Saturday, June 12, 2010

30% Couples Injury When ML

London - Enjoyment sex ,couples sometimes make sure they were where. As a result, a third of UK adults suffered injuries due to sexual activity.

According to research carried out, a third of British adults, or about 18 million people suffered injuries during or after sex. As many as 40% of them realized the injury in the morning because it was too late in these activities.

According to a spokesman for mobile phone recycling site which is reluctant to reveal his name, sex lately become a potentially dangerous activity. "A lot of dangerous stuff around the house that can cause dangerous injury, if not careful," she said.

Five percent of the respondents had to miss work because of injury. In fact, two percent of them suffering from broken bones, bruised shoulders, bent knees, sprained ankles or hands and fingers are flexed. Generally, they are embarrassed to reveal the cause of the injury.

The most common injury is a muscle complaint is interested. Then a back injury, such as burn marks on the skin due to the carpet (carpet burn), stiff neck, and a banged elbow and knee (bruise).

Although looked comfortable, the sofa was the most risky places to have sex. Mainly because of glasses and plates scattered, forgotten when the couple was cool to start sexual activity. After the couch, the stairs are the next dangerous place, followed the car and bathroom.

Some other dangerous locations, including chairs, kitchen tables, toilets and office cabinets. In fact, the bedroom also includes a dangerous location.

"We were shocked to find that the bedroom which is the number one choice location for sex, was also included in this poll," he continued.

One in 10 people said they or their partner had fallen out of bed when having sex. One in 50 respondents said had fallen from power washer. In addition to an increased risk of limbs and even lives, leaving a trail of destruction apparently sex in your home.

As damage to the buffer of the bed, breaking glasses, vases and pigora photos. Some who have more energy even admitted accidentally made a hole in the wall, broke a drawer and also damaged the door. Approximately four out of 10 admitted destroying something in the house at a cost of around 154 pounds damage or Rp2 million.

"We suggest, you should keep dangerous objects out of the wall before you have sex. Then, be careful when to do it, "concluded the spokesman. Enjoying not mean to hurt and destroy, is not it? [Mor]

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