Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pregnant and a High Libido

If you are pregnant there are two possibilities related to your sexual arousal, increasing or decreasing drastically. Both were influenced by the hormone estrogen, but one explanation why women who can rise while the other decreases very psychological and individual nature. Family harmony, psychological background and a few other things could be the cause.

But it will not be discussed but whether the fair if you are pregnant but the passion and desire to become more frequent intercourse, though many opinions stating that it could harm the fetus.

According to an obstetrician, a decrease or increase sexual desire that is normal. If you experience any increase in sexual desire when pregnant, according to doctors could be due to the condition of your relationships healthy and mutually satisfying. Moreover if the first trimester of your ass already passed, would not be surprised if the sex was even more hot because you're likely to reach orgasm more easily.

But sometimes problems arise because the male partner or you do not have the same passion. Sometimes men think sex will hurt, and pressing the fetus, they are so extra caution and restraint. This fact is certainly not comfortable for you.

You do not need to worry and stress when faced with this problem, because masturbation is not prohibited in principle important and would never hurt you or your baby. If you prefer to use a vibrator, it is valid only as long as you are not placed in the vagina. Lubricants such as jelly or astroglide also good. Unless you have a tendency to premature birth, you must stop fishing while a variety of things including masturbation and orgasm intercourse.


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