Sunday, June 6, 2010

Found New Genes Related to Breast Cancer

JAKARTA - British scientists discovered five common genetic factors related to risk of breast cancer, giving researchers a better understanding of the causes and directions for further handling of the spread of disease itu.Douglas Easton of the University of Cambridge, England who is currently leading the largest analysis of breast cancer genes, scan a map of genes from 16 536 patients, and found five new gene variations.

The findings add another 13 variants of common genes and breast cancer will help to explain the eight percent risk of this disease, Easton and his students wrote in a research published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Approximately 20 percent of genes at high risk of breast cancer spreading. Breast cancer is a common type of cancer that befall a woman and had killed about half a million people worldwide each year.

Family history is the most fundamental risk factor. Having close relatives with breast cancer, a woman usually has twice the risk for this disease.


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