in 3 - 4 days after birth first, then slowly decreased. Breast-fed babies are usually affected by mild jaundice for a little longer than babies fed on formula milk. But this will not reduce the myriad of good milk.