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AIDS Disease Info

This time I will try to discuss about the definition of AIDS disease, the cause of AIDS, patterns or modes of transmission of AIDS and the handling and treatment given to patients with HIV + or AIDS.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a disease caused as a result of breeding the HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the human body, which it attacks white blood cells (CD4 cells) that cause damage to the immune system. The loss or reduction in body resistance is easy to make the patient infected with various diseases including even mild illness.

The virus HIV attacks CD4 cells and makes it a breeding ground of new HIV virus, and then destroying it so it can not be used again. As we all know that white blood cells is necessary for the immune system. Without the body's immune system so when we are attacked by disease, our body is weak and does not attempt to fight outbreaks of disease and consequently we may die even if exposed to influenza or common cold.

When the human body exposed to the HIV virus it is not directly cause or suffer from AIDS, but needed a long time and even years for HIV to cause AIDS or HIV positive are deadly.

Mode of transmission of HIV AIDS virus
1. Through the blood. eg blood transfusion, blood exposed to HIV + on the injured skin, syringes, etc..

2. Through semen, semen (sperm or semen Men). for example, a man sex with their partners without using condoms or other safeguards, oral sex, etc.

3. Through the vaginal fluid in women. for example: Women who have intercourse without a safety net, borrowing and lending of sex aids, oral sex, etc..

4. Through the BMS (ASI). for example; Baby drinking milk from women hiv +, men drinking breast milk spouse, etc..

The body fluids that contain no HIV virus in people with HIV + among others, Saliva), feces (stool or feces), tears, sweat Water
and Urine.

Signs and Symptoms of the disease AIDS

A person affected by the HIV virus in the early onset generally do not provide the typical signs and symptoms, patients only have a fever for 3 to 6 weeks depending on the immune system when it got in contact with HIV virus. Once conditions improved, people affected by the HIV virus will stay healthy in recent years and slowly decreased body kekebelan/weak to fall ill because of recurrent fever attacks.

One way to get certainty is to undergo HIV antibody test especially if a person feels has conducted activities at risk of contracting the HIV virus.

The signs and symptoms seen in AIDS patients include the following:

1. Respiratory tract. Patients experiencing shortness of breath, stop for a moment of breath, cough, chest pain and fever bleak other viral infections (pneumonia). Not infrequently the diagnosis at an early stage of HIV disease AIDS suspected tuberculosis.

2. Digestive tract. AIDS disease patients showed signs and symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, often experiencing fungal diseases in the oral cavity and esophagus, as well as having a chronic diarhea.

3. Body weight. Patients experiencing the so called wasting syndrome, namely loss of body weight up to 10% below normal due to disturbances in protein and energy systems in the body as it is known as malnutrition as well as interference absorption / absorption of food in the digestive system resulting in chronic diarhea, condition tired and weak less powerful.

4. Neural System. Interference with the central persyarafan resulting in less memory, headaches, difficulty concentrating, are often looked confused and slow response limbs. At the end persyarafan system (Peripheral) will cause pain and tingling in the palm of the hand and foot, the tendon reflexes are less, always have low blood pressure monitor and Impotence.

5. System Integument (skin Network). Patients experiencing an attack of chickenpox virus (herpes simplex) or carar fire (herpes zoster) and various skin diseases that cause pain in the skin tissue. Others are experiencing hair on the skin tissue infections (Folliculities), stained dry skin (outer layer of skin cracks) and Eczema or psoriasis.

6. Urinary and reproductive tract in women. Patients often have a fungal disease of the vagina, it is as an early sign of HIV infection. Injury to the urinary tract, suffering from the disease than men syphillis and then more numerous women who suffered from smallpox. Other people with AIDS are women many of which become inflamed cavity (bone), pelvic known as the term 'pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)' and experienced an irregular menstrual period (abnormal).

Handling and Treatment of AIDS
Although from different countries continue to perform researchnya in addressing HIV-AIDS, but until now no cure AIDS disease including serum or vaccine that can cure people of HIV virus, causes AIDS. The purpose of the provision of medicines in people with AIDS is to help improve endurance, enhance quality of life for those who know the HIV virus in an effort to reduce the birth rate and death.

We all expected to not isolate and avoid people with HIV because they need help and support in order to continue to live without much expense and passed away into Rahmatullah with sincerity.

Want Get smart Children? Ensure Consumption of 10 Foods Here

Research shows, a lack of minerals and vitamins that are important to the brain can reduce mental alertness of the brain. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, combined with meat and fish to provide for major minerals and vitamins needed for physical and mental health.

What are some foods that can stimulate the growth of brain cells, improve function, improve memory and concentration and thinking of children? Here are 10 foods recommended by Dr. Saridian Satrix W, SpGK:

salmon-Get smart Children

1. Salmon

Salmon is the best source "of omega 3-DHA" and "EPA" - which are both essential for growth and development of brain function. The new research also showed that people who earn more fatty acid intake has a sharper mind and recorded satisfactory results in testing capabilities. Omega-3 fatty acid content per 100 grams of fish for salmon is 2.2 grams. Needs of children in omega 3 per day is 1.2 grams.

2. Eggs
Eggs are known as an important source of protein which is relatively cheap and the price is quite affordable. Egg yolk was solid part will contain choline, a substance that can help the development of memory or memory. The content of choline in 1 large egg is 126 mg. Compare with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter that contains only 20 mg and 300 grams of beef degan content of 66 mg choline. Children's needs will choline 200-375 mg per day.

3. Peanut butter
Groundnut (peanut) that many processed into peanut butter is one source of vitamin E. This vitamin is a source of antioxidants that can protect nerve cell membranes. Together with thiamin, vitamin E helps the brain and nervous system in use glucose for energy needs. Every 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains 2.9 mg of vitamin E, while the needs of children between 4-10 mg per day.

4. Other Nuts
Peanut is a special food because these foods have the energy derived from protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition, nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Nuts are also good food for the brain because they can maintain the energy and thinking ability of children at its peak in the afternoon when the intake at lunch. According to the research, red beans and "pinto beans" contain more omega-3 fatty acids than other nuts, especially ALA, omega-3 type of origin are important for growth and brain function.

5. Whole grains
The brain requires glucose supply or preparation of the body that are constant. Whole grains have the ability to support those needs. Fiber contained in whole grains may help regulate the release of glucose in the body. Wheat also contains vitamin B which serves to maintain nervous system health. Wheat contains vitamin B, 1.5 mg per 100 grams. While the requirement of vitamin B in children is 1 mg per day.

6. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of the most popular types of cereals among children and rich in essential nutrients for the brain. Oatmeal can provide the energy or fuel for the brain a much needed children's activities started in the morning. Rich in fiber, oatmeal will keep your child's brain needs are met throughout the morning. Oatmeal is also a source of vitamin E, vitamin B, potassium, d of zinc which makes the body and brain to function at full capacity. The content of vitamin E in 250 grams of oatmeal is 0.08 mg. The content of vitamin B 0.26 mg per 250 grams of oatmeal and zinc 6.19 mg per 250 grams of oatmeal.

