Monday, June 7, 2010

Benefits of Ginger as a pain reliever

LONDON - Do not underestimate the benefits of spices on this one. Consumption of ginger is believed to relieve pain in muscles due to excessive exercise, as revealed by researchers.

Taste Ginger every day can reduce the pain from sports and even gardening and housework are exhausting.

For hundreds of years, ginger root has long been used as traditional medicine to treat various ailments such as flu or flatulence.

And experts have long been known as a pain reliever. However, recent research shows that ginger is very good for muscle pain.

Lead researcher from the University of Georgia, Professor Patrick O'Connor said the ginger as something that really can eliminate muscle pain that can be accepted by many people who experience it.

Ginger is also known as anti-inflammatory drugs in animal experiments, but its effects as muscle pain in humans have not been examined closely.

Ginger is also known to contain a chemical that works almost the same anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Professor O'Connor conducted two studies with each of the 34 and 40 participants who consumed a capsule containing two grams with different content for 11 days .. One group was asked to consume capsules containing ginger which has been heated while another group was asked the empty capsules.

On Day 8, participants were tested to lift the load to measure the muscle injury is on the arm including the function, inflammation and pain before exercise and three days later. Levels of chemical constituents in the body were also measured before and after practice.

Research shows, intake of ginger every day to reduce pain due to exercise about 25 percent. Meanwhile, warm ginger before it is consumed has no significant effect.

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