Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Main Causes of Acne on your face

Some of the main causes of acne on the face of your, As I have already discussed in previous postings about the definition of acne, Acne appears due to the obstruction or blockage in the hair follicle or pore pore. But the main cause of acne in addition to physically could also be caused by certain conditions such circumstances would I give below:

1. for Genetic or heredity factors.

If in your family, father, mother or grandmother or your grandfather is an acne sufferers are young at the time (because of the possibility of their advanced age when it is no longer acne), acne it is very possible that you get now is a result of the genetic descendants of the father or your mother. Yes, acne can be genetically derived. Family history of acne you can contribute to the existence of your acne.

2. Hormonal activity

Hormonal activity is meant the process or cycle of hormonal changes that occur in man. Such as when stepping on puberty or adulthood, someone is going to produce sex hormones (male) called androgens which pretty much that it causes the glands (oil glands) become more numerous and sebum (oil glands) were also added lots (one cause of acne is tekhnikal) . At that time women usually menstrasi cycle will also hormonal changes that can cause acne.

3. Overactive oil glands

Oil glands that are too excessive this could be possible because of food or genetics it has become a sufferer of acne. With the emergence of many oil glands oil glands will eat more so that the possibility of its follicle and pore blockage of skin pores would be a lot. Acne that appears would be a lot.

4. Pile of dead skin cells

Dead skin that accumulate or accumulate it will lead to clogged follicles and pores clogged her pores. As I have explained above this can cause acne because there is no way out for the oil glands and causes formation of blackheads. If severe acne can be a bacterial infection including acne.

5. Bacteria in the pores of skin pores

Bacteria inside the pores of skin pores can lead to the appearance of acne. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is a bacteria that causes acne. P. unaerob acnes is a bacteria that causes acne.

6. Skin irritation or inflammation causing Scratching

7. Anabolic Steroids

8. Birth control pills

9. Environments that contain high levels of chlorine (chlorine), especially chlorinated dioxins, are that can cause severe acne called Chloracne.

Several kinds of hormones are also often associated as a cause of acne. Androgens such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), insulit-like growth factor (IGF-I), and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS).

People who are menopausal are also usually no more breakouts because he's anti-acne produce hormones naturally. However, this hormone will cause the skin wrinkled and thinner, the vagina is so dry, osteoporosi, so a little hair and thin and so forth.


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