7. Berries
Family groups berries (strawberries, cherries, blueberries), the stronger the color the more nutrients they contain. Give contain high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which is useful to prevent cancer. Some research suggests those who get the extracts of blueberries and strawberries experienced improvements in the functioning of his memory. Seeds from these berries was also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Colorful vegetables
Tomatoes, red sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, and spinach are the vegetables that are rich sources of nutrients and antioxidants that will keep brain cells strong and healthy.

9. Milk and yoghurt
Foods derived from dairy products containing high protein and B vitamins. Two types of nutrients are essential for the growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters, and enzymes. Milk and yogurt also can make a full stomach because the content of protein and carbohydrate as well as a source of energy for the brain.

10. Lean beef
Iron is an essential mineral that helps the children stay energized and concentrate at school. Lean beef is one source of foods high in iron. The content of iron in 100 grams of beef is 4.05 mg. While the need for iron in children is 30-10 mg per day.

Benefits of Eating Apples to Health

apple benefits
Eating Apples - There have been many studies reveal that apples, like other fruits, are rich in fiber, phytochemicals, and flavonoids. However, according to the National Cancer Institute of the United States, "apple" at most contain flavonoids compared with other fruits.
This substance, according to the report, the illness can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 50 percent. In addition, there is good news for men. Mayo Clinic research results in the United States in 2001 proved that quacertin, a type of flavonoids contained in apples, may help prevent prostate cancer cell growth.

Following are some of the benefits of apples:

1. Lowering cholesterol levels.
Apples are known contain phytochemicals, antioxidants effective against bad cholesterol, in addition to lowering bad cholesterol, apples also increases good cholesterol (HDL). The content of pectin and acid D - glucaric instrumental in apples help lower bad cholesterol in the body.

2. Preventing lung cancer and healthy - tuberculosis
Flavonid substances in apples proven to reduce the risk of lung cancer - lung to 50%. Research from Cornell University in the USA also found that phytochemical substances in the skin of apples inhibited the growth of colon cancer by 43%.

3. Preventing heart disease and stroke.
Apples shown to prevent a stroke. Publication of research in Finland (1996) showed that people eating pattern rich in flavonoids have a lower incidence of heart disease.

4. Lose weight.
As a good source of fiber, apples are good for digestion and helps you lose weight. Apples are an excellent snack for people who are losing weight due to high fiber content, thus preventing hunger comes more quickly.

5. Keeping teeth healthy.
Apples also contain tannins, substances that are useful to prevent tooth decay periodontal. Gum disease is caused by plaque forming bacteria stick to each other.

6. Make women stay beautiful

The content of boron in apples shown to help women maintain hormone levels of estrogen at menopause. Maintaining estrogen means to reduce interference caused by hormonal imbalance dikala menopause, such bursts of heat, pain, depression, heart disease, osteoporosis.

7. It protects the body from the flu virus.
According to him, cider is very good for attacks against viral infections because of the stamina and immune system thanks to increased consumption of apple juice.

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Apples important to eat right now

Apples are a fruit that is easily obtained. Sweet and fresh taste would make a great snack straight, or made juices, salads, even a cake. But not only taste amazing, apple also has many health benefits. You must know the various benefits of apples for daily health. So why not begin to accustom themselves to enjoy his grain every day?

1. Apple is the slow food
This fruit contains as much as 5 grams of fiber, or 20 percent of your daily intake needs. Because hard, apple requires you to chew with the patient, and this could signal the body that you are satisfied, before you consume too many calories. Natural sweetener in apple enters the bloodstream gradually, helping you keep your blood sugar and insulin levels remain stable, so you feel full longer. This is the opposite of snacks with artificial sweetener, that make you hungry again quickly.

2. Apples help you breathe easier
Women who eat apples during pregnancy, will give birth to a child with a reduced risk of asthma, according to researchers from the UK recently. It also can protect the lungs of adults, lowering the risk of asthma, lung cancer and other diseases.

3. Apples can lower cholesterol
Thanks to two key components, pectin (a type of fiber) and polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant), apples can reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol, the chemical processes that convert it into plaques that clog arteries. To maximize the benefits of apples, eating apples with the skin. Apple skin has two to six times the antioxidant compounds.

4. Apple could fight cancer
Results of laboratory tests showed that some compounds in the aqueous fruit to curb the growth of cancer cells, but will work optimally when eaten whole apple (minus the stem and seeds, of course). People who consume more than one apple a day will reduce the risk of some cancers (mouth, esophagus, colon, breast, ovary, prostate, etc.) amounting to 9-42 per cent.

5. Apples make you smarter
Perhaps because of increased production of acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages between nerve cells, the apple is expected to keep the brain sharp as you age, increase memory, and potentially reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease, according to a recent study from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell . This study was just done to animals. But there's nothing wrong if you start trying to get used to eating this nutritious snack.

Know safe limit of preservative Instant Noodles

Problems of preservatives nipagin or methyl p-hydroxybenzoate contained in soy sauce on one brand of instant noodles instant noodle lovers make a lot of worry. Although this preservative has been declared safe by the BPOM, you also need to know the safe limits for consumption nipagin use.

Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih too sure, the amount of preservative nipagin on packaging of instant noodles in soy sauce is within safe and not harmful.

As mentioned in the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), a body established to regulate the FAO and WHO food standards, the use of preservatives such as nipagin have a tolerance is safe, if the amount of usage was still in the figure of 1000 mg/kg of product. While in Indonesia, the use of safe limits nipagin in smaller numbers ie 250 mg/kg of product.

"That is, in a pack of fried instant noodles, usually serving only 4 grams of soy sauce. And nipagin contained in weighing 4 grams of soy is only 1 mg of dikonsumi consumers, "Endang said when met at his office, Tuesday, October 12, 2010.

Endang also explained, in a safe, a person will experience no ill effects from nipagin if their consumption is only 10 mg/kg body weight. "If I have a body weight 50 kg, I consume nipagin still within safe limits if the consumption is 500 mg a day."

Although the stated number of levels in soy sauce nipagin instant noodles are within safe limits, Endang still recommend, so that people do not eat instant noodles too much. Eating a nutritionally balanced complete food will be healthier. In addition to not contain hazardous chemicals, as well as more healthful body.

You need to know, the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency or the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also stated that nipagin an additional substance to prevent mold and yeast. Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate is one of a kind parabens or preservatives that are widely used for cosmetics and medicines.

Nipagin have another name, ie methylparaben with the chemical formula CH3 (C6H4 (OH) COO). Other types of parabens are also widely used is propylparaben and butylparaben. Not only found in instant noodles, a variety of packaged food products also must use preservatives, but of course still have to follow standard safety limit as specified CAC.

4 Reasons Orgasm Feels Happy

Every woman who ever had an orgasm, you know the pleasure that is felt during orgasm. However, describe it in words is difficult. Orgasm is synonymous with pleasure, joy, and happiness.
Then, why do orgasms feel good?

"Because there is also a kind of 'orgasm' on the brain. In case this is not a physical tension, but release of the chemical elements 'happy', "says Paul Jenner, a journalist and author of Great Sex book: Secrets of great sex.

