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How to Prevent Amputation for Diabetes Patients

How to Prevent Amputation for Diabetes Patients

ON diabetics, trifecta problems resulting in amputation, ie, numbness in the feet. Consequently, this nerve damage makes it less aware of injuries and leg ulcers. Ulcers that fail to treat, in turn, lead to serious infections.

"Usually, people with injuries at the bottom of their feet, like a blister, will change the way over. Style run will be changed to protect the blister place until cured," says Joseph LeMaster, MD, assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine , as quoted Health.

However, he asserted, people lose sensation, can not do it. They'll just walk right on top of the foot blister, as if this problem does not exist. The longer the rupture, become infected, and transformed into what we call a foot ulcer.

"Ulcers can penetrate to the bone and into the street for the infection to the entire foot. This is what leads to amputation," he said.

Leg injuries, the most common cause of hospitalization

Approximately 15 percent of all diabetics will develop foot ulcers at some point, even 24 percent of them needed amputation.

"The most common reason a person is hospitalized due to diabetes, not by high blood sugar or heart attack or stroke, but for a hole in the foot, a wound," said David G Armstrong DPM, Diabetic Foot Disease Specialist Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago.

Check your feet every day

The most important thing, diabetics can prevent the problem of leg ulcers.

"The most important thing you can do to prevent diabetes is a problem with seeing their feet every day, just like combing hair or brushing teeth," said Dr Armstrong.

You can use the mirror to check the legs or ask family members to do so. Increasing the temperature of the foot, which can be detected with special infrared thermometer, can be an early sign of trouble.

"Legs will feel the heat before the skin is broken," said Dr Armstrong.

Another way to prevent foot problems

Here are tips to prevent foot problems from the National Diabetes Education Program:

- Stop smoking if you smoke. Smoking is considered a possible factor of diabetes foot disease.

- Be alert to increased blood sugar. According to the study of United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study, people with type 2 diabetes that lowering blood glucose through intensive therapy less risky for treatment.

- Choose shoes carefully.

- Cut toenails carefully or ask someone else to do it if it was numb. (Ftr)

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Coconut milk food, can trigger Gall Stones

Coconut milk food, can trigger Gall Stones

IN general, food that was served on the day of Idul Fitri is a special food. Opor Call it chicken, goat curry, rendang, pastries and wet, and others. But generally the foods that contain lots of fat.

What happened on the day of Idul Fitri is a lot of people eat foods that contain fat. As there is a tendency "revenge" for not being able to enjoy such foods during Ramadan. "And the food (fat) is usually mostly made from coconut milk," said dr Prasna Pramita SpPD.

It is not wrong you eat fatty foods. Why? Because the body needs fat. "Functions for giving coating on human bone-shaped so that," continued Dr. Prasna. New will be a problem if the excessive fat consumed. If you have excessive fat deposition could occur in the body. And this makes the liver cells work harder to produce bile.

Just to note, in bile-green-brown. Bile plays a role in the process of absorption of fat and some vitamins such as A, D, E and K. "Because the fat is usually a lot. Importance of bile in digestion especially the absorption of fat, "said dr Prasna. The liquid stored in the gallbladder bile is stored in the gallbladder which lies below the liver. Shaped like a pear. Gallbladder accommodate as many as 50 ml of bile. Length is about 70-10 cm. These organs are connected with the liver and duodenum through the bile ducts.

Well, what happens when we consume food containing fat was excessive? Will occur or the birth of many diseases. One of them is gallstones.

"Well, if people have already had the talent, already have cholesterol, there will be more piles of cholesterol. And so could spark gallstones. Tendensinya could have up to 30 percent, "said Dr. Prasna. Gallstones can form due to increased cholesterol levels in the body and the heart can no longer issue them.

Gallstones are formed gradually. First, the excreted cholesterol that can not be settled. "As is usually the gall wall thickening also occur. And that if in-ultrasound visible thickening occurs, "continued Dr. Prasna. It triggers chemical changes in the bile. This change is called gallstones.

Gallstones can also be caused by a heap of other substances such as piles of pigment billirubin and calcium salts that form solid particles such as crystals. So that its characteristics were different. Gallstones are formed from piles of yellowish cholesterol and looks shiny like oil. While gallstones are formed from stacks of black pigment billirubin but hard or dark brown but fragile.

