Friday, June 11, 2010

Do not Fear Dinner

According to Kelly Brownell, PhD, Director of the Center for Eating and Weight Disorders at Yale Center Agency, the U.S., when you live your diet, avoid eating late to lose weight is a wrong assumption. It is important you know, if dinner is removed, then replaced it with a light snack to keep hunger and eat snacks that contain high calories, so weight is not going down.

"The hunger that comes from non-dinner can disrupt your sleep. Sometimes what happens is skipped dinner, but finally woke up at midnight because it was hungry and snacked on food that should not be eaten, such as cakes, biscuits, instant noodles even. If it's like this weight body just soared, "said Brownell.

Habit no dinner could also result in the emergence of complaints body uncomfortable, hungry, or even gastric disorders (gastritis).

Then, when the right time for dinner? What time is your dinner should not be ascertained with certainty. However, with respect to quality of sleep, try to time dinner was not too near bedtime. At least two hours before bedtime.

"Try to have dinner at least 6-7 nights, especially for your regular sleep pattern, and used to sleeping at night 90-10," Brownell said.

If you sleep too close to dinner, could experience stomach bloating, especially for people with stomach acids easier ride. This condition can make abdominal pain and discomfort. As a result, you had trouble sleeping.

In essence, at night the body processes slow. And, if the channel is still working hard, of course will interfere with your rest time. All you need to know, when the rest of the body is the body time to regenerate cells. If the regeneration of body cells is interrupted, this condition can negatively affect health.

Do Stuck Myth

Want to trim, do not eat rice at night. Is it true that opinion? At night, not a lot of body movement. So, you do not need a lot of carbohydrates. However, it does not mean should not eat rice. The rice is not taboo to eat. All you have to do is look at the types and portion it.

"To improve rice quality, choose white rice/brown rice are still skin epidermis. Menu eating healthy is that containing carbohydrates, protein, and low in fat, and contain minerals and vitamins," said Brownell suggested.

There are medical studies that reveal the composition should rendak fat dinner, but high in carbohydrates. Precise?

Opinion was inaccurate, that need to be, what your activities after dinner? If you do not have any activity, other than rest at night, intake of carbohydrates that can be turned into energy, does not need much. At bedtime, do not you do not move, so did not need a lot of carbohydrates. If you are accustomed to eating rice portions should be no more than 100 grams.

If you were hungry after dinner, should eat fruits, like apples or bananas.

In addition, avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption because it can interfere with sleep quality. Alcohol can make the sleepy, but can reach the depth of sleep that they should. Avoid drinking too much because it causes waking to urinate. So that it can make you wake up, and the desire to eat can come back.

In essence, the right calories depending on calorie needs someone. Generally, the range of calories at dinner between 300-400 calories.

In addition, there are several myths or assumptions about the dinner can be misleading. Among other things, is it true you should avoid drinking ice water at dinner, if you want to lose weight does not rise.

Brownell explained, this assumption has no basis. Water contains no calories. However, the digestive enzyme functioning both in normal body temperature. So, when we drank ice water, then enzin digestion can not function maximally to digest food.

In addition, if true intake should eat only fruits night? "Be careful, if dinner is replaced with a snack of fruit, with notes on the night did not do any activity. Basically, eating is an activity to supply the body's metabolism of the body, replacing damaged cells, physical activity, and others."

If there is no supply, so will not be able to move because of famine, which will be compensated by forming the body of sugar from the body's own reserves. Impact, disturbed metabolism, and will arise complaint is not feeling well, can arise even heartburn.

But, fruit is usually used as a light snack when hunger arises before bed. However, you should still eat fruit at dinner. Vary by making a fruit salad plus a sprinkling of walnuts or almonds, or fruit can be added in the pasta salad.

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