Paul also describes more about some chemical elements are related to orgasm, among them:

1. Dopamine into the front lobe of the brain when the orgasm, and produces feelings of happiness. Sometimes an orgasm also reduce pain. Therefore, you can treat headaches with sex rather than taking aspirin.

2. PEA is an amphetamine peaked when the orgasm that makes you feel like walking on air. The amount is more and more when you orgasm so the more you retain (or regain) feeling happy. PEA is a combination of dopamine and the reduction of tension because of stress. And more shocking, you can increase tenfold noradrenaline levels only with the vigorous exercise.

3. Oxytocin is a chemical that, among others, makes the nerves become sensitized and stimulate muscle contraction. Hormone oxytocin is also a 'romantic' because he makes sense of bonding/close with another person (such as a sense of bonding a mother to a newborn birth). More and more oxytocin is, then you and your partner will be more sticky.

4. Serotonin makes you feel powerless (hence serotonin is one of the medications to treat depression). Serotonin is all part when you feel satisfied after sex. Serotonin is what makes you want to sleep after orgasm.

Food Triggers Acne

When acne over your face, would be annoying that it becomes less confident. There is a myth that the beans become the main enemy of women because it allows acne to appear.

According to research at the American Academy of Dermatology is an institution for skin beauty affairs said that acne is not caused by food. There are no foods forbidden, but apparently a result of a recent case study, this proves the opposite.

Experts researchers at Colorado State University's Department of Health and Exercise even suggest to reduce sugar and high carbohydrate content of food. The institution has about 1300 people researching the islanders' Kitivan "on" Papua New Guinea ", the fast food and carbonated beverages sweet. On most days they ate only fish, fruit and meat cooked traditionally. The result? There is not one pimple was perched on their faces!

Consuming too much sugar can increase insulin levels in the blood, where it triggers the production of androgen hormones that make skin oily. So for those of you who want to try to eradicate acne it will not hurt you to try reduce sugar in the blood.

In addition to treating your face from the outside then you also have to keep the incoming intake in your body. Try you reduce the sugar in your tea or coffee and reduce bread, potatoes or rice to your daily menu. That way your face will be free of acne. Good luck.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cause of Acne and How to Treat it

A. Understanding of Acne

Acne is a skin condition that is not normal, where there is infection and inflammation of the oil glands in human skin. Acne shape is not eye-catching, disturbing and makes us confident in public. Acne is also sometimes feel pain even when touched, so we wanted to get rid of the acne attack. Acne should not be us for granted in order not to be severe.

B. Causes of acne on the skin

Acne can arise and usually occur because of things like:
1. The blockage layer of dead skin on the infected pores.
2. Oil glands in the production, too excessive.
3. Due to genetic factors, derived parents.
4. Factors such as hormones during puberty young tread.
5. The presence of skin irritation.
6. Stressful lifestyle.
7. Birth control pills.
8. and so forth.

Usually oil and dead skin layer that is not cleaned will clog the pores and form a blackhead. Comedy can be inflammatory if it was bacterial contamination propioni bacterium acnes, or p acnes. Inflammation that is what is called acne. Every person has the endurance of each of the p acnes bacteria it. Acne not only may appear on the face alone, but also other parts like the back, chest, arms, legs, buttocks, etc..

C. How to cleanse and heal acne face

1. Diligent cleaning face

Treat your face as possible to keep it clean. Know your skin type before choosing a soap and facial cleansers. Frequent cleaning will face very well, especially after a trip to areas where dirty and polluted. If there are extra funds, please do not hesitate to facials.

For facial cleansing is a good idea to choose a special soap for facial skin which is then followed by a liquid facial cleanser with "normal PH", in order to lift dirt and oil that stick to the face closely. Compared to cotton, cloth would be much better in terms of cleaning the dirt that clog the pores of the facial skin.

Acne is an embarrassment. But we must still address the acne with a head cold and rigid. Do not massage or squeeze pimples so as not exposed to dirt and germs that stick in our hands as well as acne is not infectious. Let your own burst pimple. Acne can get worse if not tackled properly.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Eat nutritious foods and not excessive, especially foods that contain lots of oil, many preservatives, strong flavor, spicy, etc.. Avoid foods and drinks that contain lots of fat and cholesterol and foods that can trigger acne such as cheese, full cream milk, fried, etc..

Exercise regularly, do not stay up, no smoking, no drugs, etc. to help our bodies maintain healthy immune and maximum. Avoid oxygen free radicals that can be found everywhere, and blocking the effects of free radicals with tea or other drinks containing antidioksida.

3. Treat acne that does not heal to a skin specialist

If the acne continues to be naughty not go away after performing various acts of treatment alone, then we should consult with a dermatologist to discuss acne that we have. Your doctor will help eliminate acne, and minimize the formation of a black stain spots on face acne scars.

Usually the doctor will give medicine acne antobiotik if we are inflamed and pus. Follow your doctor's instructions well so antibiotics do not even make the acne bacteria become resistant to drugs. Do not use acne medication haphazardly, because it can aggravate acne conditions.

Thursday, Best time for sex

DO you know that Thursday is a very good day for sex? Or Wednesday is a good chance to find love in your life?
A recent study from the London School of Economics has stated, that in the week there will always be days where we can get the most out of life. Both of the sex life or in terms of career.

Times of India described what are the things you can do during the week of work, as summarized in the "okezone".


The best day to suppress stress. Find time to relax, that advice be obtained from British Medical Journal study. Results of the study says, you have 20 percent more likely to die of a heart attack on Monday. What article? One possible cause is the stress back to work.


The best day to make a list of what should be done in a week. Tuesday is most productive day in which men and can get things done properly. A study by the United States for industrial and organizational psychology, said our rational brain at the "left" dominated the thinking at the beginning of the week and do the job better than the usual routine.


Wednesday is a day that is ideal for a first date. This statement raised more than 40 percent of singles surveyed 8000. If a date either to get a breathing space for you, then enjoy. If not successful, then you can set the time with friends for the weekend.


If you want to have sex with a partner, then this is the best time today. Because the energy levels of cortisol, which stimulates the sex hormones was at the peak.

Set your alarm clock and get a husband to do morning sex. Because the levels of sex hormone testosterone in men and estrogen in women five times higher on Thursday. Wow!


The best day to quit smoking. A U.S. study found that on Thursday, a person can withstand the temptation to smoke. This is because the embroidery you are the strongest.(Tty)

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Voyeur - Sex Positions Pregnant Women

Sex Positions for Pregnant Women - The belief that mention sex well done for pregnant women popular among the public. But, of course this fact must be adapted to the conditions that mother was carrying the baby where there are several actions that must be obeyed.

Having sex during pregnancy can be a challenge both physically and emotionally. So do not worry if you can not achieve a good position when first having sex.

Is a normal condition in pregnant women if you feel queasy, uncomfortable or awkward during sex. But this does not apply equally to other women. Not a few women who actually feel the opposite. There are some women who actually triggered more and more sexual desire because of pregnancy.
Whatever your emotional state, be sure spouse supportive and there's no reason to be experiencing a crisis of confidence. Many men do find moments of pregnancy as something so precious, so you do not need to fear with a body that continues to expand.

