Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preventing Dental perforated

To prevent the occurrence of holes in the teeth, you can perform the following steps:

1. Check the teeth regularly
Visit the dentist every 6 months even if you do not feel the toothache. This is necessary so that doctors can detect the small hole that occurred in the tooth and can be immediately so that the hole is not large. Can also detect the tooth that is not flat or crooked that can cause the teeth difficult to clean.

2. Brush teeth regularly and in a timely manner
Morning after breakfast and dinner, before bed is a great time to brush teeth. Saliva does not leave much time on our bed, so the teeth will be damaged if you leave food residue on the tooth brush without it. Saliva is useful to protect teeth from bacteria causes tooth hollow.

3. Brush teeth the right way
Despite brush teeth regularly has been done but if done in a way that is not correct, the result will not be maximum. The correct way is to wipe down to the tooth for front (incisor) the top, brush the teeth towards the top to the bottom of the front teeth and brush for the flat molar. Molar tooth brush should be longer, because in the tooth paste this potential is the remnants of food.

4. Rinse after meals
Brush the teeth is not possible after we eat, the best way is rinse-kumur so that the rest of the food does not stick and continue to reduce the acid in the teeth.

5. Use dental floss to remove food residue
The remaining food is left behind, should not be issued using the toothpick. Use toothpick can cause a rift between the larger adjacent teeth can cause sores on the gum.

6. Select a toothpaste containing fluorida
Using a toothpaste containing fluorida. This substance is one maker of email services. The existence of these substances can prevent contamination in the teeth.

7. Eating food that filamentous
Consume vegetables or fruits can make sure the teeth stronger and prevent the occurrence of perforated teeth.

8. Reduce foods that contain sugar and flour
When this type of food left behind on the teeth and the bacteria will cause the acid to create a hollow tooth.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

fill teeth and pull out its

Steps will be taken in general dentist is a patch of damaged teeth, when the hole is not too large. However, if we feel the toothache, the patch can not be done directly with the gas in such a tooth can not come out. Doctors will give paregoric or kill nerve will teeth so that we are not tortured with the pain. On the next visit the teeth will then be cleaned and patch temporary, permanent patch is done on the next visit again.

When the hole is too large and not feasible for the tambal, the teeth should be revoked. The same as the fill teeth, the teeth also can not be immediately revoked when the tooth still hurts. This is when we feel the toothache, the anesthesia drugs (drugs that does not immune a pain when a tooth pulled) can not penetrate the root of a tooth, so that when pulled will cause pain that extraordinary. The process of divestiture new teeth can be done when a tooth is not a pain and to eliminate pain doctor akan teeth off the nerve.

The Dental Health and Dental perforated

Suffering from dental pain is not a pleasant experience. The pain can make even adults cry. Perforated teeth usually become the beginning of our suffering causes toothache. Toothache a health problem that is also serious for many people. What actually happens to the teeth when we have toothache? What a result of perforated teeth? How do I prevent toothache?

Perforated teeth that are not as durable due to contention at the time of the first. This theory stand up to year 1700-an until Willoughby Miller an American dentist, who works at the University of Berlin to find the causes of tooth decaying. He found that the hole caused by a dental meeting between the bacteria and sugar. The bacteria will change the rest of the sugar from food into acids that cause tooth clabber environment (natural environment should be basa teeth) and the acid is what ultimately makes a small hole on the email services.

Hole occurs when the teeth on the email, we have not felt the toothache. However, the small hole next to the email can be slit and the rest of the food the bacteria will make the hole bigger punch dentin. At this time we will feel the earthquake on the teeth while eating. When you left, hole to hole on the nerve so that we will start to feel sick tooth. This process will not stop until the teeth eventually become exhausted and the only root of the tooth.

Dental pain can not be regarded as the opinion of some people, because if left, can make the teeth become red and swollen. In addition, the teeth can be a means of perforated channel entrance to the germ line blood disease that can cause kidney, lung, heart and other diseases.