Incidence of gallstones can cause various problems when entering the digestive tract, small intestine. Sometimes gallstones are also frequently appeared on his own bile ducts. When there are gallstones in the gallbladder can lead to inflammation called acute kolestitis. That's because the fraction of gallstones in the bile ducts that cause excessive pain.

Symptoms that appear similar to the symptoms of gastritis because the location of the gallbladder adjacent to the stomach. Do not even think that people rarely have heartburn when there is bile duct gallstones.

"The symptoms are not typical there. Mild symptoms like bloating, nausea, vomiting. If you eat fat, become more sick, belch more frequently, and the flue gas, "explained Dr. Prasna.

Because the symptoms are not typical and very similar to the ulcer, patients usually come to the doctor with the complaint. Gallstones new light after an ultrasound examination.

Actually, unlike gallstone symptoms ulcer. This can be seen from the propagation and frequency of pain. In patients with ulcer, pain, or pain usually develops slowly until the great. While on gallstones, the pain can appear suddenly with pain that is and then can just disappear.

"When you have pain, symptoms of colic is often the case," he added. And these symptoms will occur repeatedly.

Enforcement is done by ultrasound diagnosis. Equipment is directed to the body and the reflected wave will be read by a computer system. Or it could be X-ray examination and blood tests in the laboratory.

Women's potential is suffering from gallstones. The possible occurrence of gallstones increases with age. Some people are also potentially more easily attacked by gall stones, such as people undergoing weight-loss program fast. The reason, losing weight fast by any means, calorie diets or with surgery, causes cholesterol gallstones in 50 percent of the people who run the program.

People are often associated with birth control pills and hormone therapy are also at risk of gallstone attack. Similarly, the Crohn's disease of the terminal ileum (small intestine). Gall stones are formed due to Crohn's disease patients experiencing lack of bile acids is sufficient to dissolve the cholesterol in bile.

Treatment is by resting the bag or gall bladder. Treatment or therapy that is usually done is to provide a combination of drugs Chenodeoxycholic Acid (CCDA) and Ursodeoxicholic acid (UDCA).

"Treatment CCDA combination therapy (reduce the synthesis of cholesterol) and UDCA (reducing absorption of cholesterol) is expected to be able to cure gallstones with no side effects," please dr Prasna.

However, based on research, these therapies not only can prevent and get rid of gallstones.

To be able to remove gallstones, and equipment necessary medical action. There are two options that can be done. "Laparoscopy or regular surgery," he said.

Laporoskopi only cause scars like a stab in the stomach and the process using computer control. While surgery usually have a clear cause scars tear. In essence, the medical action undertaken aims to lift a bag or gall bladder. As a result, patients could no longer eat foods that contain fat. "Because nobody else will process the fat in the body," explained Dr. Prasna.
(Genie / Genie / tty)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prevent Stroke with Know the risk factors

Stroke is a health problem in Indonesian. In the estimate 2-3 million people in this country have suffered a stroke. Although a stroke is often associated with old age, in fact, more and more initial 30 year-old man who suffered a stroke. In addition to causing disability, stroke can also cause death.

However, if you prepare yourself from now, you can memangksa most of your risk factors. "This disease can be prevented," according to dr.Sutarto Prodjo Disastro, Sp.S, head of public relations counseling and Stroke Foundation of Indonesia in the event that the Control Cholesterol Control diadakano Life Leh Pfizer in Jakarta, Thursday (19/8/10).

Stroke is a brain attack that may arise due to sudden interruption in blood flow due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain so that brain cells are deprived of blood, oxygen or food substances that resulted in cell death in a short time. "If the dead brain cells can not regenerate or grow back, so be careful with stroke," said Sutarto.

Men do have a greater risk of stroke, but in recent decades into the same chances in women. "Women tend to be more stressful to have two roles, namely, career women and housewives," said dr. Arieska Ann Soenarto, Sp.JP (K), from RS.Jantung Harapan Kita Jakarta.

To help reduce the risk of stroke, try checking the following:

- Check blood pressure
Many people who do not know they have hypertension, because these diseases have no symptoms from the outside. Your blood pressure checked by at least once a year for control of hypertension is the thing that is not negotiable in the prevention of stroke.

