Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrity Beauty Skin Secret | Natural Beauty Secret

Celebrity Beauty Skin Secret - Beautiful is desire of each person, include me..:). well, but how we can get the beauty like the celebrity commonly. The beautiful of celebrity, even top world celebrity prove not the on expensive beauty product, but majority of them still use the natural recipes.
celebrity beauty secret
Below are the recipes of beauty of Eva Longaria untill Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Eva Langoria: Use Protein Placenta
Eva Langoria using the placenta cream that are rich in protein, vitamin and mineral, this is for skin regeneration. This is used in night before sleep.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: use Toothpaste
Jennifer love and like the house drug, like the toothpaste. toothpaste used for acne solution, for acne treated. Few toothpaste contain alcohol and mentol that function for reduce acne.

Teri Hatcher: Wine
healthy with wine, this drink not only delicious but it is also useful to built happy and healthy life. Teri Hackter drink wine once a day in order dampness of skin, fresh and looking more ageless.

Julia Roberts: Using Olive Oil
Rubbing the Olive oil to nail and skin is one of Julia Roberts habits. It's to keep skin on fresh, lighting, beauty, smooth and in other part like elbows, knees, heels.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Strawberry
Malic acid as nutrient in strawberry that act as remover color changing of tooth.


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