To avoid growing worse, so if you have a perforated teeth should immediately visit your dentist to treat them. Although many people do not like going to the dentist for the reason that no matter the situation with the dentist, worried that high costs, fear or shame diejek because of damaged teeth, but to go to the dentist is the best solution to overcome the toothache. Perforated teeth can not heal itself. Although, perhaps after suffering toothache, the pain may be lost but the situation does not improve teeth. Akan perforated teeth fixed, his hole even more and will continue to expand.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Treat gum disease

Gum disease. you may have experienced gum disease, we now discuss about gum disease and what the drugs in the cure of sick relatives gum. gum disease is very depressed us, as a variety of tasty food that well-we can not enjoy.

Or even for drinking air be difficult, when we have gum disease is very chronic one.

Here are a few tips that may be you can try if this happens to you. because this is evident on myself.


- 5 sheets or leaves as a fresh chili sauce.

- 5 drops of water or as

how to make: take Cabe leaves in the sauce before and kucek in hand or in a fine tool to use (but should only use a hands) and do not forget dicapur with a little water and if it is green. liquids ago be lubricated before taken part in a swollen cheek. insyah gods lebih1jam less swelling and gum before gradually will return normal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Treat waist with traditional medicine

waist is a very important part of the human body. so that when we attacked lumbago, it feels very painful aka.

for that we should immediately treat it, treat pain in the waist with this traditional medicine.

Tips treat lumbago

You have already lumbago and treatment-where to go but also does not recover, try to make this traditional herb. 10 pieces of boiled leaves and leaf alpokad cat mustache with 5 glasses of water to boiling, and only 2 glasses. Regularly drink 1 glass of water for 10 days, respectively. If you have lumbago less, drink once for 3 days prevention.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Treat headache | migraine

Headache, which is medically known as cephalalgia be vocalized or cephalgia is a condition there is pain in the head: sometimes pain in the back of the neck or the top of the spine, referred to as headache. This type of disease including complaints in diseases that are often expressed.

How to Treat headache
When headaches, although not practical, but easy to drink a lot of chemical drugs circulating. Compared with chemical drugs, the treatment with traditional materials (herbal) does not have any side effects (bad effects) on the body of the other. The herb, to treat the headache (migraine) is the way, provide the materials:

1. Trunk and Roots Kangkung (in small slices/chopped) .... 1 handheld

2. nutmeg ..... 1/4 seed, in rajang.

3. Aniseed ..... 1/4 spoon

4. Pulosari ..... 1/2 digit

How to make: Boil all ingredients in a glass of water 5, until the remaining 3 glasses.

Rules used: Drinking compound is 3 times a day, @ 1 / 2 cup.

NB: to get the materials, such as fennel / pulosari, can be purchased at the store of herbal medicine. example, if in the event, left the sun in the big markets, if at Madiun in jl. kawak market and so forth.

do not forget to read the bismillahirrahmanirrahiim when drink it

prevent cough with traditional medicine

Coughing is not a disease. Coughing is the body's defense mechanisms in the respiratory tract and is a symptom of a disease or a reaction against the body irritation in the throat because of the mucus, food, dust, smoke and so forth.

occurs because a particular stimulus, such as dust in the cough reseptor (nose, respiratory tract, and even the ears). Then reseptor will stream through the nerve to the cough center in the brain. Here will give signals to the body musculature to remove the foreign substances before, until there hacking cough.

Acute and chronic

Cough can be divided into two types, namely acute cough and chronic cough, they are grouped based on time.

Acute cough
is a cough that lasts less than 14 days, and in 1 episode. If the cough is more than 14 days occurred in 3 or episode during the 3 months in a row, called a chronic cough or chronic cough repeatedly.

Recurrent chronic cough that often attack children is due to asthma, tuberkolosis (TB), and pertussis (whooping cough / cough 100 days). Pertussis is a chronic cough caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. Pertussis can be prevented by immunization DPT.

The cause of cough

There are several kinds of causes of cough:

1. Generally caused by infection in the respiratory tract, which is the top of the symptoms of flu.
2. Respiratory tract infection of the top (ISPA).
3. Allergies
4. Asthma or tuberculosis
5. A foreign object into the channel of the breath
6. Hiccup due to drink susu
7. Inhale cigarette smoke from people around
8. Psikogenik cough. Coughing is caused because a lot of emotional and psychological problems.