One of the biggest concerns when they wanted sex couples during pregnancy is the fear of hurting the baby. In fact, many medical practitioners who provide knowledge about the most appropriate position for intercourse during the middle of the two entities. By sticking to a position that works well for pregnant women, the newborn baby will be fine.

Various sex positions can make you more and more intimate. Among other sexual position spooning. With her husband behind the wife's position. In addition, the position of women in the upper body of the man or who is known as the Woman on Top (WOT).

While the ways to enhance sexual arousal is hugging, bathing together, give massages, and other sexual activity that can help both partners get the mood to make love. Likewise Legal Carefair nukil of Friday (10/22/2010).

As the pregnancy went along with it also changes in a woman of sexual side can not be avoided. Sexually, pregnant women can act very aggressive during sex. As a partner, be sure to tune to what he feels and accommodate the needs of any way you can.

Be sure to talk about your feelings and try to come up with different ways to spice up your love life together. There's nothing wrong with being more excited during pregnancy.

The only time you should not attempt to have sex during pregnancy is if the doctor has forbidden, if the waters had broken, you experience vaginal bleeding, if you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease, if you have a history of premature birth, or if you suffer condition called placenta previa, which occurs when a part of the placenta covering the cervix.

Tips overcome nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Nausea, vomiting is usually experienced by women who are pregnant. This occurs because of increased estrogen and hCG in maternal blood serum. Usually begins at age 5-7 weeks of pregnancy and ends after 12-14 weeks, although there are also ongoing.

>> Here are easy tips to deal with nausea and vomiting:
1. Sucking lemon candy flavor or taste of ginger.
2. Wear a ribbon anti-vomiting sea on the wrist.
3. Many eat fruit such as oranges/salak

Good luck, hopefully you can enjoy your pregnancy

Importance of Sexual Fantasy

Sexual Fantasy - "I like to fantasize about having sex with another man, not the husband. Am I normal?" asked a woman in the show that talks about sex in a private radio.

Normal course, a terrific fantasy whatever it according to your opinion. Erotic fantasy is an ordinary thing done by men and women.

Research conducted by the "Kinsey Institute" proved, 84 percent of men and 67 percent of women have sexual fantasies. Fantasy is a mental experience that comes from the imagination or it could be because it is stimulated by reading, painting, photo, and others. Most people fantasize about while having sexual relations with a partner, during masturbation, or even when it's not sexual activity.

The thought of someone else
Other research has ever done 'Hunt' to prove that women and men alike, they generally fantasize about having sex with a loved partner.
However, fantasizing intercourse with someone other than their spouse, even with strangers, also occurs in women and men. Many people also like to imagine having sex with the artist or celebrity they admire.

Not a few people who think having sex with more than one person. Like the story of a woman in a midnight ceremony a private radio station in Jakarta following. "I like to imagine having sex with three men at once. Everything a man I did not know, "she said.

Sexual fantasies can also be in other forms, for example imagine roughly forced to have sex. "I sometimes imagine a man who violently pushing and pinning me to the wall and kissed me passionately," says a friend.

There are times when people fantasize otherwise, that is forcing anyone else to have sex, even fantasize about relationships with other species.

Couples need to know?
To be sure, many people involved in the lives of their sexual fantasies. Realizing a fantasy come true, can be very enjoyable. However, if the fantasy was against the system of shared values, should be considered lucky to lose if you want to embodied.

Do we need to tell it to your partner an erotic fantasy? Of course depends how the quality of your relationship. Couples whose relationship strong and sex to get used to communicate openly, share the fantasy is very exciting as you may know the hope of the couple.

However, if you do not believe the couple may be invited to share fantasies, save himself alone. Most people choose to separate the world of fantasy with real sex lives. What about you?

Its function is much

Sexual fantasy has several functions. In the book Our Sexuality by Crooks & Baur mentioned include:

1. A source of pleasure. Erotic mind help in the stimulation phase with a partner or while masturbating. Imagining a particular body part is touched, really very helpful.

2. Be a way to mentally practice or in anticipation of new sexual experiences. Imagining himself took the initiative to invite having sex can make a person more ready when the situation is probable.

3. Be an alternative for sexual behavior in private is not acceptable, and conduct exploration through the erotic imagination. In fact, sexual activity "forbidden" in the fantasy even more exciting. For example, imagine sexual activity with another person, with two or three people, in the open or in the toilet of the aircraft, but only in fantasy.

4. Be a substitute for sexual activity. For example, when a husband or wife is not there, imagine the past experience is very impressive. @

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sex Secrets of Chinese emperors

China is famous for its incredible pile a lot of science, including the secret of virility of the emperor. What is the real core of the secret?

Just like the kings in various parts of the world, Chinese emperors also likes hunting. There is time for the Kings came out accompanied by a faithful servant and his bodyguards.

Rabbits and deer are the main animals that often become targets of firing arrows of the king. In addition to delicious meat, these animals are extremely agile and great flight of not less than the horses ridden by the emperor and his followers.

So, if the emperor could direct physical riding. When sweat gold robes of the king that the sun was shining buffeted by passion hunt more passionate. In addition, the king not only motivated by the difficulty of getting the animals that were lively.

"There are drugs that are being sought by the emperor!" Said Dr. Grace, the experts of traditional Chinese medicine or traditional chinese medicine (TCM) clinic in a conversation in Shanghai, where he practiced.

Each time a young deer pierced by arrows of the king, deer or elk antlers cut direct. "Well, the blood that flowed from the horns, so the most a few drops, put a cup that had been given wine, drink immediately," said Rahmat. That's the sure cure for the king's virility.

Tens of thousands
It's a quick story that often contained in the stories of antiquity. Gulp drops of blood from deer antlers is a small herb used by the emperors of China to boost stamina and virility. "There are thousands of ingredients used," said Rahmat.

But, of course, thousands of herbs that have a combination and variation of several herbal ingredients/sample, which was referred to the doctors as a booster libido and stamina.

Said Grace, the essence of the herb was basically to improve or strengthen the energy (ginseng, astragalus, dang root of zinc), strengthens blood (dang qui, chuan Xiong) and strengthen the kidneys (deer antlers, Morinda officinalis How, stem and root parasites, as well as cistanche salsa or if in China called roucongrong).

Herbal ingredients to be the only means, due to physical exercise such as tai chi kung fu even the emperor is not always performed well despite emperors who use this exercise to strengthen your stamina in bed. "Tai chi for example useful to strengthen the waist," said David Sungahandra sinse.

In addition, the recipes are definitely different levers between physician of the emperor that one and the physicians of the emperor before or afterwards.

"The recipes are important to the emperors as their every day busy with the affairs of state, whether it be meetings, meet with people, or this and that signature," explained Rahmat. So, the emperor should remain jreng booster for stamina.

In the meantime, which should be visited by the emperor is the number of concubines dozens. So, with a tight schedule, the emperor must follow a variety of protocol was made, ranging from the drink recipes are presented, until the day and who should attend.

Massage, bathing, and grooming
Since noon, the concubines who already knew the emperor would visit in peraduannya must prepare ourselves. "Massage, bathing, and grooming the beautiful is part of the protocol that must be waged by a concubine who has time to serve the emperor," said Rahmat.

