Saturday, June 19, 2010

5 Symptoms Women's Health Disorders Who should really pay attention

Remember my parents to continue to maintain body condition because healthcare is expensive. This is true. Healthy body shape is the dream of all people, including women. However, women are often not aware of precisely who was suffering from the disease. Many symptoms are underrated but has a considerable impact harmful by the body. Here are five symptoms you should watch the health of women.

1. Nails turned white so depressed
Nail will turn white when pressed briefly, but be careful when nails remained white until a few minutes. This could indicate you are exposed to anemia and iron deficiency. "Many women, especially those who regularly experience heavy menstruation, may be affected by anemia but he did not know it," said Dr. Johnston.

Things you can do to overcome this anemia is a blood test done. In addition you should also start eating foods rich in iron such as salmon. But there's one thing to note is you do not take iron supplements without the advice of a doctor.

2. Dry mouth
Dry mouth can also be caused by excess vitamin A. Jacob Carolyn, MD, a dermatologist from Chicago revealed that he had once had a patient who had no idea that he had consumed 20,000 units of vitamin A each day. This amount is four times the amount that's recommended. In normal doses of vitamin A can function to overcome the problems of skin cells. However, excess doses of vitamin A can actually cause dry skin and harms the fetus if you are in a state of pregnancy.

To overcome the dry lips, it can do if you consume supplements is to check the label to ensure that you consume the amount of content to not to overdose. In addition to calculate the amount of vitamin A from supplements, you also have to calculate the amount you consume vitamin A derived from natural sources such as eggs and milk.

3. Yellow eyelids

Eyelid yellow indicates high cholesterol. This occurs because the fat that collects in the upper eyelid continues to combine there. And because the fat is yellow, the spots appeared yellow petals around your eyes, no matter what your skin type.

Steps you can do first is to do a blood test. If you find that high kolestrolmu, eat nutritious foods without fat, do the exercise for 30 minutes per day and taking the drugs recommended by doctors. Another possible way is to remove cholesterol with lasers.

4. Flushed cheeks
Facial which too often can cause peeling like sunburned skin. This is the first sign from rosacea, a skin disorder can be caused by allergies.

Steps that can be done is to use antibiotic cream and avoid caffeine and sunshine.

5. Dark circles under the eyes
Black circle is caused by a lack of sleep. Another thing that causes dark circles under the eyes is due to allergies. Allergies can cause sinusitis which can reduce blood flow into the cavity between the eyes.

Things you can do is to use antihistamines. If it turns black lingkran still there, try to contact dermatologismu to be given anti-inflammatory cream.

Another indication that the category must-check
1. If your breasts look tight, red, or like a bruise, or feel warm and itchy, you could have breast cancer. Breast cancer is very easy to spread. Therefore, immediately contact your doctor immediately for early prevention.

2. Oral cancer. If you eat something too hot, usually a red mark on the tongue. However, if the former is not lost-lost for two weeks, chances are you affected by oral cancer. Immediately do the checking.

3. Skin cancer. This type of cancer can occur anywhere in the body. Cancer could appear black on a finger nail or can also appear in the form of wrinkles. Try to see in the mirror if your skin is fine. If there is something strange, call your doctor right away.

Here are some indications of health problems which is common in women. Do not dismiss the above symptoms because of the effect it is also quite dangerous. Prevent illness by knowing the early symptoms.

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