Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grape juice is useful to strengthen memory

Everyone would have wanted his memory to be strong, or clever. but how?

Of course we should eat foods that contain many nutrients, but on this occasion we want to share tips to strengthen your memory. what it is, Grape Juice.

Grape juice can reduce the risk of memory decline. However, if the wine in a juice, must or wine purple (purple grape). This is based on research conducted by a team from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

The study was conducted involving 12 people who experience memory decline. During the 12 weeks they regularly consume purple grape juice. Participants who engaged research, also regular memory tests over three months. The result is visible progress rapidly enough memory after they underwent several tests of mental and memory. Researcher who is a psychiatrist from the University of Cincinnati certain antioxidants found in wine making has improved their memory.

"The test results of participants showed an increase of short-term memory and non-verbal after 12 weeks of consuming a mixture of grape juice without any," said Dr. Robert Krikorian, chief researcher at the University of Cincinnati.

This study strengthens the theory that the foods that contain high antioxidants can prevent the decrease of brain function and slow memory decline. Dr. Krikorian experimenting with purple grape juice on the parents who experience memory problems between the ages of 75 to 80 years.[]


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