Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stomach Cancer Drugs, Healthy Eyes

Cancer Disease - Avastin, a drug often used patients with stomach cancer, was also effective in preventing blindness in patients with macular degeneration caused by age diseases. Drugs are not only effective but also more expensive than existing therapies.

Disease due to aging macular degeneration (age-related macula degeneration / AMD) is one of the main causes of blindness in people aged over 50 years. This disease occurs when the macula, the part of the retina which acts as a central sight, was damaged due to age.

As a result, vision becomes blurred in the middle or even appear blind spot, blind spot, in the middle of the field of view. AMD occurs in two types, wet and dry. Dry type macular degeneration more experienced. At the beginning of this disease attacks only one eye, but gradually be about both.

While the types of wet AMD develops when there are new blood vessels grow in the choroid under the macula. These abnormal vessels leak fluid or blood out. This condition causes the central vision becomes dark.

Until now there is no treatment for dry type macular degeneration. For the wet type macular degeneration, available treatment options, usually in the form of surgery with lasers.

Researchers from three eye care centers in the United Kingdom conducted a study on 131 patients suffering from wet AMD. In the new study compared the effectiveness of Avastin, a drug of stomach cancer, with a standard therapy for AMD's disease. Apparently, Avastin is far more effective than standard therapy, and certainly much cheaper.

Eye experts around the world have been doing experiments with low-dose injections of Avastin in the eye of the patient. They reported success with low cost because one drug can be shared and used by many patients.

Avastin is a drug manufactured by pharmaceutical company Roche. This drug is not registered for the treatment of wet AMD. Therefore, patients are advised to continue standard therapy for AMD to find stronger evidence regarding the ability of Avastin to treat eye disorders


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