For the emperor, the procedure was so complicated. The king is a shower and given a drug ingredient in the afternoon before making the concubines of this "upside down" in bed at night. (Abdi Susanto)

Diet Drugs Containing Sibutramin Prohibited

Food and Drugs Supervisory Agency, cancel and withdraw the marketing authorization of drugs that contain sibutramine which there are many on drugs decrease overweight or diet drug.

In a press release, POM states, withdrawal of drugs containing sibutramine be conducted from 14 October. This is a follow-up of the information security aspects of drug product obtained by the study results "Sibutramine on Cardiovascular Outcomes Triaf" (SCOUT), which showed an increased risk of cardiovascular events.
Also, sibutramine has also been banned from some authority in other countries on the basis of updated information on safety aspects of long-term use of sibutramine SCOUT study results, which showed an increased risk of incident kadiovaskular in patients with a history of cardiovascular disease.

"With this latest information security aspects, in order to protect the safety and public health, POM RI has conducted the cancellation and withdrawal of marketing authorization of drug products containing sibutramine starting on 14 October," said Chief BPOM Kustantinah.

Sibutramine is indicated as a drug in the treatment of adjuvant (additional) in assisting reduction of overweight in addition to exercise and diet regulation.

POM has also been ordered to all the Technical Implementation Unit in the Environment POM (Central/Balai POM in Indonesia) to examine drug distribution and service facilities (pharmacy/hospital/clinic) to the possibility still available drug.

The owner of a marketing authorization which produce drugs containing sibutramine has also been ordered to halt production and perform drug withdrawal from circulation and destroy drugs and raw materials available.

Drug distributors are also instructed to discontinue distribution and return of drugs referred to his producers. In addition, drug-care facilities are also required to promptly return the drug to the distributors.

"The people who currently use these drugs are also advised to immediately consult a doctor to get another treatment alternative," said Kustantinah.

There were six brands of drugs containing Sibutramine drawn POM. Items are drawn Reductil Capsules 10 mg and 15 mg capsules are registered by PT Abbott Indonesia, Maxislim Capsules 10 mg and 15 mg Capsules (PT Sandoz Indonesia), Redufast Capsule 10 mg (PT Sunthi Sepuri, Indonesia), Slimact Reductil 10 mg Capsules and Capsules 15 mg (PT Dexa Medica, Indonesia), Redusco Capsules 10 mg and 15 mg Capsules (PT pharmaceutical Binangkit, Indonesia) and Decaslim Capsules 10 mg and 15 mg Capsules (PT Ilarsen, Indonesia).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enough nutrient intake, Healthy Fetus

Maintaining nutrition is important, especially in pregnant women. Because the intake is to maintain the health of the mother and unborn child.

A healthy fetus in the womb is determining the future health condition after he was born. The fetus in the womb for 40 weeks continued to experience growth in the first trimester to third.

Content experts from the clinic Yasmin Ciptomangunkusumo Jakarta Hospital, Dr. HR Muharam SpOG (K) says that the health of mothers and fathers during pregnancy influences the health of the fetus.

"As a partner to plan and prepare for pregnancy is done, right then they should always prepare themselves mainly to the content to remain healthy," he said.

To maintain the health of the fetus needs to be done many ways, among them with sufficient nutrition for the fetus in pregnant women. Muharam said, eating 'foods that are nutrient dense' be one way to prevent future cell abnormalities of the fetus.

"What are consumed by pregnant women every day so keep in mind, both the type and number," said a doctor who also practiced at hospitals Sam Marie South Jakarta.

For fetal growth and perfectly healthy, pregnant women must meet the needs of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A for growth of the fetus, vitamin B1 and B2 and niacin to the body's metabolic processes.

Vitamin B6 and B12 to regulate the use of proteins, while vitamin C to help absorption of iron during pregnancy or prevent anemia. For a good adequacy of bone formation and joint fetus, then the required vitamin D found in milk and other dairy and nuts.

As for vitamin E is useful for the formation of red blood cells and protects fats from damage. Entering the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, pregnant women need more calcium, with the needs of about 1,200 mg per day is equivalent to eating 2 cups of milk or 125 g of cheese. That's because at the time the fetus begins to grow exponentially.

In addition, folic become one of the important nutrients because it has the function to optimize fetal development while supporting the health of the pregnant women. Adequacy of folate are generally already known to play a role in reducing the risk of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) and other birth defects.

Because the facts show, women of Asia, including Indonesia, to risk having a baby with NTD. Folate can also avoid the risk of megaloblastic anemia and reduce levels of homocysteine in the blood.

"Sources of folic acid include broccoli, wheat, beans, spinach, also fruits such as oranges and strawberries," says obstetrician from Hermina Hospital, dr Ifzal Asril SpOG.

Furthermore, pregnant women need more calories due to the formation of new cells, the drainage of food from the maternal blood vessels to the fetus through the placental blood vessels, and the formation of enzymes and hormones that regulate fetal growth.

Healthy Eating - Time to Adjust Eating Patterns

Healthy Eating - The times are demanding fast-paced and practical diet also influenced the community. Instant food factory made a choice for tasty, inexpensive, easily obtainable, and easily processed. In fact, the content of food additives in instant foods that have a risk.

Consumption of instant food of choice in the middle of modern society and the inability and the limited time to cook fresh food. This trend took place globally, not only in Indonesia.

Originally prepared instant food for the astronauts who will travel into space or soldiers who are fighting. To be easily processed food, but taste delicious and durable, ditambahkanlah some food additives.
In its development, the industry also utilize a variety of these food additives, preservatives either, perisa, flavor enhancer, dye, or various other types. Materials are making food production becomes cheaper, can be used in a long time, and the distribution becomes broader.

Although its use in a certain amount guaranteed security by the government and international agreements, the consumption of instant food containing food additives still needs to be regulated. Consumption of food with balanced nutrition and variety to minimize the risk of the use of food additives.

"It should not be a menu of instant foods daily. Occasionally eating of course allowed. In principle, macro and micro nutrient needs should be met, "says Expert Analysis and Food Safety from the School of Pharmacy, Bandung Institute of Technology, Rahmana Erman Kartasasmita, when contacted from Jakarta, Wednesday (13/10).

Instant noodles

One instant favorite food of Indonesian society is 'instant noodles'. Not only used as food booster awaiting hungry before mealtime, noodles are also widely used as side dishes. In fact, some people make it as a snack by mixing spices and noodles without cooking.

Medical specialist in internal medicine and consultant stomach and digestion in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Ari Fahrial Syria, said the consumption of instant food is actually not a problem if done correctly.

For those who have ulcer disease or high blood pressure, instant noodles of course is not recommended because the content of yeast in the noodles or the element of salt in the seasoning penyedapnya. For those who do not have digestive disorders, consumption of instant noodles allowed to keep watching the balance of food is consumed.

Instant noodles is a food alternatives that can be used as a substitute for rice, not the main meal. The pattern of consumption of instant noodles that make it as a snack or side dish will make the cumulation of calories in the body.

