Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 Most Fatal Mistakes in dieting

Mistaken about the diet is to eat less to lose weight. In the end, the diet is close to activities that harm the body, with a weight that would not go down. Or if it falls, in the near future will rise again. This is called the yo-yo diet.

If you tend to drop weight easily and dramatically, do not think your diet is correct. So no error occurs, it helps to know a fatal error in the diet is very often experienced by dieters. Anything?

Here is Denny Santoso S. Kom, SAC.DIP, SCN, Sport Nutritionist Indonesian elaborated to you by Diet Secrets book.

Holding the Hungry

Eating a lot can gain weight. Therefore, we try to hold hunger or even not eating. To starve can decrease the body's metabolism, which then slowed down fat burning. That's all deplete our energy. To carry out daily activities, the body became less fit and sluggish.

Hunger is one sign that the stomach is empty and depleted blood sugar. Though both are needed by the brain. If the hunger was also "cured", the head so dizzy. This will also occur in those who eat only once or twice a day. The truth is that eating 5-6 times a day, three times the normal meals and snacks three times to boost your metabolism remains high.

Normally it three times a day, but in reality, the body is designed to eat more than three times a day. Feeling hungry between meals is great because that usually causes the body is filled with fast food, namely a high-calorie foods that are not filling. Fill the hungry this time degan high nutritious snacks, such as apples, skim milk, almonds, and so forth.

Skip breakfast (no breakfast)

Was not done intentionally, did not get done, not accustomed to doing whatever reason, turned out to skip breakfast so often happens. Breakfast is the most important meal time for the body. After eight hours of sleep without the intake of nutrients, the body requires nutrients derived from the breakfast. Skipping breakfast means exposing the body in the catabolic phase, ie, the body attempts to take the available energy in the muscles.

No Dinner

It's time to sleep, we do not require large amounts of calories, especially carbohydrates in high levels. But, we need a lot of protein because during sleep, growth hormone will be used to repair all body cells are damaged.

Therefore, make sure your protein intake is adequate. Eat protein, approximately 2-3 hours before bed and carbohydrates 4 hours before bedtime. Also, it is suggested taking casein protein before bed for a slower absorption.

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