- Check cholesterol
There are many reasons why high cholesterol levels in the blood, including diet, obesity and smoking habits. Lowering cholesterol is important, regardless of your age and health condition. The recommended safe limit is less than 160 mg / dl. Choose the type of foods with low fat content.

Watch out, Santan Improve Cholesterol

Dishes during the month of fasting was impressed even more special than ordinary days. For most people, less if the breaking of the fast afdol unaccompanied bersantan compote and other foods. But be careful, consume too much food bersantan can cause bad cholesterol (LDL) increases.

"Coconut milk is dangerous to koresterol because it contains saturated fatty acids or unsaturated fat. In contrast to the unsaturated fat in avocados, that is unsaturated fatty acid which is not dangerous," said Ann Soenarta dr.Arieska, Sp.JP, consultant on the sidelines kardiologis Living Control Cholesterol Control event, held by Pfizer at Jakarta, Thursday (19/08/10)

According to doctors, Ann, is very important to maintain your diet when breaking fast. "80% intake of the food intake is to determine cholesterol levels. So what you eat can increase the risk of increasing cholesterol," the doctor said that the daily practice in RS.Jantung Harapan Kita Jakarta.

Coconut milk as fast food is okay, but the amount is limited. "If allowed to eat food iftar bersantan, but do not limit although the coconut milk over it tasty and can increase appetite," he said.

Added by him, cholesterol is a disease that can be present because of a long process. "If you eat (food coconut milk) every now and then it does not matter, does not directly increase cholesterol. Cholesterol is a progressive disease. But if the food during the 10 days it automatically cholesterol coconut milk continues to increase," he explained.

To maintain good health during the month of Ramadan, the doctor Ann suggested that we should eat a varied diet. "Balance in eating fruits and vegetables," he said. In addition to coconut milk, which also needs to be restricted is makananan intake of high sugar-containing and unsaturated fats, such as fried or fatty meat.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beware of Chicken Meat Injections

Combined officers' Karanganyar District, Central Java, found the injection of chicken meat during a surprise inspection at Palur Market, Thursday (08/19/2010).

"Meat is injected has a high water content and consequently easy to rot so that harm consumers," said Chief District Office of Livestock and Fisheries Karanganyar Muhammad Hatta on the sidelines of a sudden inspection (Sudden Inspection method).

Merchants who sell the chicken meat for a while just be warned and guided so as not to repeat his actions again.

Officers consist of a combination of elements Disnakan and Police Civil Service Unit (Satpol PP) Karanganyar District also conducts examinations of other meat sales.

In this examination found a number of chicken meat, especially in the chest, allegedly riddled former injection. Compared to other chicken meat, meat color was too pale.

Normally, with the instruments, meat water content between 5.0 and 5.5 so that the meat was suspected as gelonggongan. Officers took samples of meat-beef was to be examined further in the laboratory.

"We still tolerate and now there is no sanction. Only guidance to the traders so as not to repeat again," said Hatta

He added that the condition of the meat with a high water content is very detrimental to the community. In addition to shrinking when cooked weight (weight of the meat fraud occurs), the meat is easily rotten. Buyers were asked to carefully when choosing meat to be purchased.

Based on the recognition of a number of traders, the high water content in the meat they sell is caused by the storage process. Meats are soaked in water to keep it fresh.

In addition to gauge water levels, officials are also examining meat chicken and beef with reagents duranti. The checking was done to investigate the condition of meat.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sperm is clear like water, Why?

QUESTION: Sir, I have been married seven years and have not received any offspring. The first year after marriage, my wife is three months pregnant, but miscarried. After that, she was menstruating normally and had not experienced pregnancy until now.

In the past year, I noticed my sperm kok changed and looks watery, clear like water. My sperm is not like previous years where the sperm looked normal. My question is, whether my sperm was not normal anymore, so my wife can not get pregnant?

If so, is there any medicine that can cure or improve my sperm? Thank you, Doctor!

Robert Hukubun (42)[]

ANSWER: You and your spouse are not considered infertile couples (infertile). This condition can be caused by interference on the part of your fertility or wife, or both parties. Sperm on the condition that you say that it has to be clear and watery look like water, I think is not necessarily true.

Must be confirmed through laboratory examination, is it true that your sperm has not been amended so that the wife is also pregnant? In addition to sperm examination, physical examination andrologik also needed to determine whether there is any disruption to your reproductive sexual organs.

