Friday, May 15, 2009

Preventing and Overcoming High Blood

To prevent high blood for you who still have normal blood pressure or high blood for the you who already have high blood pressure, the following practical suggestions can you do:

* Reduce consumption of salt in your food. If you already have high blood pressure you should avoid foods that contain salt.

* The consumption of foods that contain potassium, magnesium and calcium. Potassium, magnesium and calcium is able to reduce high blood pressure.

* Reduce food or drink alcohol. If you have high blood pressure, should avoid excessive alcohol consumption. For men who suffer hypertension, the amount of alcohol is permitted a maximum of 30 ml of alcohol per day while the women's 15 ml per day.

* Sports regularly can reduce high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, choose a lightweight sports such as walking, cycling, running relaxed, and swimming. Perform for 30 to 45 minutes a day as much as 3 times a week.

* Eat vegetables and fruit are high fibrous vegetables such as green, banana, tomato, carrot, melon, and citrus.

* Run anti-stress therapy in order to reduce stress and you are able to control your emotions.

* Stop smoking also contribute to reduce the large high blood pressure or hypertension.

* Control the measure of your cholesterol.

* Control your diabetes.

* Avoid drugs that can increase blood pressure. Consult your doctor if you are to receive treatment for certain diseases, to ask for medicine that does not increase blood pressure.

The cause of High Blood

There are several things that can cause someone has high blood pressure. There are factors cause high blood pressure that is not you control. There is also, that you can overcome the disease, so high blood. Some factors include:
1. Offspring
This factor, you can not to control it. If someone has the older brother or who have high blood pressure, the possibility he suffered from high blood pressure is greater. Statistics show that high blood pressure higher in the identical twin of a twin is not identical. A research shows that there is evidence revealed that genes for high blood pressure.

2. Age
This factor can not you control it. Research shows that as age increases a person, blood pressure will increase. You can not expect that your blood pressure at young akan same when you grow older. But you can control so do not skip over the normal limit.

3. Salt
You can control this factor. Salt can increase blood pressure quickly in some people, especially for diabetics, people with mild hypertension, people with old age, and those of color.

4. Cholesterol
You can contrl this factor. Per the excess fat in your blood, cholesterol can cause a heap on the blood vessel wall. This can create a narrow blood vessel and consequently blood pressure will increase. control your cholesterol as early as possible. For tips on controlling cholesterol, please see the following articles:cholesterol.

5. Obesity / overweight
You can control this factor. People who have a body weight above the 30 percent ideal body weight, have a greater likelihood of suffering from high blood pressure.

6. Stress
You can control it is factor. Stress and emotional conditions that are not stable can also trigger high blood pressure.

7. Cigarettes
Smoking can also increase blood pressure becomes high. Kebiasan smoking can increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Therefore, smoking habit, which continues to proceed when it has high blood pressure, is a very dangerous combination that will trigger diseases related to heart and blood.

8. Caffeine
Caffeine found in coffee, tea and cola drinks can cause increased blood pressure.

9. Alcohol
Excessive consumption of alcohol also causes high blood pressure.

10. not enough Sports
Poor sport and movement can cause the blood pressure in the body increases. Sports regularly able to reduce high blood pressure but you do not do sports that if you are suffering high blood pressure.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

High blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension has become a disease that is common to many people at this time, especially for those living in urban areas. High blood pressure or hypertension to become one of the causes of stroke, heart attack, and kidney also failed. And the worst consequences of this disease is death. Therefore, if you can, this disease must be prevented. If you have high blood pressure, you can control this disease. How to prevent and control hypertension or high blood?

Before discussing about high blood pressure or hypertension, it's good to know you first about the blood pressure. When you do a physical examination or clinical examination to the doctor, usually have a special tool used by doctors to check blood pressure. Tool to check the blood pressure is also known sphigmomanometer or with tensimeter. There are digital and have tensimeter also tensimeter mercury that is still commonly used for clinical examination.

Doctors will perform blood pressure checks with the orders you to sit or lie down, because the best position to measure blood pressure. Then the doctor will usually be binding on the air bag on the arm on the right arm unless there is injury. After that, blood pressure measurements performed. Sistolik difference between the pressure and pressure pulsation diastolik called.

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure experienced by the blood vessel in the arterial blood when the heart pumps to by all members of the human body. Blood pressure is created by taking two different sizes and usually there are two numbers that will be referred by a doctor. For example, doctors take the 140-90, is the means 140/90 mmHg. The first number (140) showed up to pressure vessel due to arterial pulsation at the heart or heart beat or rattle, and called sistolik pressure or pressure is often called upon. The second number (90) shows the pressure when the heart pumping a rest in between, and is called pressure or diastolik often also referred under pressure.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obat ketika anda di sengat lipan (kelabang)

The drug or medicine if you bitten by centipede, do not be panic. the following is the drug or medicine when you bitten by centipede.

when you bit by centipede, take many oil and then mixed with salt. after that take oil that you have mixed by salt and put it at the place where the centipede bitten you. god willing you will soon recover.

