Sunday, June 13, 2010

When Baby late for Talk

Baby Health - Some research indicates the cause of the disruption of speech disturbance is the dominant hemisphere. These deviations usually refers to the left brain. In some children are also violations in the right hemisphere, the corpus hearing kalosum and trajectories are related.

Speech delay can also be caused by environmental influences, such as children who get less stimulation or the use of two languages in the family. However, if the cause because the environment, usually the delay that occurred not too heavy.

In normal children without speech and language disorders is also necessary to stimulate speech and language from birth, even stimulation may also be done from within the womb. With the expected stimulation of early speech and language abilities in children is more optimal, so that it can improve communication quality.

Handling late talking can be done in accordance with its cause. In some cases, delays occurred because of this talk of genetic factors or descent. The rest are there problems with the child. And, food allergies can also interfere with brain function, resulting in developmental delay, including delays in talking.

Indeed, the language skills of children are not equal to one another. However, if the child's language development seems to be inhibitory, unlike his peers, is a good idea to contact your doctor immediately. Recognize and treat more quickly would be great.


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