Friday, June 4, 2010

Physical admiration, made women out of control

Kompas - Admiring the opposite sex to excess, particularly because of the physical, women can be blinding. High sexual arousal accompanied by feelings of overwhelming love that can make a woman lost in those feelings, and finally lost his senses.
That was the beginning, why are women difficult to refuse when her partner insisted on having sexual intercourse, even recorded the scene as seen in porn videos with stars like Ariel and Cut Tari.

Every individual has a different libido. For some women, a high libido or idolized admiration if accompanied by excessive male sexual behavior leads to negative.

Clinical psychologist, Lita Ivory, explains, individuals who admire someone would consider his idol is always good. Women (see the video case and Cut-like Luna Maya Dance) is even willing to do anything with his idol for pleasure or even fun to record sexual activity without thinking more about the negative impact of the crime.

"Too dangerous idolized it because something always looks nice. Women feel proud if the conduct (sexual relations) with the figure that the liked," said Lita to kompas Female, Tuesday (08/06/2010).

Sure, Lita said, not only high sex drive that make up this kind of behavior. Sexual behavior for the purpose of satisfaction and pleasure (the idol) is also influenced by other factors. For example traumatic past, having been hurt, feeling worthless, lack confidence, or dissatisfaction in life.

Factors were then encourage someone with a high libido to find a sexual outlet. Excessive idolized attitude to someone, whoever it was (not necessarily involve the artist), making women or men feel great and fulfilled.

"This behavior can happen to anyone. What is needed is a strong self-control. Think long and hard about the impact of any act done," said Lita.


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