Treat cough with honey

When you rest the night was itchy throat, do not rush the cough medicine. There is a choice of medicines that more natural, simple, but effective. Honey.

To get the benefits of that, you do not need a lot of liquid honey. Fair use 1-2 tsp, as needed. Add hot tea and lemon extract for a better effect.

In addition to relieve throat, honey also contains antioxidants.

According to the latest research results, honey can also have effects antibacterial, so that it can be an alternative therapy sinusitis.

Drops of a liquid honey to a cup of hot water. suck its steam. This nutritious complaint to reduce nasal congestion as well as the bacteria

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tonsil paint

Tonsillectomy a disease that causes sore throat so we, because this increase in tonsil throat. exactly what is tonsil?. the following i want to wrote a short about tonsil disease.

tonsil, or in medical science called tonsil or tonsila palatina. This system is part of the lymph gland that is located on the left side and right side to the back of the mouth cavity. Like other lymph gland, tonsil is part of the immune system, which keeps the human body from infection, especially infection of the channel on the breath and faring.

Inflammation in the tonsil is called as tonsilitis. Severe infections can result in the tonsil tonsil tumefy to be taken to surgery, but take tonsillectomy may lead to weakening the body's immune system.

Treat disease tonsillectomy

If you already feel the symptoms, try immediately use this traditional medicine, so that tonsillectomy significantly faster.

1. 3 peeled lemon fruit, then take the skin
2. boiled with 2 glasses of water to be 1 cup of water.
3. add one tablespoon honey to gargle, and be drunk

Friday, July 17, 2009

Traditional cough medicine

Traditional cough medicine is very important for knowing by our selves. because we can to prevent our selves and our lover form the cough without have to come to hospital, there are many of Traditional cough medicine that provide in the nature. here i want to write a little about Traditional cough medicine that very easy for get it and try it. read the following or the following:

If the cough, what medication usually drink? sold freely in the stall?

If the answer is yes, try one-time by using traditional medicine, in addition to easy and not expensive, even more secure.

Try to overcome by a traditional recipe ancestral heritage. Night of sleep, use little oil on the throat, repeat several times, cough will calm in a short time.

Easy is not it? If there is a simple and cheap, why should that expensive:):)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orgasm make Length Age?

Health researchers have revealed that many, if orgasme very important for women. Not only as a satisfaction, but more factors to physical and mental health. Because, if women make, but often do not experience high orgasm infected myoma due to its stagnant blood flow.

In addition to infected myoma, orgasm can create a lack of mind and body often experience stress. Orgasm evidence increase production of hormones estrogen and expedite the flow of blood in the area of intimate organ. When the orgasm, the stagnant blood can flow smoothly and helps clean the body of pathogenic bacteria that can cause disease.

If you rarely experience orgasm, which stopped the flow of blood does not flow smoothly and can cause some serious diseases. In addition to women, men who rarely experience orgasm will also a negative impact on the quality of life. According to data collected by researchers from the Royal University in Belfast, UK man who regularly experience orgasm life is longer than men who rarely experience it.

To have sex regularly is recommended for men and women. Because the impact will be positive for health, in addition to maintaining the intimacy of the relationship must also always be made. It will make you and your partner ageless.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wine seeds can prevent heart attacks

Do you remove the seeds of wine in the wine during meals? From now on leave because seed habit wine prevent the occurrence of heart attack. Therefore expressed Health Nutrition Society of the Institute of Agriculture Bogor (IPB), Prof.. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan.

"In wine there is in the seeds of pycnogenol," Ali said in a press meet in Jakarta on Wednesday (1 / 7). Pycnogenol is a functional brace collagen to improve the structure of the blood vessel (anti aging).

According to Ali, the more we increase the age of the blood vessel will be more fragile. "If it is so easy vein akan stopped by fat and cholesterol, called aterosklerosis," said Ali. Aterosklerosis this, added Ali, is a sign of early heart attack and stopped his heart function.

