Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a healthy diet will produce healthy sperm also

a healthy diet, it appeared that not only functions to prevent various diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, but also affect the reproductive health or fertility level. Studies from the University of Murcia, Spain, explain, men who consume more healthy foods that also have a more healthy sperm.

"a healthy Diet and balanced is not only important to prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol, but also works to improve reproductive health," said Mendiola, the leader of the study, as quoted foxnews site.

According to Mendiola, many studies have stated that the relationship between consumption of certain nutrients with male fertility. Mencaritahu previous studies the relationship between the consumption of some food and the quality of cement. Studies have found, men who eat dairy products and more meat and less lettuce, tomato, and fruit, have a low-quality cement.

Previous research, does not check the nutrition-specific nutrition. But in this study, light Mendiola, the team compares the actual nutrition diet in 30 men with low-quality cement 31 men who have normal sperm. All participants alike have come to fertility clinics.

Men with low semen quality have a little amount of sperm and in general the percentage of sperm that is not normal shape more. All participants are requested to provide at least 2 sperm sample.

The study found, even after controlling the other factors such as smoking, age, body mass index, and oxygen-exposure toxic chemical substances in the workplace, the researchers found that diet is still a very important factor. Men with normal semen eat more carbohydrate, fiber, folat, vitamin C and lycopene compared with those with low-quality cement. Men with the quality of cement is also healthy to eat less fat and protein.

"Low-level nutrition antioxidants in the diet seems to be also negatively impact the quality of cement," said Mendiola. And healthy diet, he is bright, is one of the pentig factors determine the quality of sperm.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

learn how to love in order to quickly get pregnant

In intimate touch, you do not need to make every day in order to quickly get pregnant. Make time in your fertile period, usually 14 days before the next menstruation. Fertile period usually lasts for three days in between that time. Position that allows the occurrence of pregnancy is the missionary-style, that is the position you are in the bottom of the husband. My suggestion, you should not wake up immediately after the make. very good position if you sleep with the second leg down in the knee bend. This means that sperm are not immediately liquid spill out, but even flow entering the mouth of the womb, so that the pregnancy occurred.

If not well, you need to know, actually have been married four years pass-limit signs for the signs not fertile couples. The problem is, if your reproductive organs are healthy does not mean there is no deviation that can prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. So you can have differences with the acid liquid lubricant cum husband, so that the cells always die before the sperm meets egg cells. In addition there are many other difference that can be through the examination time. So that, do not undergo the examination alone, do both, so that inspections can be carried out carefully.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Medicine for Pig flu is Tamiflu

Pig flu end this very frightening, because there are so many already be fatal. Pig flu drugs actually do? following this we will try to write about a little pig flu drugs.
What an effective drug to cure the disease of swine flu? this question may often come in the mind you, considering the disease of swine flu last the more often the man. To date, the Tamiflu drug to be still reliable people with the disease of swine flu or a disease caused by H1N1 virus.

but there is a first case of swine flu immune to the anti-viral drug Tamiflu occurred in Denmark, such confirmation as the National Board of Health reported Antara.

Danish patients are given drugs after Exposur against swine flu. Although the drug was given, the female patient is still disease is even now to re

"It seems the series is developing a patient is given drugs to prevent the disease it was. That is the scenario that's much better than if the patient has not been given Tamiflu fell ill and a series of drugs and the immune already spread throughout the community," said Bridges, adjuvant director of scientific affairs at the institute monitoring and prevention of influenza division U.S. Centers for Disease, as quoted from, Tuesday (14/07/09).

Tamiflu, if given early on, ease symptoms of swine flu, so the possibility of the spread. Scientists have been worried about the new gen of swine flu in other types of seasonal flu and feared changes to the form of a more dangerous or more easily spread.

Until a vaccine is developed effective, drugs Tamiflu and Relenza have been seen as the best defense against the flu virus of swine

Monday, June 8, 2009

25 healthy diet tips

The following i want to say to you about diet tips, many people usually hope that their body in beauty. Here i get some tips that can you use and take it for your effort in diet life.

Slim and beautiful dream of all women. Although it is not easy to do but many women will be willing to withstand hunger and exercise for hours. Diet is not a good way to fast food but also the settings based on age and activity. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to make your diet better and more healthy.

1. Avoid all the thought, or not at all. Fasting is not the best way to lose weight. Eat Feed secukupnya and set a calorie wise.
2. Potonglah fruits you like in the snippet to replace the small snack that is not healthy.
3. Avoid eating cemilan from toples, you will not realize how much that has to go in your mouth. Put in the plate or simply take handful.

