Sunday, June 13, 2010

Women's fear of fat, men focus on sexual pleasure

Modern Women are more confident when entering the meeting room and do a presentation in front of many people. But as she entered the bedroom, it seems there are still many women are still "tormented" by insecurity.

A study quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (11/06/2010) says, nearly three out of four young women are concerned with distended stomach, which seemed to bring a black cloud over their sex lives. Even they are hesitant and afraid not attractive enough in the eyes when having sex couples. While the participants of the mothers said that the stretch marks become worried. This problem that can ruin the night she felt a passion.

Sex expert Pam Spurr says that women are unable to help themselves to overcome the insecurity.

"They were not given a special container by a modern society that bombards them with images of actress and model who is very glamorous. Women remember the image of the artist's body into her mind, "says Dr Spurr.

Excessive anxiety is making them miserable. The reason, many husbands who would not focus on the body.

"Most men do not think about the lumps and bumps (fat). They think about enjoyment, "said Spurr.

Furthermore, a survey in Cosmopolitan celebration of nearly 3000 women - mostly aged 18 to 40 years - reveals that three out of five women to fake an orgasm or a fake orgasm. And, one percent of these women describe sex is not a disaster. And this proved to just a third of respondents who say they have the best sex of his life.

Another fact say, four out of ten women in London said they rarely had sex, women in the West Midlands proved to be most fond of having an affair with a 20 per cent of them admitted having betrayed their partner, while half of the respondents are involved in a one night stand. However, one third of them felt remorse after treason.


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