Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fat People At Risk Asthma

If weight loss occurs continuously up to obesity, it is quite likely a person will suffer from asthma. Risk of asthma in the fat three times higher than people of normal body weight. These trends continue to rise in recent decades.

'Dr.Jun Ma' from California, United States, tracked links asthma and obesity by looking at survey data of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2005-2006 involving 4500 men and women. One third of respondents are overweight and one third obesity.

Approximately 41 percent of respondents have some type of allergy, and 8 percent had asthma. During this allergy and asthma are closely related. Meanwhile, 12 percent of people who are overweight suffer from asthma, this number is bigger than people whose weight is normal (6 percent).

Although obese people are statistically at greater risk of asthma, but not yet known exactly how the two things that could be related. Some experts assess low levels of inflammatory factors that occur when a person suffers from obesity to be a triggering factor.

Another theory states that the factors of insulin resistance occurs when the body weight increase may explain the relationship the two. Insulin resistance is a condition before the occurrence of diabetes.

So far, more visits with asthma as a disease inherited in families. People with allergies have asthma at high risk. Asthma is marked symptoms of cough, breathing sounds (wheezing). Cough or runny nose often occurs in the middle of the night until morning.

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