Plus the stress factors that promote overeating and inactivity, consumption of instant noodles that can trigger obesity. Obesity is becoming one of the factors increasing the risk of various types of cancer, not because of instant noodle.

Consumption of instant noodles also do not cause appendicitis. Appendix caused by infection of the appendix, not because of noodles, bean chili, cashew or stone.

"It is too simple to say eating instant noodles can cause cancer and appendicitis," said Ari.

Food additives

The use of various types of food additives on various types of instant foods by industry experts believed Food Chemistry from the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Nuri Andarwulan, will not exceed the limits set by the government.

In addition to food for security reasons, already meet the safety factor, the use of food additives in excess it will damage the appearance, taste, and texture of the food itself.

"Raw food additive is expensive. The use of excess to the detriment of the industry, "said Nuri.

In the instant noodles, the kind of existing food additives, among others, plant-based sweeteners, acidity regulators, dyes, and antioxidants. While the ingredients are generally present in the form of reinforcing a sense, perisa, and various kinds of vitamins. In general, soy sauce and chili sauce contained preservatives and thickeners.

Additional material exists that is synthetic or natural. Within normal limits, the use of food additives will not affect your health. Studies conducted on the effects of one kind of food additives is generally performed in levels far above normal.

Recognized Nuri, a number of food additives are subject to risks for those who have health problems and hypersensitivity. This restriction does not apply to healthy people. Especially for people with autism, it is advisable to not consume food manufacturer at all.

Although consumption of instant food is allowed, the consumption of fresh foods prepared themselves still need to take precedence. Although a bit messy, this method is more healthy because it allows setting nutritional balance that the body needs food.

Sex Positions Determine Baby Gender

For some reason, he wanted the first male child. How do I? Are there any special techniques, including in intimate relationships, in order to obtain the boys?

"I am a young 26 year old, TB / BB: 165 cm/69kg, plans 2 more years to get married. My question:
* How can I get a greater likelihood of boys?
* What is the timing associated with the candidate's wife (ie in the morning or evening) that determines the sex of the future?
* Does the menstrual cycle to determine my future wife to get the child the more dominant male or female?
* How do I calculate to get the boy? "

R., Jakarta

Culture result
For many people in our country, the desire to have sons is still very strong. Of course this is closely related to socio-cultural conditions and traditions of people who are still 'gender bias', by placing men more than women in all respects.

Sex Positions Determine Baby Gender
In some countries, other developing and underdeveloped countries as well, such a desire is also very strong. In contrast, in developed countries, the desire to have children with certain sex, especially males, no more. For them, men and women the same right, not just a slogan.

Perhaps because of the desire to have children with a particular sex is not important to them in developed countries, does not seem to find new ways of development in this regard.

Separation of Spermatozoa
Until now there is a way that still is a way that is long enough to get, namely separating spermatozoa through a special media. With this separation, obtained sperm containing the X or Y chromosome, depending on what media is used.

Results of separation later in inseminasikan into the womb to produce a pregnancy with a specific gender. Although the results are not guaranteed one hundred percent, this method offers hope for those who wish to plan pregnancy with a particular gender.

If you want a child with male gender, a fairly sophisticated way above can be done. However, if you are reluctant to use a sophisticated manner, it may use a simple way. Of course with a higher failure rate than a more sophisticated manner.

When Fertile
A simple way is based on biological differences between sperm cells containing the X chromosome containing Y chromosome The difference between the two sperm cells as follows.

First, the X sperm cell size bigger, so that its motion more slowly, while Y sperm move faster because the smaller size. Second, the X sperm cells are more resistant to acidic substances, while Y sperm are more resistant to alkaline substances.

Based on this biological difference then made a simple attempt to separate the two types of spermatozoa in the planning of the baby's sex.
First, by setting the time of sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse done in time to allow fertile Y spermatozoa reach the egg first, so it is expected to produce a baby boy. If done about two days before or after the fertile time, is expected to produce a baby girl.

Second, by utilizing a substance that is acidic or alkaline. If you want a baby boy, do rinse the vagina with an alkaline material prior to sexual intercourse. Conversely, if women want a baby, do the rinsing with acidic substances before sexual intercourse.

Third, by arranging techniques that sexual intercourse orgasm can be arranged. If you want a baby boy, the wife must reach orgasm first to make the atmosphere inside the vagina becomes alkaline. Conversely, if want a baby girl, the wife should reach orgasm and then to the atmosphere in the vagina remained sour.

Of course a simple way is not guaranteed to provide definitive results. In fact, failure is quite high because for many people is not always easy to determine when the fertile right now, and how to manage to achieve orgasm first or later. @

Consultation Prof. answered. DR. dr. Wimpie Pangkahila Sp.And

Want Male Infant or Female? Here's Way

Having children is the dream of every couple. However, selecting the sex of the newborn for most of us surely is not easy.

However, recently there are studies showing that a natural way to predict the sex of your child. Doctor of Omni Medical Center Hospital, Dr. Caroline Tirtajasa, SpOG, from the Omni Medical Center Hospital, explains that "play" by the fertile time can you make a natural way to choose the sex of the child. Here's how:

1. Before and after ovulation
If you do have sex before or after the fertile period, then sperm x as a carrier female sex cells will be around the ovaries. In these circumstances, the cells 'sperm x' has the most likely to fertilize the egg. This increases the possibility of the birth of female babies.

2. At the time of ovulation

If you want a baby boy, do intimate relationship with the couple at the peak of ovulation. This is because the Y sperm cells are more likely to fertilize your egg cells are already mature.

3. Insemination
Beyond this way, medical experts say there are other ways, namely through the streets insemination with sperm cell selection. (Tam)

Instant Noodles Not for Everyone

Instant noodles are close to the people it now has worldwide. The products are popular ranging from children to adults. Its practical, varied, it feels good, and the price is affordable is a great attraction. From the health side, in fact, not everyone can eat instant noodle.

Instant Noodles Not for Everyone

Instant noodles are noodles that have been processed products have continued ripening process (instanisasi), namely fried or steamed and dried with hot air until its gelatinization point, and then packaged. This process allows the level of maturity that perfect noodles can be achieved only within 3-5 minutes of boiling.

According dr.Ari Fahrial Sham, Sp.PD, specialist in internal medicine from FKUI RSCM Jakarta, people suffering from gastric disorders are advised not to eat noodles. "For heartburn sufferers are not recommended because the noodles noodles contain yeast so that it will increase the gas in the stomach," he said when contacted, (11/10).

In addition, the content of monosodium glutamate (MSG) on the instant noodles are also best avoided by people with high blood pressure. "Sodium on MSG will make high blood pressure increases," said one faculty member in the Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine-RSCM this.

He added that, as a "booster" emergency stomach, can just eat instant noodles, but not to be eaten regularly. "The best food remains fresh because the value of nutrients and vitamins are still high," he said.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Know Preservatives Nipagin

Chaotic withdrawal Indofood instant noodle production occurred in Taiwan because the country questioned the preservatives that one of them named nipagin or methyl p-hydroxybenzoate.

Preservatives Nipagin

In fact, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), the body that established the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) to set food standards, has allowed the use of these preservatives in certain limits.

Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), Monday (10/11/2010), stating that Indonesia based on the CAC and allow the use nipagin within certain limits.

According to the BPOM, the use of instant noodle nipagin circulating in Indonesia is still within control. The results of sample tests on instant noodles soy sauce containing nipagin in the last five years shows, none of the content of these preservatives that exceeds the maximum limit.

So what exactly is a substance called methyl p-hydroxybenzoate which is found in soy sauce Indofood instant noodles to worry about Taiwan's Government?

According to information cited by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency or the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nipagin an additional substance to prevent mold and yeast. Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate is one of a kind parabens or preservatives that are widely used for cosmetics and medicines.

Nipagin has another name, ie methylparaben with the chemical formula CH3 (C6H4 (OH) COO). Other types of parabens are also widely used is propylparaben and butylparaben.

According to the FDA, for a product normally used parabens which amounted to more than one type. Preservatives are usually combined with other preservatives to provide protection against various microorganisms.

Methylparaben is a type of "parabens" which can be produced naturally and is found in some fruits, especially blueberries and other types of parabens. So far, there has been no evidence that methylparaben can cause adverse health effects at certain concentrations in body care or cosmetic use.

The FDA considered, methylparaben as a preservative that is safe or Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) for cosmetics. In Europe, the methylparaben used as a food preservative approved by the European Union with code E-218.

Methylparaben can also be metabolized by soil bacteria so it was really loose. Methylparaben easily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract or through the skin. This is the hydraulic to p-hydroxybenzoic acid and quickly removed without accumulation in the body.

In every country, the upper limit the use of different nipagin. In the United States, Canada, and Singapore, the maximum levels nipagin is 1,000 mg per kg. The Hong Kong nipagin 550 mg per kg. In Indonesia, POM has set a limit on the use of nipagin 250 mg per kg. [kompas]

Alcohol Syndrome Inhibit Development Infant

Alcohol syndrome at fetus or the 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) "is a condition caused by exposure to alcohol before birth. FAS is the leading cause of mental retardation in children.

In addition to mental retardation, FAS is also causing deformity of the skeleton and major organ systems (especially the heart and brain), growth disorders, central nervous system problems, poor motor skills, death, learning problems, memory, social interaction, impaired speech, and hearing.

There are also facial features that are characteristic of FAS babies, are small eyes, short nose, or inverted, flat cheeks and thin lips. Although physical appearance is fading as the child grows, is still having trouble for a lifetime.

Another term of alcohol there is also, such as fetal alcohol effects (FAE), which is divided into two categories, namely alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder (ARND) and alcohol related birth defects (ARBD). ARND describes the mental and behavioral disorders such as learning disabilities, poor school performance, difficulties with impulse control, and problems with memory, and attention.

While ARBD describe deformities of the skeletal system and major organ systems, such as heart defects, kidney, and hearing. Differences between FAS and FAE are FAS is the result of high doses of alcohol during pregnancy. While the FAE is the result of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Still, 'FAE' is for life.

In fact there is no safe amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy. The more alcohol consumed, the higher the risk to infants. Alcohol is teratogen that can damage the developing baby. Alcohol can cross the placenta and into the fetus. Mothers who drink alcohol, the baby was also drinking. How to prevent it, of course with stops drinking alcohol, including when the mother's plan to become pregnant. (SI Newspapers/Newspapers

Monday, October 11, 2010

Educating Children with Down Syndrome

Educating Children with Down Syndrome

Caring for children with Down syndrome are easy bother. Keep patience, persistence, and sincerity to be able to deal with children with special needs this.
Having a child is perfect and healthy, both physically and mentally, certainly hope all parents. However, couples often entrusted by God's children who have a deficiency. For example, suffered from Down syndrome detected.

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs on chromosome No21 on Q22 file SLC5A3 gene, which can be recognized by looking at a fairly typical clinical manifestations. Children with Down syndrome can be seen directly is the difference with normal children. Their faces were round like the full moon (moon face), with narrow eyes that the edges are drawn upward.

Until now, not yet known what caused the damage No21 chromosomes that trigger genetic abnormalities cause Down syndrome. However, it is estimated there are several factors at play, such as maternal age are already quite advanced, are exposed to ultrasound ultrasound more than 400 times, the influence of alcohol, drugs of China, and others.

Down syndrome children have three distinctive characteristics, namely low intellectually, mentally retarded, and physically they are weak. As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you play an important role in helping him to achieve their full potential.

Having a child with Down syndrome is full of challenges and achievements. Frustration and give up that continues to go up and down often leave parents exhausted. Most importantly be patient and continue to encourage the children to try to walk and master the skills of other child development, such as turning the body, sitting, standing and talking.

Your child will likely need more time than other children to achieve these important events. As well as the results of research conducted at Kansas State University and Texas Tech University, USA.

From the survey conducted online to parents who have children with Down syndrome, they claim to have negative feelings when they learn that their child suffered from Down syndrome. However, most cases eventually turned into joy and survive.

"The majority of parents feel that (has a Down syndrome child) shocking. They then depression, sadness, grief, shock, feeling scared, angry, frustrated, and helpless, "said Briana
Nelson Goff, dean for academic affairs at the Faculty of Human Ecology and professor in the Division of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University was quoted as saying the page

However, after that, many parents who managed to turn negative feelings into positive. Own surveys conducted since October 2009, and managed to collect 500 responses.

"The parents say, that the time to familiarize themselves with their children is one of the most important key to their resilience. They should take the time to realize what they are facing, which then helps their adjustments, "said Goff.

Naturally, if the initial find children suffering from disorders, parents sad. However, secured, the next achievement, very significant and interesting to look at. Do not forget, register your child (from infancy to age 3 years) in the early intervention program. These programs usually have trained staff to monitor and encourage your child's development.

Talk with your child about the programs that follow them. Achieve the fundamental skills of children such as learning to feed themselves and wear their own clothes, it often takes much longer for children with Down syndrome.

Therefore, set aside time each day to keep practicing and keep a positive attitude when you help children learn to perform these tasks. Encourage your child to learn, socialize, and active fisik. Example, enroll your child in classes with other children the same age.

Think about ways to stimulate your thinking skills your child without making the task too difficult. You know that it's a good challenge for your child, and sometimes the end does not run as expected.

Most children with Down syndrome can be incorporated into the regular classroom. Your child may need an adapted curriculum and can sometimes attend special classes. Continue to involve yourself with your child's education.

Children with special needs, as well as children with Down syndrome, have an equal right to get education. The law also protects your rights as a parent to be fully informed about your child's education.

When Down syndrome, child enters puberty, proper care and cleanliness of the body becomes very important. Proceeds from the environment and self-esteem is influenced by how well you and your child deal with this problem.

Socially, adolescents and adults with Down syndrome have the same needs as normal people. Most of them want to go out, socialize, and through relationships with other species.

You can help your child develop healthy relationships with teaching social skills and appropriate behaviors. Encourage your child to take part in school activities and community. Provide an opportunity to establish a healthy friendship is essential to the happiness of your children and foster a sense of belonging.