So that this does not happen, then that is needed is rejuvenate blood vessel and make it always flexible. "Once again pycnogenol which is a non-nutrient substances that are on the wine nut helpful to rejuvenate the blood vessel and make it always flexible. This is important for those who climb the age, "Ali firm.

How many consume wine? "Basically, every day we have to eat 2 portions fruit and vary each day. For wine, 1 portion is equivalent to the 6-8 vineyards. No need to every day. Each day eat not prohibited, but wine is expensive? "He said.

Associated with the threat of pesticides on the fruit skin, Ali said not to worry. Pesticides already have a water soluble, so before consuming the fruit, including wine Wash with running water and rubbed. Thus, Ali go, because the importance of seed and wine do not hesitate to eat. "Because then chewed slightly bitter swallowed it. How safe, because I will not make a blind gut, "he said.

Habits baby suck finger

Reasonable, why, the baby suck the finger as it is their needs. Thus showing the baby healthy and normal.

Each baby will suck the finger. Especially in new born babies up to age 3 months, suck fingers often made. This shows the baby in a healthy and normal, because the suck reflex really should have been owned since the baby is born. That's why, when the baby would suckle, the mother nipple should not be compelled to include the baby's mouth. Self-colored in the slide-slide with the stalk, then the baby will find a way hilt.

However, not all babies have a good suck reflex, lo. As Prof said. Dr. dr. Nartono Kadri, Sp.A (K), there are some babies who his suck reflek low, the baby is born premature and sick babies. "In the premature baby, suck reflex finger down the baby rather healthy, because growth is not too perfect." While the baby is sick, for example, an interruption of breathing. "This means that the baby is in weak condition, so that the suck reflex unfavorable. Babies who require such lapse because he could not suck, "go FKUI this great teacher.

Needs Suck
The psychological, according to Dra. Betty DK. Zakianto. Msi, baby suck finger because hungry. Besides having the baby suck the needs, from birth to age 3 months. "Needs suck obtained when breastfeeding a baby needs, but this is individual. That is, each baby has a rack that needs vary, "said psychologist education. That is why, ever breastfeeding will not be the same in each baby. For example, babies who have already satisfied rack for 20 minutes breastfeeding, but there is a new feel satisfied after 40 minutes.
In addition, the distance of time can also affect breastfeeding. The baby every 3 hours once given to drink, for example, the demand will soak up less of the baby rather than 4 hours of drinking. "So the baby is often given the opportunity to suckle the baby can also often meet the needs of suck," he added.
Some experts also say, the baby will suckle breastmilk more often suck the finger rather than suckle from the bottle. "If there is a baby suckle breastmilk but still suck fingers, could be due to a lack of time suckle. For example, the needs of suckle 40 minutes, but he was only given 20 minutes, so it has not been satisfied suck. "Suckle the ideal time, the light of Betty, about 30 to 40 minutes. "On the 20 minute mother milk is actually empty, but the baby still suck hilt in order to meet the needs of his mother, suck."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Air Putih Berbahaya Bagi Bayi | White Water is Harmful to Baby

The most needed by baby is Mother's milk Water (ASI). The provision of additional food or drink would be dangerous to the baby's health, particularly infants aged less than six months.

Infants aged under 6 months should not be white for drinking water. When the baby thirsty, give breastfeeding or at least, formula milk. The provision of water for white infants, especially when given in excessive, can trigger water to the poisoned baby. This condition is very dangerous.

Scientists from the John Hopkins children's center in the Baltimore, the body of a baby not yet ready to accept any food or drink other than breastmilk or drink that is formulated specifically for the baby (such as formula milk).

Kidney in infants aged less than 6 months have not really perfect function. When the body receives too much fluid (water white), kidney will trigger body reacts issued many natrium. Natrium loss can affect brain activity.

Early symptoms of water intoxication is baby will cry whine badger, or vice versa, the baby looks sleepy and passive. Other symptoms that can appear is decreasing body temperature, edema, or swelling around the face and taut.

Symptoms that appear early are sometimes unclear, so the new parents when their baby is a strain. However, with handling a fast, spastic symptoms may not appear.

