Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food for Nursing Mothers

Food For Nursing Mothers:
Supplies of food for lactating mothers more than the food you were pregnant.
Usefulness of these foods are:

1. Restoring physical condition after delivery.
2. Increasing milk production (Mother's Milk) and healthy enough for a baby.

Ordering Food

1. The composition of the daily meal should be balanced, which consists of staple food, side dishes, vegetables and fruit and milk.

2. Not only the staple food rice, use a variety of food substitutes such as noodles, corn, potatoes, yams, bread and so forth.

3. Side dishes use of this type of animal and vegetable species, such as eggs, meat, chicken, fresh fish, liver, fish sauce, tempeh, tofu, beans and so forth.

4. Better-colored vegetables such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, leaf katuk, carrots, green beans and so forth, because these vegetables may help stimulate spending/production of milk.

5. Pick-colored fruits such as papaya, oranges, apples, tomatoes and so on which many contain vitamins and minerals.

6. Need to drink more in number + 6 glasses in one day, would be more useful if the nursing mother to drink fluids "nutritious" such as: milk, water, beans, fruit juice, water, green leafy vegetables and so forth.

7. Not recommended drinking herbal medicine after childbirth.

8. The most important thing there is no food taboos for breastfeeding mothers.


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