4. If you include people who like bread, choose a wholegrain.
5. Avoid foods that contain fat more than 10 percent. Read the nutrition label information on food in cardboard
6. Write the food that you have santap for 2 weeks. Trust you'll be surprised!
7. Butter has saturated fat contents. Avoid or replace it with low fat.
8.Bring bottled water wherever you go. That way you will not be terdehidrasi and also less likely to choose the bersoda or drink too much sugar.
9. Try to detoxification, to remove the poison in your body
Snack # good for you to lunch or to prevent the over-night.
10. Look for a friend or partner to berdiet together. This will make both of you can motivate each other.
11. Find out your destructive habits diet program. If you like bread mengemil the gym, change your route!
12. Drink lots of mineral water
13. Vegetables are low in calories but do not be cooked too long because the nutrient contents can be changed.
14. If you used to eat large spada weekend. Try a snack of low fat and calories stored either in the cupboard!
15. Always choose the smallest portion of the restaurant menu
16. Buy a Juicer and start create your own creative juice. Do not forget to try vegetable juice. Vitamin-rich and less fruktosa.
17. Do not think that the salad is always safe consumption. They usually also combined with mayonnaise and cheese.
18. brush you theth if you desire ngemil appear. Taste the food to be bad once you brush the teeth.
19. Want to eat chocolate? Choose low fat chocolate!
20. Portion increases while eating STDs? Opponent with Almond nuts consumed. They give a lot of protein and also reduces the desire ngemil food sweet.
21. Choose a boiled food, berkuah, in the team, or burned before you select the fried.
22. Choose a celery diet as a loyal friend from now on.
23.Note how svelte woman ordering food. Find out and make them secret, a secret you.
24. Use chopsticks to slow your eating.
25. Avoid the mengemil you bored, Take the things you want to do but not had time!

20 Diet Tips

Diet is still a 'healing' to create a stable body weight. Following diet tips that attention be feasible. and what are thingking about diet

1. Eat before attending the invitation to eat. eat boiled eggs, apples and drink tea or diet soda before going to the reception. This will help you brake appetite in the party.

2. Do not "make" you fat with the "meet" demand stomach. You can easily eat 600 calories zwieback and cereals without you realize.

3. Hamper Bring lunch to the office. If you can not have lunch outside. This will help prevent your lunch excessive.

4. eat more soup. Soup without cream is usually a low-calorie and make sizable satisfied.

5. Try to eat low-calorie menu first before the others eat. Start with salads, vegetables, broth and soup, then meat last in the sequence. At the time shift to the meat, the belly is full enough for high-calorie menu.

6. Do not use a dinner plate. Use a salad plate every time you have lunch or dinner.

7. Make sure that the half-portion lunch and dinner you are the vegetables and fruits.

8. Start the day with a breakfast menu and a significant portion. This will help reduce the calories of the Feed the rest of the day.

9. Make eat as activities that have the goal, ie, healthy life. Enjoy the time food into the mouth, into the digestion. Make sure that the food that will provide nutrition for your body.

10. Add one portion of fruit or vegetables on your menu. If you have to, add one more portion a day to 8 portions.

11. Ne sport. Make it as an activity that can not be compromised again.

12. exercise with favorite music can be a fun activity. Bring along the family to participate in moving. Originally might hear a bit strange. But once you start, can-you can forget to stop.

13. Try 2 weeks without any sugar. It's amazing to know that you napsu eat can not This is usually gradually disappear.

14. Breakfast, lunch and also dinner. Most of them are struggling to avoid the hobby in the middle of the night eating are those who do not eat regularly or do not eat balanced.

15. Change the schedule of your night. If you usually wait up hobby, try reducing little by little. Not really easy, but the long run this will make the hands and mind you forget the cemilan night.

16. You must focus on how to find other, more healthy. Search method of the stress without involving food.

17. Write on paper label, "Close after dinner." Paste in your refrigerator door and lock it.

18. Toothbrush immediately after dinner to remind yourself that the food has been exhausted.

19. Eat on time. And not do other things at the time of eating, such as reading, watching TV, or browsing the internet.

20. Walk 3 times around the floor before you have a shopping mall.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heart and Stroke Prevention

How is the heart and stroke prevention?. disease is some thing that usually obtain in our live, but should not mean pessimistic without trying to cure it. Effort is our obligation in the cure of disease. here we will reveal little about stroke prevention efforts and the heart. Heart and strok prevention, to get a better life.

Along with the change in the pattern of living people, mortality due to disease kardiovaskular (heart and blood vessel) in Indonesia has increased very ignificantly.

Currently, heart disease and blood vessel becomes no.1 killer in Indonesia and the growing number of penderitanya. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the disease kardiovaskular will be the largest cause of death cases in the world in the year 2020.

"Only in 20 years, incidence of coronary disease increased 3 times. This is due to drastic changes in environment and lifestyle, "said Dr. Djoko Maryono, Sp.PD, Sp. JP, FIHA, phase in media education which was held in the Hotel Manhattan, 11 July 2007.

Dr. Djoko added that Maryono system modernization such as the vehicles that cause congestion and then westernisasi like eating junk food that cause people to become less mobile (inactivity), stress, emergence metabolik syndrome.

Their potential heart disease and stroke are aged over 40 years old, male, offspring have a factor, smokers, less exercise, Obesity, diabetics, people with hypertension, stress experience, are recommended for this cautious case.

One more cause of high mortality due to heart disease is the lack of awareness and knowledge of most of the people of the importance of prevention of this disease since early. With a little awareness and adequate knowledge, actual heart disease can be prevented.