Dr. Jennifer Anders, a specialist children's emergency department from John Hopkins children's center states, water as a beverage should not be given to infants under 6 months. Parents should also avoid the dilution formula with excessive (over-dilution).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tip Increase Sex Satisfaction

Keeping still good sex life requires time and effort with your pair. will difficult when we are exposed to the various other forms of fatigue.

However, with few changes or new things, you both will find a more diverting sensation. Therefore, it is important to add more excitement to the story aspects of sexual interest.

Furthermore, the time and energy you spend for a sexual adventure will soon be settled. Results will be commensurate with your effort, that is, the better the sex. save time to enjoy them. Because life is short!

Following four ways enhance sexual satisfaction for both you and the pairing.

Due to the burden of work and thought, musculature body feels tense. This prevents the flow of energy in the body, including the flow of sexual energy.

Sensual massage
Sensual massage or touch is one of the most relax and section. Massage can release the body so that when orgasm rather a maximum. Expertise relax body pair in this manner must be part of the must do list. But, in the calm off massage with sensual massage. Intention hearts make the body a partner, he sleeps.

Start at the main musculature, ie, shoulder and back, continue to massage the buttocks. Continue to part in the thigh, hands, and feet. Remember, there are thousands of nerve in the hands and feet that are very sensitive to the touch. If you did not know how to squeeze, take some time to pair with each other to discuss the body part which pleased massage. Or massage it all over her body, without thinking about the theory that it should. Do not miss the hot spot it.

Try a new position
Imagine, you already know how to make a pair with two orgasm style make. You continue to repeat it. Think you, pair are yet to feel pleasure that only the style. The long run, make for a boring routine.

If you never try a new style, how you know the style is not preferred will pair?
There is no restriction on how to make, so you can learn free imagination. Try different positions that is ready to give you the satisfaction of the same, even more.

Try a new place
Make in the new location is a fun thing to improve the quality of sex life you and your partner. Try semi-public area or take advantage of the other rooms in your home, other than in bed. The point, anything that can tickle your enjoyment.

Close eyes
Have many sexual pleasure dimension, but the most important sexual organ is the brain. When the senses are, our other senses-through the brain-sustaining work. For example, deaf people can still use the other senses to identify something, that is, through smell, taste, or vibration.

How do you take advantage of God's creation of this marvel in sexual matters? Close the eye pair to encourage awareness of its sensors. With that, he does not know where you are and what action will you do next.
touched her with your tongue. to do with soft raised sensivitas and body sensation.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The characteristics of pregnancy | The characteristics of pregnant women

The characteristics of pregnancy - you may be a woman or a husband that you're thinking that your wife or you are pregnant, or have characteristics such as the pregnancy? To ensure that, the following are characteristics or pregnancycharacteristics that pregnant people are categorized in several characteristics:

1. Frequently Remove Small Water
This progress in two periods, the period of pregnancy and the period of young pregnancy. After the age of 12 weeks of pregnancy, the womb is already started up two fingers in the pelvis, had been to the stomach cavity. At that time the uterus will bladder. Not surprisingly, more often Moms want to dispose of urine. This will take place from age 12 to 16 pregnancy weeks.

In the pregnancy, often caused because the urine had been to the fetus pelvis. Usually there is a decrease in the head start from the age of fetus 34 weeks pregnancy to 37 weeks.

2. Belly up
Because the growth of fetus. 20 weeks of pregnancy on the top of the womb with navel (umbilicus). Most of the women started to show on the stomach is 16 weeks of pregnancy. If Moms regular control to the doctor, can be known whether the development of the fetus according to the age of pregnancy, twin pregnancy or whether there any interference with the development of the fetus.

3. The stomach ache at Down
Stomach feels tight as CHAPTER want, or feel pain in the lower part of the stomach. Will be felt first at the age of 16-18 weeks of pregnancy due to contraction.