Without examination, it is difficult to determine how and what is causing your fertility. The problem is, what reason is not pregnant. On the other hand, the wife also needs to be examined to determine the fertility.

With proper treatment, your fertility may be a better wife and a pregnancy to occur.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Never Gratuitous, Discard remaining drug

Public urged not to carelessly dispose of drugs and the packaging is not used anymore or has expired. Discard the drug or the packaging is still intact can open up opportunities for the mushrooming practice of fake drugs in the community.

Observer practice counterfeit drugs, Weddy Mallyan, in the medium-Aventis Sanovi forum in Jakarta, Thursday (05/08/2010), said most public and medical circles today still treat drug is not as it should. Drugs and the packaging is not used arbitrarily discarded like trash. In fact, this packaging of drugs and potentially misused.

Expressed Weddy, utilization of drug and packaging waste is one of the modes that are often carried out unscrupulous fake drug makers in Indonesia. Unused items are usually obtained from the unscrupulous collectors used goods or packaging of medicines.

"Better drugs are not used or carelessly thrown away the packaging does not mark. Destroyed just so that can not be used again," said Weddy who had served as head of Center for Drug and Food Investigation - BPOM RI.

Counterfeiting of medicines by utilizing packaging, advanced Weddy, only a fraction of the mode that made the perpetrators. The practice of drug counterfeiting is now very sophisticated and are categorized as organized crime, involving even international networks.

Data World Health Organization (WHO) states, the prevalence of counterfeit drugs in developing countries reached 10 percent. Meanwhile, in countries that enforce laws already spelled forward only reached 1 percent. The value of counterfeit drug trade this year is estimated to rise 92 percent in five years ago and reached 75 million U.S. dollars.

The definition of counterfeit drugs on the basis Permenkes No.1010/menkes/Per/XI/2008 is a drug manufactured by unauthorized by legislation or drug products with labeling that mimics the identity of other drugs that have registered the marketing authorization.

"Counterfeit medicine is also is one type of illegal drugs. In addition to counterfeit drugs, illegal drugs are classified is a drug not listed in the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM)," explained Weddy.

Weddy added, the type of drugs that are often counterfeited and many on the market is fast moving drugs like class of antibiotics, antiparasitic, alagesik, antipyretics. In addition, other types of drugs are often counterfeit drugs that are expensive as well as lifestyle drugs such as impotence drugs, antikolesterol and slimming drugs.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Revealed, Why Monkey Immune of AIDS

Several species of African monkeys such as sooty mangebey (Cercocebus atys) is known to have a natural defense mechanism that prevents them from becoming infected with HIV. These primates can be infected with the virus reported simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) without developing into AIDS even though the amount of the virus very much.

The phenomenon commonly known as a natural host currently being examined by scientists to study the development of drugs of HIV/AIDS to humans.

The scientists found that in monkeys body occurred regeneration of T cells, white blood cell types that make the immune system to fight germs or viral infections.

In particular note Sooty Mangabey monkeys infected with SIV or HIV virus in primate relatives able to maintain levels of CD4 and T cells through the rapid regeneration of CD4 and T cells, innocent or not exposed to toxins and other compounds that stimulate antibody production.

These research results, could explain why SIV and HIV can cause AIDS in primates, including humans. In this study, scientists from Yerkes National primates Research Center, Atlanta, Sooty Mangabey compare the rhesus monkeys infected with SIV.

"Although the two species showed accretion CDH4 cells and T cells, but in rhesus monkeys appear regeneration naive CD4 T cells more slowly," said Mirko Paiardini, one of the researchers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nona Fruit Potential to anti-cancer drugs

Mulwa Fruit or often known by the name nona fruit (Annona reticulata) potentially exploited for anticancer drugs and kidney failure, said the lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Technology University of Airlangga (Airlangga University) Dr Surabaya. Hamida, MKes.

"The results showed mulwa fruit or Nona Fruit acetogenin containing compounds for anticancer and alkaloid to overcome kidney failure," he said after the open promotion examinations doctoral graduate program at the Faculty of Biology, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Saturday.

According to him, in that it contains the alkaloid compound acetogenin and fruit makes it as one of the food commodities worth more and can potentially be used for public health.

"But according to him mulwa fruit or Nona fruit now rarely found because there is not much more planted, while fruit is a plant belonging to the 'genus Annona' which originated from the tropics and have a kinship with the fruit of soursop (Annona muricata) and Sugar-apple (Annona squamosa), "he said.

