Tuesday, March 3, 2009

panu traditional treat

Panu been suffering? Cringe! Although not dangerous, panu can make people ashamed and his minder. On some people who are vulnerable psychiatric, panu even caused them to withdraw from the association. Of course, in the long term, 'side effects' panu this will be more serious and more difficult to overcome. So, to avoid all of that.

Panu caused by a fungus called Malassezia furfur (formerly called Pityrosporum ovale). On KOH examination, this fungus appears as hifa short (such as rod-rod) and the rounded spore (a kind of fruit) groups.

In addition to KOH examination, medical officials also like to test the wood to make sure that the islands in the white skin is really panu. Panu positive if, when the radiation will appear golden yellow color.
At least, there are 3 classes of drugs panu available in the market and used in the community, namely:

1. Panu traditional medicine. There are many traditional drugs for panu. Some of them are: (1) Ginger shredded ago ant mixed black and white wood oil were given, and then rub on the skin in the berpanu, (2) Leaf ketepeng of china bubuhi in remas and a little salt, and put it on the panu skin (3) cut the ginger and then out it on the panu (4) and others.

Drugs panu oles. Panu oles drug is only used if panu still small and limited to certain areas only. Oles drugs are available in drug stores or pharmacies. Generally contain ketokonazol, klotrimazol, or terbinafin (see the label on the medicine purchased).

Monday, March 2, 2009

cough and can not remove phlegm

Far as one of my good to remove the phlegm is to use a nebulizer. Can be done in tempat2 fisoterapi in the hospital. Usually, doctors give children like cough medicine mixed with drugs pengencer sputum. Just like my child, if the sputum is a lot of it will come out with the vomit. Can be seen that a lot of vomit in its mucus. If I do because it means happy dahaknya out.

Nebulizer sale from many in-expensive price 400ribu up. For those who often pliek cough and sputum pro seems to be like deh. Nebulizer is a kind of equipment that produces steam. nah usually filled nebulizer drugs and medicine out of shape and steam dihirup children. To dilute sputum.

oh ya if the cough may be also due to allergies. If the allergy because I like the handling of alergy. Cough is usually due to allergy that long, especially for example, hold a new round of coughing again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

health medicine

drugs in the environment of our health.
health medicine is one of the friend who is very important for us, because the health medicine guard our health. with the drug's health we can live with a good

human beings is one of the gods who do not escape from the pain, such as heart disease, stomach, cancer pain, and so forth. in protecting the body from the human disease should always be with drugs that act as health healer disease earlier. health medicine or health drugs available from a variety of forms, have called with chemical drugs and are also traditional. traditional medicine is generally found in our environment. the various drugs available in addition to our health, especially for those of you who live in rural or forest areas are still many.

one of the health medicine is temulawak, temulawak this can be used as a drug that can treat jaundice, health medicine is taken quite some temulawak, then boiled in water to turn yellow, take water and drink regularly, at least once a day, then Allah jaundice you will be healed.

health medicine role is essential in making life happier. many health experts who have been investigating the root of various plants as medicine or health benefit to humans.

health medicine and beauty
habbatussaudah health medicine, the medicine you say all drugs, as well as health medicine health habbatussaudah also beautify a role in someone. habbatussaudah be shot with health medicine in a very effective healthful someone.