Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dangers of Consuming Instant Noodles

Often eat instant noodles are not good for health, can cause hair fall out often, colon cancer, kidney stones, kidney failure, and could probably other diseases. Actually, the instant noodle is not dangerous to eat but if every day was dangerous to eat instant noodles for instant noodles contain chemicals in its ingredients and the noodles are quite dangerous.

Well if we often eat instant noodles such substances will accumulate in our body without a chance to be discarded. if you eat it rare, these substances will be wasted in the urine. so often drink that is good for our health, especially kidneys, because the kidneys filter out harmful substances. There may be a comment on instant noodles or additional.

high sodium content in instant noodles will neutralize the stomach, so the stomach will secrete more acid to digest food. High state of gastric acid will result in the stomach wall and cause erosion pains.

As for patients with hypertension, sodium will increase blood pressure due to imbalance between spices substance contained in the packaging of instant foods containing preservatives and MSG and salt levels are high.

There is a terrible story:

There are people who are now the age of about 48 annually but had four years to bring tools everywhere, sorry, instead of her anus, because the lower intestine to the anus has been cut because it was no longer able to use the article when the student with the economic reasons are consuming instant noodles exaggerated so that the cropped parts of the intestine is the place of precipitate preservatives which always exists in every possible type of instant noodle borax preservative for the bodies (the data show that import large borax and the like to Indonesia) and Hence causing decay in place, hopefully all parties cautious in consuming foods such as meatballs, sausages, noodles and others.

There again, people who have had cancer lymph nodes (lymph nodes 8 and taxable), and medication for almost a year in Singapore to spend more than 1 billion in 1996 to 1997 (fortunately borne by the office), because he consumes during the fourth indomie plus korned continuously every day of the year (on the grounds that his wife was busy working). According to doctors who treat them, cause is a preservative there in the noodles and korned TSB.