He said the scarcity of Nona fruit or Mulwa fruit "because many people are not so keen sense of his men, and the relatively small amount of fruit harvested in a single tree.

"Mulwa Fruit or NOna fruit planted, because it is less tasty. But the fruit that contains the active ingredient is useful, and if people knew exactly beneficial to health," he said.

According to him, eating the fruits of nature is very beneficial to counteract various diseases with increasing age. "If we go back to nature will survive, because of age grow older, we need healthy food," said his 1037 doctoral graduates of GMU's.

In conclusion of his dissertation, entitled "Biosystematics murricata L. Annona, Annona aquamosa, and Annona reticulata by numerical approach" phenotype unknown character variation soursop fruit, Sugar-apple, and mulwa fruits (Nona fruit) in different habitats.

"But it was not followed by changes in the genotype and the position of the character variation based taxon containing alkaloids and flavonoids," he said.

Overcome Kidney Pain with Herbs

Schoo kidney is one organ in the body which has important functions. Functioning kidney to filter impurities (especially urea) from the blood and throw it away with water in the form of urine.

Given the very important function, the kidney health must be maintained. Even minor damage might disrupt other organs, including the heart. According to several experts in acupuncture, the kidney has a very special relationship with the heart so that if the kidney problem, then the heart would be problematic as well.

Although there are two kidneys in the human body, it is possible someone could be damaged kidneys too. Kidney failure is a problem in the kidneys of the most feared having to do dialysis continuously, or other option is to replace the kidney.

"For someone who has experienced kidney failure and had to be washed of blood, then the possibility to recover as usual much more difficult and their recovery rate is very small," said Adriana herbalis Warta Kota Indrajati when contacted recently.

Even patients who experience kidney failure dialysis try using herbal treatments. usually only to help patients reduce the frequency of washing his blood.

Perlancar pee
Unlike the people who 'only' having a kidney stone. People with kidney stones can still be helped with herbal medicine. Some medicinal plants can help to clean the clogged channels of kidney stones bladder (urinary calculus).

According to Adriana, a medicinal plant that helps clean up kidney stones include cats and kiji porcelain mustache. Both these plants have diuretis effect that helps accelerate the urinary tract. Could also help to shed a stone.

Consumption of herbs can shed a stone, but not directly. Must be done little by little until the big clean. Therefore, herbal therapy for patients with kidney stones can be done for 3-6 months. Therapy depends also on the type and size of kidney stones.

Louder kidney stone, the longer it is cleaned. There also can be cleaned in just two weeks. Usually this is because the type of stone is a little more lenient and not large.

"But it should still consume herbal to six months for those who already suffer from kidney stones, because although the stone was gone, not necessarily in dalammya clean, because usually there are still remaining," said Adriana.

In addition, the dose for patients with kidney stones or kidney failure also need attention. Pliers dose should not be consumed by patients with excessive because it could aggravate the disease condition. (Wik)

Minimal, Production of Active Substances of Medicinal Plants

Natural medicine researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Prof. Dr. Wahyuono Subagus said that although the number of herbal plants in Indonesia abundant but active compound that can be produced relatively little.

"For example, one kilogram of medicinal plant materials obtained only about one milligram of active compounds that can be utilized optimally," he said in Yogyakarta.

He said the content of the active compounds associated with power plant is recovered when it is processed into drugs. The higher the active compound, the sooner the drug cures the disease.

"Two highlights of the development of herbal medicine that is associated with the technology to augment the active compound and the framework of active compounds that can be obtained in large numbers," he said.

Subagus who is also Vice Dean for Research Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University (UGM) said the problem can be disiasati with the development of biotechnology to augment the active compound or active compounds framework.

"But the problem of biotechnology research requires substantial costs," he said.

According to him, development of research on natural medicines is important because the abundance of medicinal plants in the country. One study even mention the 80 percent of drugs derived from natural materials.

"The potential of medicinal plants in Indonesia is very abundant, such as morphine, turmeric, saffron, fruits magazine, and tuber crops anthill," he said.

He said that natural medicine is the solution for Indonesia's dependence on conventional medicines produced in other countries.

Natural Ways to Sleep Better

Creating a simple closed eyes do not need the drugs that you may not know their own side effects. There is a sleep aid for a more natural manner.

