Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ovarian Cancer

Description of Ovarian Cancer

World Health - Many cases of ovarian cancer are faced by women aged 50-70 years old. This cancer is attacking not only the ovaries but potentially spread to other parts including the pelvis and abdomen, can even reach the lungs and liver. Until now the exact cause of this cancer is unknown.

The doctors predict that there are certain risk factors that allow the occurrence of ovarian cancer. Use of fertility drugs, had breast cancer, family history of breast cancer, as well as family history of suffering from colon, believed to be factors that allow the occurrence of this cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Symptom

Symptoms of this cancer can be recognized from the patient complaint in the lower abdomen, the ovaries are enlarged, in the stomach collected plenty of fluids, patient weight decreased. Other symptoms can include, pelvis that feels heavy, abnormal menstrual cycles, and vaginal bleeding.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Appointment of cancer may be the only way to cure this disease. Only after lifting is carried out, the roots of cancer can be eradicated.


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