Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guava Fruit, Natural Vitamin C

Healthy Eating - Do not ever forget to take vitamin C if you want to have beautiful skin, bright, healthy and young. Vitamin C is a key ingredient in the formation of collagen which is very important for our skin. And guava is one of the best sources of vitamin C that we can enjoy.

Why? One cup (165 grams) of vitamin C content of guava was nearly five times more than they are at a medium-size oranges, namely 377 mg. This is the same as getting vitamin C five times from our daily needs.

And what relation of vitamin C with beautiful skin? Based on studies that examine the eating patterns of 4,000 American women aged 40-74 years, found that women who consume large amounts of vitamin C have fewer wrinkles than that consumed in small amounts. Therefore, the production of collagen for the better thanks to vitamin C.

Not only that, guava also offer protection against food borne pathogens or dangerous pathogens that are transmitted from food, such as Listeria and Staphylococcus. Thus the results of research conducted by experts from Bangladesh microbiology. Antioxidant content in guava equally great with that found in blueberries and broccoli.

Enjoy drinks by mixing super ½ banana, ½ fruit guava, a handheld strawberries, ½ cup soy milk, and ice cubes. Mash with a blender until well blended. Serve and enjoy as relieving thirst in the scorching afternoon sun.

(Astrid Anastasia/Prevention Indonesia)


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