As many as 60 million Americans who suffer from insomnia seek medical help to help him sleep better. Instead of taking tranquilizers, try the methods below, as featured Women Healths.

Eat less carbs before bed

If you're hungry, your body will release the stimulant signal that it was time to eat. If you go to bed on an empty stomach, a gust of this hormone can keep you awake.

Therefore, the consumption of a light carbohydrate snack (eg, bananas, or crackers) one hour before bedtime, suggestions, Michael Murray, MD, author of The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods. Carbohydrate accelerate the release of tryptophan from the body, which increases production of serotonin by the brain, as the key to restful sleep.

Turn off the light from an electronic device

Biologically, each light can disturb the light you wake cycles, said Herbert Yue, MD, a physician Sleep Disorders Clinic at Stanford University. For hours the eyes are forced to face a lot of light that ultimately disrupt the production of sleep hormones.

Therefore, when bedtime arrives, turn off the television and the computer 30 minutes before bedtime, and if the phone rings at night, do not turn on a light switch suddenly because of its light will be recorded in your brain to sleep again.

Create a cool atmosphere in the bedroom, then wear socks

Researchers have found that when we prepare for sleep, the body thermoregulation system divert blood from the body core to our legs, a process that could lower body temperature. Reasons for this are not clear automatically, but the possibility of an evolutionary response designed to maintain the energy of God when we wake up from sleep.

Sleep in a cool room (with an average temperature of air conditioner 20 degrees Celsius) is optimal to accelerate the process you can sleep more quickly. Not to forget, wear socks to help your body's cooling mechanism. (Ftr)

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Prevent 'warts Sex' with HPV Vaccine

Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) infection turned out to not only prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as cervical cancer, but also prevent genital warts and cervical growth disorders.

There are more than 100 types of HPV, but only a dozen that cause cancer. The rest is less dangerous HPV causes genital warts and papillomatos or tumors in the respiratory tract.

Each year 'HPV' cause 500 000 cases of cervical cancer in women worldwide. Meanwhile warts in the vaginal area and low-scale cervical growth annually suffered by more than 30 million people globally.

Recent studies regarding HPV vaccine conducted randomly on 17 622 women in 24 countries. The participants were aged 16-26 years get the vaccine or a placebo for six months.

Joakim Dillner, researchers from Sweden and his team found that the HPV vaccine also provided significant protection against the emergence of warts and tumors. "This vaccine provides sustained protection up to four years against various types of warts," he said.

Previously, various studies have shown HPV vaccine is safe and tolerable body. HPV vaccine is currently only intended for women and has been proven to reduce the leading cause of death in women.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Overcome Hormonal Problems with Food

Most of the women's life stage characterized by hormonal events, starting from birth, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, until menopause. That's why women vulnerable to experiencing a variety of hormonal problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. This is all centered on an imbalance of estrogen hormones.

But actually the hormone estrogen makes the skin more smooth and gentle woman, as well as protect our heart vessels. So in fact we need to do is how to keep your metabolism of estrogen in the body can run stable. And according to dr. Shannon Munkley, ND., Naturopathic from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, food is the most effective way to balance estrogen metabolism.

Munkley also invites us to get acquainted with the foods that can increase or decrease the hormone estrogen makes it unstable alias.

Foods that lower estrogen levels
Type of brassica vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage
Green vegetables concentrated
Spices such as garlic, ginger, basil, black pepper
Stoberi, peaches, and cherries
Lemon juice

Foods that raise estrogen levels
Dairy products, refined sugar, canned foods, caffeine, alcohol and drugs.

After getting used to eating foods that can make the production of estrogen is more stable, we must find out what factors could make the hormones become unbalanced. Factors are:

1. Obesity.
2. Pill Consumption
3. Stress. The hormone cortisol is one that makes the hormone progesterone receptors 'cornered', Hence the excessive estrogen production.
4. Peptisida exposure from pesticides sprays, floor cleaning products, or waste peptisida attached to the fruit and vegetables. (PreventionIndonesiaonline/Priska Siagian)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Potency Vegan suffer a heart attack, Only 14 Percent

A vegan (vegetarian) who do not consume meat, eggs, and milk only has the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), 14 per cent. Far CHD risk compared to those who still eat meat, which is 50 percent.

