Thursday, December 16, 2010

Careful Consumption of Herbal Medicines

Careful Consumption of Herbal Medicines
Careful Consumption of Herbal Medicines - Pharmacists Association of Indonesia (IAI) urged the public to be careful to use herbal medicines that contain chemicals that are still many in the market. IAI Chairman Daniel Pramod before opening the XVIII Scientific Congress and Conggress IAI 2010 in Makassar, on Friday, said many herbal health products are labeled, but in fact contains a chemical element material.

"Instead, people thoroughly before eating. Since most herbs are now no longer uses natural ingredients," he said.

He added that the community must also consider the form of herbal medicine bought. Because to get the properties, medicinal materials must be extracted first so bacteria do not breed.

According to him, the number of violations occurring health product, is due to weak government oversight and the relevant parties. Therefore, to ensure the authenticity of herbal ingredients, each herb industry in Indonesia is obliged to employ a pharmacist in monitoring the production process.

In addition, people who use medical drugs are also required to ask the pharmacist at each pharmacy officer who visited. "Pharmacists today is no longer a mere" clerk "but also act as caregivers pharmacy. If people want to know all about drugs, please ask your nearest pharmacist," he said.

IAI Scientific Congress of the plan took place December 10 to 12 and attracted around a thousand pharmacists from all over Indonesia. Several speakers will be presented, among others, head of the POM, DG Binyanmed, Kemenkes and Head of PPSDM Kemenkes.

"We will discuss many implementation schemes of Government Regulation No. 51/2009 on Pharmaceutical Works," he said.


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