Actual age of the pregnancy of 12 weeks fetus has begun to move, but Moms have not been felt because the size of the womb is still small. Movement fetus more clearly felt at the age of 24 weeks of pregnancy. Each time the fetus moves would increase the womb which is called Braxton Hicks contraction, indicating the existence of stimulus from the fetus to the womb Moms. Conversely, if the pregnancy occurs outside the womb, Moms do not feel the fetus in a contraction of the womb.

4. Breast and belly fast
Also affected by the increase in hormones during pregnancy that cause blood vessel dilation and nutrition on the breast. This change will be felt after the age of 3 months of pregnancy. Stalk and surrounding areas will be large and dark colored, and there are small spots that arise around the practice, it is called skin gland.

5. Hands and feet swell
Not experienced by all pregnant women. But, the foot is reasonable as long as the increase of blood pressure in Moms in the normal limit. This is caused by changes in blood volume that will be automatically doubled to meet the needs of fetus so that the burden of increased heart weight. Hence, pregnant women should not stand or sit too long. Feared fluid decreased blood will down by gravity or style going Retention fluids (liquids excessive cumulation).

To reduce the liquid Retention avoid sitting or standing too long. At the time lie a little leg up legs Moms, reduce the salt or use salt in reasonable limits.

Usually arise when the swelling began to age 24 weeks of pregnancy, but on average occurred at 28 or 32 week-age pregnancy. But, remember! Must be carefully whether hands and feet still swell in the limit of reasonable or otherwise, occurred poisoned pregnancy (preeklampsia).

6. More sensitive
Conditions such as this usually depends on the readiness for pregnant Moms. Moms are sometimes so ill-natured, lazy or lazy grooming beraktivitas, also tend to be sensitive. Changes in behavior Moms because progesteron hormone production and estrogen are likely to up and down.

Moms are vigilant when worries over to be stressful and dangerous to the fetus to its behavior. The mood is not stabilized and emotions can explode the stomach acid.

Well, in the second trimester of pregnancy until the third Moms emotional condition has been stable because the start progesteron hormone, hCG down so that Moms start to become more calm, appetite improved, the skin began to clean, luminous hair. But in the third trimester, Moms need to still need the support of her husband and family to prepare for the big labor.

7. It's hard to concentrate
Some pregnant women will become forgetful or difficult to concentrate during pregnancy. Moms body of work continues to excessive development of the fetus to cause a block so that in mind Moms. But, it goes without fear and are affected will this case, make a little note to help you remember all things related to his interest you. Wherever possible take some time to rest.

8. Skin Changes

During pregnancy often arises flek as melasma in black face, fold-fold in the body such as the axilla and neck, even the middle-relief and aft on the surface of the skin of the belly.

Possible this is influenced by changes in hormones and skin hygiene. Skin around the stomach also peregangan or striae gravidarum. In some pregnant women occur more quickly or not at all, depending on the surface of the skin elasticity. If digaruk can result in injury to the dermis (skin layer in part) so that the seam will be more difficult to lose.

Moms are highly recommended in order to consume a lot of fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and white 2 liters a day or 8 glasses a day. can also keep Humidity skin with olive oil spread. Meanwhile, we keep the skin, especially in areas such as bending the neck or armpit area more prickly issue.

9. Nail Care and Hair Growth
Hormonal changes cause the nails will grow stronger and the hair will grow more. Even the hair can grow in unwanted places such as the face or stomach. But do not worry Moms need! This change will disappear by itself after your baby is born.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The benefits of Salam leaf (daun salam) | kegunaan daun salam

Salam leaf used primarily as a spice, to scent cuisine in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, both for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and rice. The leaves are mixed in this whole situation, dried or fresh, and to partake of food is cooked well. Spices give this unique herb flavor, but not hard. In the market and in the kitchen, greeting often paired with ginger laos alias.

Wood reddish orange brown and medium quality. Wood is classified into the wood kelat (trade name) can be used as a building material and furniture. Skin stem contains a tanin, often used as ubar (for coloring and preservative) nets, webbing material of bamboo and others. Skin stem and leaf used as a regular ingredient of a traditional cure for stomach ache. Regards the fruit is eaten as well, although only children are.