Meanwhile, those who eat meat plus smoking, 70 percent of its potential. Those who do not eat meat but still eat dairy and eggs (lacto-ovo vegetarian), affected the potential of CHD by 39 percent.

Susianto, Coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), Asia Pacific, extracts from the Journal of Cardiologi year 2009, Friday (30/07/2010). Medical journal this very scientific content and a reference health institutions in the world.

Susianto say it in a Vegan Diet Ordering Patterns Seminar on Specific Diseases, Friday. Seminar held Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS) in Panti Rapih Yogyakarta was attended dozens of doctors and health workers to the hospital.

Susianto continued, lacto-ovo vegetarians only a thin difference between the potential affected CHD than those who still eat meat because the eggs and milk products of animal remains.

5 important things about Masturbation

Experts say most men have to masturbate, either to reduce stress, help you sleep soundly, and so forth.

Even so, there are medical matters which may never have known about masturbation. These are five important things about masturbation is to know by men:

1. There was no term "masturbation abnormal
Men often ask if there is something abnormal about the way they masturbate. The experts themselves are reluctant to define the word "normal" or "abnormal", but they claim that men do it with frequency and techniques vary widely.

"As humans, we are too diverse to adopt a particular norm of masturbation is normal or not," said Betty Dodson, PhD, sexologists from New York as well as author of the book Sex for One.

"Every man to masturbate in his own way. Did he use his hands, rubbing on something, using sex toys or household objects, wearing special clothing, fantasizing, seeing a book or magazine, try a different position, or look in the mirror," said Martha Cornog, author of The Big Book of Masturbation.

2. Masturbation does not completely secure.
Unlike sex with a partner, masturbation does not transmit sexual disease. You also will not experience muscle tension, eye bags caused by fatigue, and feeling awkward often faced when having sex with a partner.

But masturbation was not fully secured. "Masturbation is the safest sexual activity ever existed. But, the laws of physics and biology is not going to stop saying that masturbation is safe just because masturbation is normal," said Cornog.

The average man knows, if their frequency or too strong to masturbate while doing it, and it can irritate the skin of the penis. On the other hand, men do not know that the habit of masturbation with a stomach condition, for example by pressing a pillow or even a carpet on the floor, can injure the urethra. Therefore, urine from the penis are not spending as usual, but with a hard spray so difficult to control.

Barbara Bartlik, MD, psychiatrist and sex therapist in New York, said he saw a man who suffered severe urethral trauma due to masturbating face down so that he could no longer be able to use the toilet standing but had to urinate sitting down.

In particular cases are very rare, masturbate or have sex with your partner can also cause penile fracture. This painful condition occurs because the tear in the tunica albuginea (white tissue surrounding the sponge layer of the penis) due to the erect penis of a hard object or being forced to bend downward. In an emergency, this often ends in a condition required surgery.

3. Own sex change your sex life or vice versa.
For various reasons, when their own sex can benefit. Masturbation can help identify your own sexual response-what feels good for you and what did not, so you will be better able to explain to the couple about the right touch.

It also helps you learn to recognize when the "inevitable" right before the orgasm and helps teach couples how to avoid premature ejaculation.

Perhaps most significantly, masturbation is the mechanism or the best solution for men who are not able to have sex when their partner while on sick or menstruating, or have a sex drive that do not comply with himself.

For some men, "solo sex" can become an obsession so they began to lose the desire to make love with their partner. Feelings of hurt and alienation caused by the couple's obsession with "solo sex" will make you difficult to maintain relationships.

The experts stressed, masturbation is fine even for men who already committed. "We can not assume that just because a man masturbating, then it will reap the problems of the primary relationship," said Bartlik.

4. Some triggers masturbation techniques sexual dysfunction.
The experts warn, the man who often stimulate him in ways that do not simulate sex with a partner (eg, stroking very fast or with heavy pressure or friction) may be suffering from ejaculation disorder. With sexual dysfunction is, someone will be difficult or even impossible to reach climax during sex with a partner.

"Anyone who has experienced sexual dysfunction should ask himself whether he had masturbated in a manner which has caused a sensation different from that obtained from the hands, mouth, or vagina partner. Then he must consider what it can stimulate your partner and change the way masturbation you to make such a desirable partner, "said Michael A Perelman, PhD, professor of psychiatry and urology from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

5. Masturbation affects prostate cancer risk
A study conducted in Australia in 2003 and published in BJU International states, ejaculation associated with decreased risk of prostate cancer later in life.

