Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex Is Not Just Fulfillment Needs of Men

Not all couples (married couple) have a happy sexual experiences. In this case, sexual satisfaction is the measure of his happiness. Because, there are many couples who lack knowledge about sex. Generally, couples need only look at sex than men who have met the wife.

Many consequences of the lack of knowledge and lack of openness about sexual relationships. Couples, or one of them, do not feel happy and fulfilled, especially women who are more difficult to experience orgasm than men. The impact is not just a problem of sex life, but also to the quality of relationships and domesticity.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Seksologi Prof. Dr. Dr. Wimpie Pangkahila, SpAnd, FAACS, explains the difficulties women to orgasm due to various things. But even more important to note is that couples understand that women are not maids sex. That is, sex in a conjugal relationship is not just fulfilling the biological needs of man without regard to the needs of women.

"If necessary, the man who made the waiter because it is harder to make women orgasm. The man orgasm more easily because of its prominent and easily aroused penis, while the female sex is difficult to achieve. Therefore, the position of women in sexual relationships is important," said Prof. Wimpie in talkshows "Sexual Happiness Moot Erection of Sub-Optimal", which is held by PT Pfizer Indonesia in Jakarta, some time ago.

According to Prof. Wimpie, men need to find the stimulation to the sensitive part of women. In addition to regulate a position to provide stimulation and sexual satisfaction of women, violent erections in men also affect women's sexual satisfaction.

"Women can multiple orgasm, as long as man can not manage an erection and quick ejaculation," he added.

In discussions exposure to say, besides stimulation, position, and erection, sex couples will also depend on the emotions awakened. Open communication is key. Sex education to be the solution earliest. Couples need to be more open to understand the various issues surrounding sexual assault.

This mindset is also affected because with a good understanding of sex, men do not merely ask serviced (sexual) from his wife, but also gives happiness to his wife, with a more open-known women's sexual needs.


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