Dry salam leaf contains about 0.17% essential oil, with an important component metil eugenol and kavikol (methyl chavicol) in it. Ethanol extract of leaves showed the effect antijamur and antibakteri, while the extract is its anti metanol worms, especially on nematoda pine wood Bursaphelenchus xylophilus.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Daun Salam kolestrol treat acid and myo - | Daun Salam mengobati kolestrol dan asam urat

Salam leave is a kind of spice that leaves normally used for a variety of cuisines. Behind that, salam leave also has a medicinal property that can be used in daily life. A tree (Syzygium polyanthum) which is grown wild in the forest and the mountains can reach a height of 25 meters and 1.3 meters wide tree is nutritious treat diarrhea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and ulcer. Meanwhile, the fruit small rounded shape can be used to treat due to drunk alcohol.

Gynecology at the chemicals that plants have is atsiri oil, tannin, and flavonoida. The trees that can be used as medicine is a leaf, stem bark, roots, and fruit.

If you or a family member has diarrhea, take 15 pieces of boiled fresh bay with two glasses of water to boil for 15 minutes. Once cold add a little salt and then drink.

To overcome stomach inflammation, take 30 grams of salam leaf, 30 gram dry Sambiloto, and rock candy enough as possible boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc. Then the water to be drunk twice a day. Do regularly.

Air stew bay also can overcome the high acid strand, the 10 salam leaf boiled with 700 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, and then drink while warm water.

Then, to overcome the stroke, the 10 salam leaf and 50 grams of banana heart is made according to taste cuisine eaten ago.

For people with high cholesterol, 7 pieces of salam leaf and 30 grams ceremai boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc. Then drink water regularly.

To expedite the blood circulation, 7 pieces of salam leaf and 30 grams of the god of fresh boiled with 700 cc of water until the remaining 350 cc. Herb Then filtered and drunk as much as two times a day.

A ripe fruit that can be drunk due to alcohol. One hold a cooked mashed fruit, capture its essence. Water can be drunk at once.

For treatment outside such as scabies or itch-itch on the skin and leaves skin take stem or root of the greeting. Wash clean, and a smooth, add coconut oil and place it on the itching part.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Foods that arouse passionate Sex

Wine hipoglikemia be able to overcome the fatigue of the body. Eaten fresh or made beverage, believed to have the same effect. Moreover, when given to the mouth with a pair of finger play finger move erotic. Guaranteed to give the sensation seduce him toss the zest.

Avocado contains folic acid that helps the process of protein metabolism, which means giving more power. Avocado also contains vitamin B6 (which increase the nutrients male hormone production) and potasium (gland that helps set the tiroid women).

Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme can generate men Libido. In addition, bananas contains vitamin B and potasium which can increase the energy.

For you who want to eat fruit with this type of sensation that seduce, you can peel it first. Then ask the pair slowly eat and share with you through the mouth.

champagne not just drink, but also a combination of sex and romansa. Champagne is the best friend to spend a special moment, place the bed so it will not be complete without a drink this one.

For you who like to surprise the couple, there's no one to pour champagne all over the body, and complete with fruit, and he requested the menjilati body. This pair look forward immediately wrestled with you.

"Sushi naked" experience is introduced to eat the food of the nation of Japan. In Japan, it is called nyotaimori, which means "female body performance."

One way is never made Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) in the film "Sex and the City". Sam who want to partner with the court to smear the entire body with sushi, want to enjoy the passionate sex that extraordinary. At that time, he meets with the entire body sushi and hope in the lap by spouses.

Nah, for you who want to do, harmless mimic how the Japanese enjoy sex with beautiful nyotaimori. Guaranteed to give erotic experience that is not forgotten!

Shellfish contain high zinc substances that can improve sperm production and testosteron. Shells also contain dopamine, a popular hormone can increase Libido.

For you who want to enjoy this type of food with a partner, you can start with clean shells, open and mixed with ice. You can also beat them with a fresh citrus lemon.

Strawberry is a type of fruit that you can not savor its paltry. In each year, strawberry always synonymous with something romantic smell. Therefore, harmless fruit that you enter this one in the list of food Libido.