However, in a 2004 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, a researcher reported that "ejaculation frequency is not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer." In both these studies, the frequency of ejaculation include sexual intercourse with a partner and masturbation.

Meanwhile, in a study published last January in BJU International showed that young men who masturbate frequently higher risk of prostate cancer. However, if older men often masturbate, it will reduce the risk of prostate cancer. As for having sex with a partner does not become a factor against the risk of prostate cancer.

The researchers assumed that masturbation is not the only one that can trigger prostate cancer risk in men who masturbate often in their 20s and 30s. Men often to masturbate because it has high levels of sex hormones. Young men who are genetically inclined to have hormone-sensitive at high risk of prostate cancer when their sex hormone excess.

Meanwhile, men aged over 50 years of age and often masturbated turned out to help dry the prostatic fluid that may contain substances that trigger cancer.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Know Tool Helper Normal Delivery

Because of various things, could have been obstacles in the process of giving birth so that appropriate assistance measures. Some conditions that create a natural birth process require assistance include weak contractions and pregnant women would no longer push.

Facing such circumstances, the birth attendants will certainly take action assistance. One of them by wearing hearing aids, known as forceps delivery and vacuum.

1. Forceps or pliers
Forceps shaped like a pair of pliers. This tool resembles a pair of metal spoons tied together in the middle (like scissors). The front of the spoon leaves usually called arches have holes and the head (cephalic curve) corresponding to the shape of the fetal head and arch your pelvis (pelvic curve) in accordance with the form of maternal pelvic cavity.

This tool not only serves to draw the head of the fetus, but also used to rotate the head of the fetus if the fetus has not been in the right position for birth. The use of forceps, which found Dr. Peter Chamberlain, has been very popular throughout the world.

Before a doctor decides to use forceps assistance, there must be strong reasons to support it, one of which is irregular contractions coming or going very weak contraction. Another factor is if the expectant mother feels tired or position of the baby's head does not rotate properly.

2. Vacuum
The advantage of this tool is no pressure on fetal head and does not take a lot of places in the pelvic cavity. Similar to the use of forceps, vacuum equipment is used only during the fetal position already in the pelvic cavity.

Vacuum tool shaped like a funnel of metal that will be pasted on the back of the head. This funnel will be spliced with rubber tubing which functions to suck the air. Gradually, the air will be sucked up so tightly in a funnel attached to a baby's scalp. Then, the baby will be slowly withdrawn along with the arrival of contraction.

Indication of actual use of the vacuum with the use of forceps, vacuum only be used when opening a minimum of 8 cm and the mother is still a strong push though not with full force. Action of vacuum is not recommended for premature babies childbirth.

Babies who are born with vacuum action will have a little bump or deformity is called the head or the head sefalhematom. This form is harmless and will go away spontaneously within two weeks.

The signs will Childbirth

For those of you who experienced their first pregnancy, may experience errors like this. Many other women in the world mistakenly interpret the contractions of the uterus is not fixed, which is a "sign of the birth of lies", as a sign that will bear the truth.

Usually because a sudden panic, waiting for the birth mother who is soon leaving for the hospital. However, they reached the hospital, the doctor said that was not time for delivery.

In order not experienced anything like that, it's good listening tips from The American College of obstetricians and Gynecologists following, which gives the comparison between the actual sign in labor with a mock birth:

1. If you will give birth to the truth, the contraction lasts about 30 seconds to 70 seconds, and getting closer to giving birth contractions happen more frequently. At birth sign lies, the pain is not consistent and did not occur more often when ongoing.

2. When the pain and contraction continues, even if you change your body position and walk around the room, a sign will be the actual birth. If the pain is gone when you perform the movement, rest, or change the position of the body, it is a sign of the birth of lies.

3. The pain about to give birth is very strong, and the longer the pain was getting stronger, and continues. At birth sign lies, pain can be weakened or remained the same intensity as time passes.

4. if the birth sign of pain in the stomach lies in front, on the sign of the actual birth of the pain often starts in the lower back area and then move toward the front.

If in doubt with something you think as a sign to give birth, she quickly pick up the phone, ask for advice from your obstetrician. No need to panic.