Preventing heart disease with ASA
Dr. Rosalina Sutadi, Chairman of Medical & Regulatory PT Bayer Schering Pharma said that the prevention of disease kardiovaskular divided into two, namely primary and secondary prevention. Primary prevention is prevention early on individuals who have risk factors or disease kardiovaskular not have kardiovaskular events, while secondary prevention is that prevention is done on individuals who have experienced the event kardiovaskular.

Aspirin has been found since 200 years ago and used as antipiretik (febrifuge) and analgesic (a pain). Then in 1973 note that aspirin is in the womb Acetyl Salicylic Acid (ASA) can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

"Acetyl Salicylic Acid (ASA) may act as primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and blood vessel," said dr. Djoko Maryono the practice in the Pondok Indah Hospital and JEC. ASA recommended starting consumed by the women at the age of more than 45 years, while men start 40 years. However, ASA can also be consumed by young people who have at least 1 risk factor as a precaution.

" ASA Working against the grain trombosit (platelet) trombosit so that does not clot easily and work on a layer in the blood vessel (endotel) produced vasodilator agent that caused a blood vessel widen," tambah dr. Djoko Maryono.

Use of low-dose ASA may reduce the risk of stroke iskemik of 24%. Also reduce the risk of non-fatal stroke, infark miokard (damage to heart muscle) non-fatal, disease or death due to kardiovaskular in women aged 65 years and over was 26%.

This is the findings of the Women's Health Study, the oldest and largest study ever conducted with low-dose ASA on 40,000 women aged 65 years and over who have no history or coronary heart disease serebrovaskular (interference brain blood vessel).

But in Indonesia, including the ASA ethical drugs require a prescription or a doctor, so that its use should be based on physician instructions. Unlike in other countries such as the ASA in the United States where the medicine is sold freely because there's going obesity epidemic and the number of incident heart disease and blood vessel is very high.

ASA weakness is causing stomach irritation, so you should choose sediaan ASA enterik with the wrapper. Salut enterik this will cause the tablet dissolves in the small intestine and not unravel in the stomach so that it does not stimulate excessive stomach acid. Dr. Rosalina dikontraindikasikan ASA added that for patients who have tukak (injured) and stomach intestine.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stroke and preventing

Stroke is the cause of death and the third highest cause of disability in adults in the United States. Incidence and prevalence of stroke have a major impact on the community. Patients affected stroke have a high risk for a stroke attack back. Back stroke attacks ranged between 30%-43% within 5 years. After the attacks the brain scanning, 20% patients experiencing stroke within 90 days, and 50% of them experienced seizures stroke back in time 24-72 hours.

Why does stroke happen?
Stroke can occur because someone has a healthy individual stroke risk factors. Stroke risk factors that have can be controlled and there are that can not be controlled. Stroke risk factors that can not be are age, gender, race, family history, and previous history of stroke. Old age group and men more easily affected by stroke, as well as someone with a family history of stroke.

Stroke risk factors that can be controlled is hypertension, diabetes, smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood trigliserida, Obesity, sleep disturbances, infkesi, heart disease, etc.. Understanding the risk factors of stroke could be this important. Control of stroke risk factors will decrease the risk to someone affected by stroke. Blood pressure of 130/80 mmHg restrained under akan reduce the risk for someone exposed to stroke. Quitting smoking will also reduce the risk of stroke affected.

How if exposed the stroke?
The most important is recognize the symptoms immediately. Immediately to the hospital with complete facilities. Concept stroke care is the time. When the symptoms immediately known and given the appropriate attention, the prognosis
akan better. Stroke should be recognized. The test is the most known FAST (Face Arm Speech Test). There are more some pre-hospital stroke scale, such as Cincinati Stroke Scale and the Los Angeles Pre Hospital Stroke Screen (LAPSS).

When patients talk listless, or pale face, movement or weakness of the members, immediately to the hospital, or contact the hotline stroke (cat: no stroke hotline 0274-521253 Bethesda Hospital). Immediately after the patient arrived in the hospital, conducted early essessmen by team doctors, and nurses. In the patients with the suspicion of stroke, the team will make the Hospital as a CT Scan gold standard for diagnosis of stroke. CT scan examination will be able to differentiate the pathological type of stroke, whether including the bleeding stroke or stroke choke. In general, patients treated akan 7-14 days.

Continuing life after stroke
Mortality due to stroke ranged from 20% to 30%. This means that there is a potential subject of 70%-80% for secondary prevensi action. For patients who survived the attack after the stroke, the control routine is a must. Family support is important too. Join the club stroke or calisthenics stroke is a form of recreational therapy and remediation.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Medicine for smallpox

Your search for medicine for smallpox? may be many children who are exposed to smallpox disease. do not you leave smallpox is maintained on your daughter, son. soon find the medicine for smallpox<. here I try to present the drug or medicine for smallpox, which can cure that.

Tib-arrived friends remind me that people never get smallpox drug problem because his mother was sick smallpox. smallpox disease is not harmful to the category. But time is so very dangerous, if suffered by pregnant women.
Well so, for those of you who are suffering from smallpox soon find smallpox drug. Time symptoms of illness such as smallpox are fever relief, relief spot in the body, simply a young green coconut water mixed with yellow chicken. Insya Allah recover quickly ..