Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unexpected Causes of Fat [Obesity]

Taken from - Excess calories are not the only cause of weight loss continues to grow. There are many other unexpected factors that make the target weight gain proportionately more difficult to achieve.

1. Sleep Deprivation
There are two issues relating to sleep and obesity. First, the more often you stay up the more likely you are snacking at night which results in extra calories diasup. The second thing is related to chemicals in the body. When we stayed up late, the hormone that triggers appetite will be issued, as a result we will feel hungry when I wake up. This hormone also makes stomach never feels full.

2. Stress
When we are bothered by various problems and the bustle, the body will adapt to how to get the hormones cortisol or stress hormones. This hormone can increase appetite, so it's no wonder when the time deadline or are under stress, we will mengasup more food.

3. Drugs
Antidepressant drugs is one type of drug that can promote weight loss, especially when taken long term. Other drugs that need to watch out for is a cure for mental disorders, hypertension medications, migraine medications, and diabetes.

4. Hyperthyroid
When the thyroid gland (located in the vicinity neck, shaped like a butterfly) are not capable of producing enough thyroid hormones, we will feel the symptoms of fatigue, malaise, and weight increase. When the body lacks the thyroid, the metabolism will slow so that the body converts into fat.

5. Hobbies sweet drinks
Although still debated by experts, in fact, cases of obesity in America continues to increase along with the popularity of sweet drinks in containers. Besides the sweet taste and excessive calories, sugar does not provide any benefit. Therefore, limit the consumption of sweet drinks, including soft and study of water consumed each day.

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