Strawberry to submerge chocolate, cream, or wine, is an important step that gives the effect seduce sensual.

Chocolate not only tasty eaten, this type of comestible also contains phenyl ethylamine, a chemical element can cause a feeling of "beloved". Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are good for maintaining the body's immune system.

Because chocolate became a kind of sensual food, then there is no one type of food to enter this event as the creativity in your bed.

Harmless for you to enter a rich Italian menu with a variety of types of pasta place in the struggle this time. The pasta is always have a special place in the romantic event.

Self-eat spaghetti is to share with each other's mouth, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic encounter

Saturday, July 4, 2009

5 benefits of the extraordinary palm fruit

don't think that tamr or kurma not have the benefits to us. here we want to tell you about 11 benefits of the extraordinary palm (Tamr) fruit. i take this resource form a blog that publish in ok, may this info that talk about the benefits of the palm (tamr) fruits can be useful to all. the following about the palm(tamr) benefits.

1. Tamr (dry dates) works to strengthen the intestinal cells and can help expedite ureter because it contains fiber-fiber control the rate of duty bowel movement and strengthen the womb, especially when giving birth. The latest research says that the fruit ruthab (wet dates) have any influence to control the rate movement womb and increase the systolenya (contraction when the heart pumped blood to the carotid). Even Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala ordered Maryam bint Imran to eat fruit when trying birth dates, as the date palm fruit filling contraction movement also makes the womb increases regularly, so that the birth of Mary with her child easier. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala said: "This means: And shake the palm tree base to you, keep the tree will drop fruit that is ripe dates upon you, then eat, drink and be careful you. If you see a man, say, 'I have nadzar for fast to Rabb is the Most Gracious, so I will not speak with any man on this day "[Maryam: 25-26] Ibn Al-Hafizh Katsir rahimahullah word' Amr bin Maimun in his presentation: "No there is something better for women childbed except dry dates and fresh dates" Doctor Muhammad An-Nasimi in books.

Ath-Thibb An Nabawy wal-Ilmil Hadits (II/293-294) said, "Wisdom of the noble verse of this is medical, pregnant women who will bear the very need of food and beverages rich in sugar will elements, this is because the number of muscle-contraction muscle will womb when the baby issue, especially when it takes the long. Gynecology sugar and vitamin B1 helps to control the rapid movement to the womb and increase the sistolenya (contraction of blood when the heart to the carotid dippompa). And the two elements that many in ruthab (wet dates). Sugar in the womb ruthab very easy to quickly digested by the body "mature palm fruit is very rich with the element Calcium and iron. Therefore, it is advisable for women who are pregnant and who will bear, even Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala commanded the Mary Al-Adzra (virgin) to eat while childbed (after birth). Calcium and iron content of cooked palm fruit dikandung very adequate and very important in the process of formation of breast milk. Dry iron and Calcium dikandung fruit that can replace the palm of the mother terkuras at birth or breastfeeding. Calcium and iron merpuakan two effective and important element for the growth of the baby. The reason, the two elements of this element is the most influential in the formation of blood and bone marrow.

(virgin) to eat while childbed (after birth). Calcium and iron content in the palm fruits have matured enough and is very important in the process of formation of breast milk. the amount of Calcium and iron that have fruit in the palm can replace the energy that terkuras mother when giving birth or breastfeeding. Calcium and iron are two important and effective element for the growth of the baby. The reason, the two elements of this element is the most influential in the formation of blood and bone marrow.

2. Ruthab (wet dates) to prevent bleeding occurs for women during childbirth and to expedite the process returns the position of the womb as usual time before the next pregnancy. This is because in the fresh dates that are hormone-like hormone oxytocine that can help the process of birth. Oxytocine hormone is a hormone that functions to help when a woman or animal female giving birth and breastfeeding.

3. Childbirth and to help facilitate the safety of mother and baby.

4. Palm fruit, good tamr and ruthab can calm nerve cells through the influence of the thyroid. Therefore, the doctors recommend to some date palm fruit in the morning to the children and the elderly, so that his psychiatric condition better.

5. Boiled palm fruit that can facilitate the ureter.