obat disengat lipan, anda tahu ketika anda bermain-main ditempat kotor yang banyak sampah atau ketika anak-anak anda tidur nyenyak, tiba-tiba disengat lipan atau kelabang, apa yang akan anda lakukan.., apakah anda akan panik?

saya punya pengalangan tentang sengatan lipan, pernah disengat lipan ketika sedang tidur, saya sempat panik apa yang akan saya lakukan ditengah malam seperti itu.. ternyata obat disengat lipan ada di sekeliling kita. kemudian saya broesing di internet dengan menggunakan hp, muncul satu website yang mengatakan bahwa jikia anda di sengat lipan, jangan panik....berikut obatnya.

ambil minyak tanah secukupnya, dan ambil garam dapur secukupnya, campurkan kedua bahan tersebut, kemudian setelah diadukk, oleskan minyak yang telah di campur garam tadi di tempat sengatan lipat tersebut. insyaAllah rasa sakit anda akan segera sembnuh .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Benefits of papaya leaves

Benefits of papaya leaves was very huge for our lives. but sometimes we do not understand or less of it, because we are familiar with generic drugs. here we want to back up about the benefits of the papaya leaves.

In fact since the first is to provide solutions for a variety of human diseases. Unfortunately, because it is not practical, natural medicine is slowly lost by synthetic drugs. Along with the many side effects synthetic drugs, natural medicine is now starting again in the lyrics. One of the versatile natural medicines available that many around us is a papaya leaf. Each section of papaya tree can be used, begin root, stem, leaf, fruit, seeds and even fruit.
This article will only discuss the benefits of papaya leaves, because one of this section shall have many benefits.

Soften the meat.
The mother of the household may not have been more foreign to the benefits of papaya leaves to soften the meat. Matrix resin (lateks) in the leaves that will seep into the meat and sift it. How: papaya leaves enter stew meat, or meat wrapped in papaya leaves when boiled.

Pimple medicine.
Did you know, papaya leaves can also overcome the whelk be naughty?
How: take 2-3 pieces of papaya leaves older. Dry briefly and then just fine. After that, add a half spoon of water. Then use ingredient on the exposed face of the pimple like wearing masks. Leave some time, and Rinse to clean.

Increase appetite.
Not difficult to make a concoction at this appetite this, prepare fresh papaya leaves of palm, a little salt, and half a cup of warm water. All materials are mixed, blender, and filtered water and then taken to be drunk. This safe herb, even for children even.

Anti cancer.
From some of the research described, the stem and leaves contain a lot of papaya latex, such as white milk (milky white latex), which has developed as anti-cancer, as cited Journal of the Society of Biology. Sap is automatically obtained when we consume papaya leaves, cooked in any way.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The various of smallpox

Most people surely heard the term smallpox. But the fact is not everyone knows exactly what is in question. Not to mention that the term is mixed, including smallpox, chickenpox, smallpox snake, and monkey pox. Here are brief descriptions of the diseases are similar, but surely not the same:


Smallpox in the medical language is called variola, whereas in English called small pox. Diseases caused by viruses poks (pox virus) has been there since many centuries ago and spread very easily. Symptoms that occur for the infected is a fever, and bubble-bubble appears containing pus simultaneously in the face skin, hands, feet, and eventually the entire body. This disease is often fatal consequences, especially when the baby or the elderly. For those who can recover any, will be used in skin-pocked pocked.

Fortunately, this disease is no longer the world. In the 19th century, all over the world working to eradicate this disease by immunization. In Indonesia, smallpox immunization has been conducted since 1856, by the Dutch Government. Once the process is long and full of hard work, the disease is not found in Indonesia since 1974 and the WHO set Indonesia free from smallpox. Thanks to the cooperation of the world, finally in 1980 the world was already declared free from smallpox.

Along with the loss of smallpox, the end since that time are no longer required smallpox vaccination. News and discussion is also the longer the melt. Not surprisingly, there are also some of the people who have never heard and with a foreign disease is smallpox.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Treat sore at throat

There are many drugs to treat a sore throat. but, here I will provide one way to treat a sore throat.

- 1 lemon fruit
- 1 / 2 teaspoon sweet-Style
how to create:
The First one, wash the lemon and lime slices into two parts before, and then save the captured water in tablespoon, then Mix with sweet soy sauce and then consumed.

(for one drink / one time use)
rule drink:
when it's not like drinking the water directly swallowed but this is done slowly or little by little and gained in the throat with the goal of lime juice on the area of the illness.
during the treatment process should avoid consuming Ice and the like, foods that contain coconut milk and that contains oil.
Please try.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obat tradisional untuk penyakit cacingan

Hampir semua kita pernah merasakan penyakit cacingan, terutama anak-anak yang hidup diderah yang kotor, karena salah satu penyebab penyakit cacingan ini adalah makanan yang kotor. Penyakit cacingan ini sebenarnya ada bermacam-macam jenisnya, di antaranya yaitu: cacing kremi, cacing tambang, cacing pita, cacing pita ini terdapat dalam daging babi, makanya jangan makan daging babi itu, bahkan agama kita sendiri (yaitu agama islam) telah merang memakan daging babi, hukumnya haram.

