Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Rice Keep Blood Sugar

Diabetes mellitus has become a global health problem. Number of patients with this disease continues to increase dramatically, including in Indonesia. One of the preventive efforts that can be done is setting a good diet.

From this strategy, various studies have shown, change the type of food consumed effectively to control blood sugar levels. One way is to replace white rice with brown rice or bread from serelia intact.

Latest publications from Harvard researchers published in the Archives of Internal Medicine states, red rice and foodstuffs from serelia intact is a healthier choice for diabetics because it raised blood sugar slowly.

Knowledge about the benefits of red rice to diabetes is not new, but until now still be the favorite of white rice a lot of people. In a study of 200 000 Americans are known, those who ate white rice has diabetes risk 17 percent higher than those who rarely eat rice.

Conversely, those who ate red rice risk for developing diabetes fell by 11 percent. A similar benefit was found if we replace the plain white rice with serelia intact, including bread or pasta.

Consumption of foodstuffs high in fiber lowered the risk of diabetes because it can lower blood sugar and insulin levels and reduce the risk of poor progression of glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes.

Like serelia intact, brown rice is also rich in fiber and energy production in stages or known to have a low glycemic index. Therefore, the experts called for 70 percent of our carbohydrate needs met from brown rice or whole serelia.


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