Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diabetes drug From Avocado Seed

Diabetes is very dangerous for one's existence, therefore we must always maintain the best possible health to avoid the diabetes disease

on occasion this time I tried to provide medicines from avocado to treat diseases of diabetes.
Here I try to present a traditional medicine that use the avocado to cure diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus drug with Avocado Seed
How to make:
1. Avocado seed thinly sliced
2. Avocado slices dried beans dry
3. Sliced avocado seeds are dry roasted uyang (Javanese fried couples say) like making coffee.
4. Sliced avocado seeds that have been roasted blend until smooth.
5. Enter the avocado seed powder blend into the skin of the capsule that can be purchased at pharmacies.
6. Drinking avocado seed capsules once a day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook can improve intelligence

Facebook can improve intelligence. your facebook lover, you are hooked with facebook. refer to the following, you entrust that facebook could increase intelligence or not?, here we give a little information about the positive impact of facebook, facebook is playing, increase your intelligence. The following research results about facebook can improve intelligence.

Dr. Alloway of the University of Stirling Scotland has studied memory performance and believe it is more important than IQ in achieving success and happiness.

For what reason? Total War video game, Sudoku game and Facebook, have the same effect (improve intelligence). They claimed to strengthen our working memory. Series of Total War to help to train working memory because the players are required to recall previous actions and map the action to be taken. So also with Sudoku as well as Facebook. Maintaining relationships with friends in social networking is believed to also take care of working memory in improve the intelligence.

Contrary to the Total War, a video sharing site YouTube and mikroblogging Twitter, and SMS short messages, even able to reduce the intelligence user. On Twitter you will receive endless information, but too short, so you do not have to process the information. Coverage of attention is reduced and you do not update the connection of the brain and nerve connections.

what is your opinion about it, is this is only an opinion for get facebook in nice position? or... we wait your opinion. thank

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to improve brain intelligence with google search

We know that all people crave brain intelligent, with the brain intelligence the human has become respectable, don't it? therefore we must pay attention also to the brain. one effective way to educate the brain intelligent is to provide nutritious food to your child.

but, what about you are an adult? do you can also improve brain intelligence. do not worry, according to a study from UCLA to prove that the search for information using Google search can improve our brain intelligence, by doing this will double your brain nerve activity in decision-making and complex reasoning, the more you use the Google search experience, the greater the neural activity your brain.

To Learn how the brain works when doing an Internet search, Dr. Gary Small, a professor from the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior UCLA recruited two groups, the first is a group of people who have less computer experience, and the second is that the web skills.

According dr.gary small study, members of the second group has more than 2x brain nerve activity compared with the first group while doing an Internet search, the activity occurs in the brain that controls for the process of decision-making and complex reasoning.

Dr. Gary Small could not show exactly why there is more brain activity in the group who had experienced.

This is a new science in improving brain intelligence. There are many ways to improve our brain intelligence, perhaps this is one fun way for people who seek information by using google search

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Benefit of Banana in Treat the Jaundice

Benefits of bananas can be used to treat jaundice.
This plant comes from Asia and spread in Spain, Italy, Indonesia, America and other parts of the world. Banana plants, outdoor areas like enough sunlight, suitable to grow in the lowland to the altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Basically, the banana plant is a plant that does not have true stems. Trunk formed from the development and growth around the stem of stem axis length soft, banana stems that are actually hidden in the tubers in the ground.

His way of concocting below:

Ingredients: Bananas gold that have ripe.
How to use: eating bananas gold a lot.