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How to achieve female orgasm

female orgasm

Orgasm is the most important part of sexual relations. But not a few who complained could not achieve it, including among women. How to cope?

At his clinic in Ohio, USA, Cynthia Lief Ruberg, accept no less complaints about the female orgasm. Sex therapist was listening to his female patient complaints about how hard they orgasm.

Cynthia handed out 20 road. He split them up into two parts: physical and psychological problems. By overcoming the psychological and physical problems, she believes she will be helped to the top of orgasm.

From the psychological side, Cynthia offers a nine-step for a woman to achieve that dream. Anything?

Anticipation of sexual relations

Many women who think that if they spend time fantasizing about ML that will be lived, they will use the mind, the imagination to prepare ourselves, both physically and emotionally.

Fantasize will also help women identify what makes them be in that environment. Could have imagined romance, erotic stories, songs about love, videos, etc.. They use the tools to anticipate ML.

This process can be described as warm-up. And, as a warm-up, he could help and lead women to reach orgasm more easily.


Most women require a transition in an effort to open minds to accept sexual pleasure. This happens because the tension of negative emotions can interfere with sexual response.

Therefore, being relaxed will help women reach orgasm more easily. Could just as listening to music, warm bath, read a book, or do anything to get a relaxed atmosphere.

Eliminate distractions

Women are often faced with situations like this: overwhelmed by the disorder of mind such as a list of work to do, worried about their privacy, too much light in the room, too noisy, and some other things.

Identify situations that present problems and overcome before the ML can do to help women focus on the body and feelings. That way, easier to achieve orgasm. Remember, any disruption could have sabotaged the required sexual concentrations most women reach orgasm.

Eliminate anger

ML with a porcupine? Of course, not possible. But, that's a parable that most women feel when they are angry with their partner. Anger presents the distance between the people, especially couples.

The woman sued seeks eliminate anger and disappointment. That way, they can feel the intimacy with their partner. Most women require connection at the heart before they can really connect with their genitals.

Comfortable with body

Learning to appreciate your body and accepting things that are not perfect is the key to good sexual response. No need to obsess with imperfect body shape. Obsessed with the look, taste, smell, or taste the body and the like, may sabotage sexual response and orgasm, of course, disturbing. What is clear, it could interfere with sexual arousal.

That is, the mind not to hinder the body's response. Keep in mind that most men are more stimulated by their interest to his partner rather than a perfect body.

Erotic Focus

Women need to bring in an atmosphere of erotic thoughts that the mind can improve the physical arousal. This can be done by following what is called the mind's eyes, which is what the couple physically.

Could be, this requires an erotic picture, romantic scenes, or fantasy in turn. Perhaps, it is best looked at each other. But this is not easy. You see, most women feel the need to close his eyes to be focused in order to reach orgasm.


As building passion, most women feel the need to concentrate on some sense of fun (especially on the part of the clitoris or vagina) and improve their morale.

Concentration, which usually excludes verbal responses, is part of the erotic focus necessary for many women to achieve orgasm.

Out of the trap

Many people, women or men, wrongly assume that the way to orgasm just by ML using the medium of the vagina. Other ways such as stimulation orgasm clitoris (either by hand or oral sex), not included. Because, according to them, such orgasm is considered lower than the vaginal orgasm.

This mistaken belief caused many modern women today that they made a mistake, abnormal, or inferior because it did not reach orgasm real way. Remember, the most effective orgasm with clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal stimulation alone.

Have time to play

People often leave the late-night romance, when the body just needs sleep. If someone is going to have sex (without the need for foreplay), protect the time and do not wait for spontaneous romance, they will enjoy better sex. This is important for women because it's easier to reach orgasm when she was still energized than when tired and weary

Countries that use the most diet pills

WHO data which mentions at least 2.5 million deaths due to obesity each year in the world, making a lot of people trying desperately to lose weight.

Unfortunately, not all weight-loss program many people choose is safe and effective. One way to instantly slimming the body is by drinking a diet pill.

And, it turns out the results of opinion polls 'giant', 'Reader's Digest', which interviewed about 16,000 people from 16 countries about their health behaviors, concluded China is a country diet pill users in the world.

37 percent of respondents from China acknowledged the country taking regular diet pills. Experts say awareness of the growing body shape among the people of China. And, they assume the pill could quickly lose weight. Finally, with a variety of diet pills available in the Chinese brand and become a trend among teenagers and executives in China.

In this poll, the percentage of diet pill users in China the highest, and followed a diet pill users in Brazil (30 percent), and in Russia (24 percent), and Mexico (23 percent).

10 Facts about coffee - Must know

Eccentric singer's death "Mbah Surip" rumored to drink too much coffee. Is it really still, coffee can kill us? Here are 10 facts about the delicious beverage that is increasingly rampant fans.

Lets see some thing about Coffee

1. Caffeine can kill you
Especially if you are coffee mania, namely drinking 80-100 cups of coffee a day. So do not try it.
2. Coffee can also be good for you
Studies prove that we can get antioxidants from coffee, just one or two cups of coffee a day, is beneficial. If you do not like coffee, black tea can try.

