Thursday, June 3, 2010

Migraine sufferers have Stroke Risk

Based on a recent study, migraine patients are two times more susceptible to strokes caused by blood clots than those without the disease is an acute headache.

An analysis combining 21 of the previous research results, ensuring a link between migraine and "ischemic stroke, 'or the most common type of stroke, occurs when the clot disrupt blood flow to the brain. Of all the studies, patients with migraine are two times more susceptible to ischemic stroke than men who are not sick of migraine, according to findings published by the American Journal of Medicine.

Experts are not sure the relationship between the two diseases, and migraine is not yet known whether the main cause of stroke for some patients. However, these tendencies have the same fundamental process that contributed migraine and stroke risk, says senior researcher Dr. Saman Nazarian, who is also assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.

He told Reuters, that the current fundamental to a migraine sufferer is that they must be very vigilant to control all the factors that biresiko stroke. Some risk factors include high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes. "The first thing I want to everyone to avoid such thing. When they get a migraine, they should think about stroke risk factors," said Nazarian, adding, "They should not smoke and they have to pay attention and do their blood pressure if it is high maintenance. "

The experts also said that generally people with migraine should remember that despite the headache associated with increased risk of stroke, the absolute risk for the person affected is still relatively low. For example, in a recent study involving 6100 patients with migraine only two percent reported a history of stroke, compared to 1.2 percent from 5243 people who do not suffer from migraine.

This latest discovery based on 21 international studies conducted between 1975 and 2007 and involving more than 622 000 people with and without migraine disease. Most of the research is supported by several factors that help explain the relationship between migraine and stroke risk, such as advanced age, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking habits and weight. Nevertheless, the research team combining 21 Nazarian those findings and concluded migraine-related stroke risk to be doubled. Exact cause of migraines is not fully known, but the disease involves narrowing of blood vessels, and swelling of an artery in the brain.

One theory says people with migraine can be affected by dysfunction in the carotid artery in the body, which explains why the risk of stroke increases, and as the findings in previous research, as well as heart attacks. Not yet known if it can treat and prevent migraine attacks will have an impact on the risk of cardiovascular problems. On the one hand, researchers have noted, drugs to prevent migraine attacks in theory lower the risk of cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, certain medications can give a bad influence, some anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs have been associated with cardiovascular risk, whereas migraine drugs known as "ergots" tends to narrow the artery in the body.

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