Penyakit cacingan ini bisa menyebabkan anak yang menderitanya kurang nafsu makan. Badannya kurus kering, perutnya besar dan keras, serta berta badannya menjadi menurun. Jadi bagi anda bagi anda yang mempunyai anak-anak yang menderita penyakit cacingan ini segera usahakan untuk mengobatinya.

Obat tradisional untuk penyakit cacingan ini yaitu;
1. bengle yang di iris tiga biji
2. temu hitam yang di parut 2jari
3. tangkai daun sirih dua lembar
4. ketumbar 5 biji

Cara membuat obat tradisional untuk penyakit cacingan dari ramuan diatas yaitu;
Semua bahan ditumbuk halus, di tuangi air panas, kemudian diperas dan di saring, airnya dapat diminum.

Adapun resep yang lain untuk membuat obat tradsional untuk penyakit cacingan yaitu;
Sediakan daun meniran 10 gram, daun lombok 1 lembar, daun kelor tiga lembar, semua bahan dihaluskan, kemudian di tuangi air panas, diperas untuk diminum, sedangkan ampasnya untuk tapal di perut.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Traditional medicine for ambient disease

although the ambient disease or piles one of the chronic disease, but for you as the sufferer of this ambient disease can try several tips or traditional medicine recipe to cures ambient disease.

To make traditional medicine for ambient disease, you must prepare;
- Leaf iler 7 gram
- China quotation leaf 10 gram
- Fennel pulosari 15 gram
- East wood that threshed soft as much as 7 gram
- Impes mushroom 5 gram
The manner for making it, is with boil all ingredients in water one litre. and leave the rest half, if you will imbibe the water, put the black basil (kemangi) leaf.

although the ambient disease or piles one of the chronic disease, but for you as the sufferer of this ambient disease can try several tips or traditional medicine recipe to cures ambient disease.

To make traditional medicine for ambient disease, you must prepare;
- Leaf iler 7 gram
- China quotation leaf 10 gram
- Fennel pulosari 15 gram
- East wood that threshed soft as much as 7 gram
- Impes mushroom 5 gram
The manner for making it, is with boil all ingredients in water one litre. and leave the rest half, if you will imbibe the water, put the black basil (kemangi) leaf.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cure tonsil with traditional medicine

Tonsil is the disease that nesting at neck, where does swollen neck gland. or ulcerous. this tonsil can also be caused by dirty blood. prohibition for this disease sufferer don't imbibes or eat food or drink that many contain milk, sugar. The traditional ingredients is lime distillation, turmeric distillation and pure honey addition.

All ingredients at mix until flat and drunk 2 until 3 tablespoon. then try to bathe steam with hot water so that sweat out, and also correlating sport consecutively in air either in morning.

do the matters and recipes on doubtlessly, God willing your tonsil quickly recover.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

know what is that ambient disease

The ambient disease one of the very intimidated disease of the society. because this disease at some times can take outside the blood from anus continually. and causes illness that very mortally in anus, so that can worry about. When does disease ambient assault us, it will feel stiff, rheumatic pain, anus juts out likely be long. if we sit, possible that lengthways anus is jammed by chair and suffer decease very heavy, and can wounded and bleed.

the ambient disease some times can flat again like at the beginning and the ill taste lost. but, the ambient disease will return again when we shall strive, rise bike, long stay in place that cold air, walk in along time, and others.

The ambient disease is caused by overwork, and who suffer the ambient disease also can caused by less consume food that contain substances that can strengthen the tendon, so that muscle is loose.

there are many manners or ways to cure the ambient disease, one of them by operation and this is may be the very radical manner, because this is like that, so cruel and spend many costs. this operation is by cut secretory anus and lengthways that. that done by the doctor that have the expert in operating.

although the ambient disease is very chronic, but still effort the traditional recipes. and with follow the certain prohibitions in consuming food. following are several things that must be prohibitions for disease sufferer ambient.

The matters that must be prohibition for whom sufferer ambient disease.
1. leave the hot food
2. keep away alcoholic drink
3. avoid oily food and oily

The food that suggested for sufferer of ambient disease are vegetables that still fresh, fruits that still fresh. for you that experience in this matter, try this matter or suggestion, may your piles or ambient disease soon recover.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Traditional Drugs for Toothache

Following are some tips to overcome sore tooth, or my term with the traditional drugs for toothache. for example, if you do not have the opportunity to go to hospital, or sometimes your home away from the hospital, while you have a toothache is not checked. how the solution, I submit the following would do little treat toothache with traditional medicine.

you can use this traditional pain medication to treat your toothache.

* Take 10 grains of cloves and a little salt
* Destroy until smooth
* Then take a small cotton be oiled a little oil and let ingredients before
* Then, place the tooth in the sick leave and some old