3. caffeine can increase women's sex drive
This new proven in laboratory mice. According to scientists, the coffee can enhance human sexual experience, but only to those who are not manic coffee.
4. Caffeine can reduce the pain
The dose was coffee, the equivalent of two cups of coffee, can relieve pain in muscles after exercise, according to a small study. But again this only applies for those who are not addicted to coffee.

5. Caffeine can make you stay up
Create a wish to literacy night will be helped with the coffee. Who do not, you should drink coffee six hours before bedtime so as not to interfere at rest.

6. Coffee contains caffeine
Although the term dekafein, aka decaffeinated, coffee still contains caffeine. If you drink 10 cups of coffee dekafein, equivalent to drinking one or two cups of caffeine coffee.

7. Coffee dekafein using chemicals
To reduce the amount of caffeine in coffee dekafein, used chemical called methylene chloride.

8. Caffeine was not part of a bitter taste
Many people think, the more bitter taste of coffee, the more content caffeine. No, because caffeine is not the bitter components.

9. Good coffee depends on the combustion and it making
If you want to taste delicious coffee, the most decisive is the combustion process and it making. During combustion, the oil stored in the coffee beans will come out. More and more oil is out, getting stronger coffee taste. The emergence of caffeine content depends on how long the water was at the bottom. Combustion also produces more and more caffeine.

10. Coffee was discovered by a goat
One millennium ago, in the mountains of Africa, a herd of goats up all night after eating the red beans. The shepherds check why it happened and found that the cause is coffee. Since then people started drinking coffee follow-up.

Acne Solutions For Pregnant Women

Selecting acne solution for pregnant mothers should be done with caution. There are many drugs that should not be taken during pregnancy, especially those who are not strong against a substance that can have an effect recommended for pregnant women, consult with your doctor first. Because of your pregnancy could be a pregnancy "Pimples" or "zit"

Solution acne problems during pregnancy, usually using natural or herbal ingredients. Although the drug is used rarely recommended because of their potential to cause harm to the mother and the unborn baby. Here is a report that will detail what and how pregnancy Pimples.

Causes Zits during pregnancy
Some pregnant women who suffer from acne while others do not. For the less fortunate, to understand the factors that cause the condition is as important to find a cure. acne during pregnancy mainly due to hormonal imbalance. Pimples usually occur in pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy. In most cases they go away after this period, while in some cases, they can last up until the mother gave birth.

Solutions for pregnant women
The first option is the usual medical treatment will be recommended. This can range from herbal supplements or made solution like lemon juice and peels, tomato pastes face, oatmeal mixed with fresh milk, egg white and the other a mixture made from natural materials. However, not effective in cases of severe Pimples and doctors have no other choice but to prescription drugs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips to treat acne

mengobati jerawatYou have a problem with acne who began coloring your face? you lack confidence because of your face like a fruit jackfruit. the point is you pimples on your face.

you'll want to smooth your face again, without a thorn acne in your face. here are some tips to treat acne on your face, acne in particular stone.

1. Papaya leaves that are dry and just falls from the tree!
2. Collision,

3. Lemon.


1. Mashed papaya leaf dry up like a powder Fine powder,

2. Use 1sendok tea powder and mix with lemon juice to taste.
3. Stick to acne to dry!.

This is only used to treat acne tips from me, which is very important for you is to pray to God your acne may heal quickly.
Oh yes, these tips are suitable for treating acne stone

4. After that, Rinse clean

* Warning * Do not use soap to wash face him again!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tips to cure ulcer disease

Stomach ulcers are the result of a wound in the stomach. Gastric acid is produced will continue to cause pain in the stomach. All the wounds in the body will hurt / painful when exposed to oxygen. Try it ... if you cut the skin in give lime juice, must be more sick than in drops of water.

But do not be reprimanded stomach acid, because its function is very important for our bodies. Besides food can accelerate destroyed, he was also a hero to kill bacteria that enter the food so that food became sterile after the entry into the small intestine.

so, how to treat stomach ulcers?

Ulcer drug use? That's normal. but remember! Ulcer medication that you drink that is alkaline. If stomach acid bases met, then the condition becomes neutral, so its like water. Thus, your stomach wound does not hurt anymore because acid is neutral. Consequently if there is food in the stomach is not easily crushed / mashed for more stomach acid to pass out. Therefore ulcer do not take medicine if you are satisfied, waah, sorry for the stomach!

Tips from me, if you have stomach ulcers: (1) Avoid excessive eating or satiety, because your stomach will bloom over and old wounds will be broken again; (2) do not let your stomach let alone the condition of hunger you're busy thinking/working. Stomach contents of contracts without food will be squeezed between the wall of each side so that will happen in your stomach wounds; (3) avoid foods or beverages that are too spicy or acidic (sour). Actual injury to the stomach can not be fully recovered, one time if exposed to hot and sour which will hurt too much.