At that time, taught to respect her body and the bodies of others. Then, talk openly about religion-based morality. To be sure, give an honest sex education and given it the right way for your child to understand. You should start planning for the future arrangement of your child during his teenage years onwards.

Many people with Down syndrome live independently as adults in care homes or apartments with support services. However, care homes and community centers need the most basic level of independence he should have, such as eating, bathing, and wearing their own clothes.

An adult with Down syndrome will benefit when working outside the home and social activities. Having an active lifestyle by learning to continue to make everyone, including people with Down syndrome, feel more energized and feel that her life meaningful.

Adult care home may be an option. Or follow the special olympics and other activities that emphasize the training process can also be an option. You should encourage the hobby and love for him, as in art or hobby such as drawing.

Treat and care for your female organs!

Treat female organs

Caring female organs - Conducting a series of body treatments from head to toe on it seems only natural for women. Starting from the cream bath, facial, massage, manicure, pedicure. Well, what about the female organs?
Why does this sometimes escaped the attention of ya! Moms Have properly maintain vaginal health?

If not, Dr. Eva Roria Silalahi, SpOG, of Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital, Jakarta gives her review:

Clean femininity area

Living in the tropics with hot air and tends to damp often make the body hot and sweaty. Then, body parts covered and the folds become damp and cause bacteria to breed easily, causing the odor and fragile cause disease.

Maintain cleanliness of female organs is absolute. Keep it quite easy, really! As long as the woman patient and painstaking.

How it, wash the vulva (vaginal lips) are slowly and regularly use clean water after each urination. After a bowel movement, should be washed using mild soap. Used to clean the anus with water, then wash her pussy lips toward the back. By watering the area around the vaginal lips can be used to clean the sweat and bacteria.

The proper way to wash the vagina from the front to the back of the anus. Do not get upside down! This can cause the bacteria that is carried around the anus into the vagina. Always use clean water and dry using a soft towel or tissue non perfume.

1. Use of Liquid Soap for Women

In the market many outstanding female soap that works scent or containing antiseptic. This was chosen because many women feel less comfortable with the scent of her feminine area.

Actually this is not the right way, because there are side effects. In normal conditions, in the vagina there are a variety of bacteria and organisms that are beneficial or detrimental. Too often wash the vagina with a liquid chemical (douching) and the like can upset the balance of organisms and vaginal fluids, so susceptible to infection in the vagina.

2. Know your femininity Aroma

Conditions and normal healthy vagina is characterized by white or yellowish liquid is accompanied by a distinctive odor that appears, is because the walls of the vagina and cervix produce well fluid.

Regarding the odor or aroma and the level of fluid viscosity may change along with the menstrual cycle. If something is not normal, this fluid will be automatically changed accordingly.

This is why the use of liquid femininity makes women sometimes do not recognize the distinctive smell of her vagina itself. Indeed recognize the smell vagina can detect early if there is anything suspicious. So that could be addressed early.

4. Maintain cleanliness At Menstruation

Many women feel uncomfortable at the time of menstruation. Hormonal changes and sometimes accompanied by complaints of pain around the abdomen and vagina. This is normal because the uterus shed during menstruation uterine lining of blood because there is no fertilization.

Election pads during menstruation is very important. Select the bandage is soft, has good absorption, does not contain ingredients such as allergies or a gel containing perfume.

Replace the pads ranges from four to five times a day to avoid the growth of bacteria that breed on the bandage, and avoid the entry of bacteria into the vagina.

5. Intelligent Choosing Lingerie

Choose underwear made from cotton, so it can absorb sweat. Also avoid using tight underwear, in addition to the skin such as "stuck" also causes the blood circulation is not smooth.

Do not forget to keep clean underwear. Replace at least twice a day for active women and is easy to sweat.

6. Check In Routine to the Doctors

Should do regular checks to a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology every two years or so, to determine the possibility of a serious disease of the reproductive organs. (Mom & Kiddie/NSA)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sexual fantasies, arousal generating Shortcuts

You might consider that sexual fantasies were not good. Because, think fantasy is a sign of a problem in a relationship.

"Maybe it could be a problem. But it all depends on the fantasy. There is a huge difference between, say, fantasizing that you and your partner are interested in the stars that show sex and truly hope your partner is another Oran when having sex, "said Paul Jenner through his book" Great Sex: Secrets of Sex ".

Paul explained, the fantasy can be really positive. Once you share a fantasy, you are lying naked in the mind and soul mate. You will be more intimate than before. Not only that, the fantasy also provide benefits for couples intimacy. This was revealed by Paul. What are the benefits?

- Increasing levels of stimulation
- Generating excitement Shortcuts
- Jump to the section relating to the brain
- Reveal the things about your spouse that has not known before
- Increase the sense of intimacy between you both
- Introduce the ideas that you can continue to use in real life if you want.

"Personal fantasy is certainly not a recipe for getting better sex with a partner. Fantasy who does not want you to be good to backup daily dreams and masturbation. This will easily disturb you from your partner. Fantasy is divided, on the other hand, is a recipe to a great sex, "said Jenner.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Switching Positions Currently bring Penetration Energy

As with food. Will feel less enjoyable if each day only served food menu that's it. This also applies to sex.
Intercourse couples who lived after years of marriage, it will feel no longer senikmat in early marriage. So it takes a great way to choose the "menu" for no longer bored in bed. And this does not mean you can not make love to combine a variety of styles. In fact, you can turn back the libido in a way unimaginable.

"Mixing styles erotic make your sex life in a form. Just mix up your workout, which makes the body fit and challenging," said Miro Guldelsky DHS, a sex therapist in New York City. Legal Similarly quotes from the Women's Health.

Not only that, the sex therapist and author of "What About Me?", Jane Greer, PhD, also gave his views.

"Keep playing with the kind of novel smelled of sex, allowing you to find a sexual preference that you may not even know," said Greer.

"And as a running mate, adding a different dimension to their sex life will strengthen the overall relationship," he added.

Greer explained, change positions or having sex style during penetration can also bring new energy.

"Think of it as meat and potatoes. Having sex every day, for a week. When walking sex romp, then you have all the energy," said Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a professor of sociology at the University of Washington who is also the author of "Prime: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love, and the Sensual Years ". (NSA)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dangers Behind Breast Implant

Plastic surgery becomes an important instrument to improve the appearance. One of his procedure is, breast implants. Despite having a high health risk, larger breasts became a much sought shortcuts to womanhood.
Even so, the fake breast that could boom, now the trend has ended. It appears in line with current trends that occurred in Hollywood. In which celebrities choose to remove their breast implants, and film studios to support a natural breast shape.

Not only that, according to recent reports, suggests that breast implants are very high risk to the health of those who do it.

Experts fear evil silicone used in breast implants are several enhancements that serious risks could explode. Materials made by French company, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) has been banned by France and Sweden. Experts believe that the gel used in implants can cause inflammatory problems in the breast area. reported that dilansirTimes of India, on Monday (4/10/2010).

On that basis, British plastic surgeon has now been urged to stop using the product PIP. Although the official medicines and products Regulatoray Health Agency (MHRA), which is investigating the matter, saying that they have proof that the content of the PIP is not necessarily dangerous.

Susanne Ludgate said, "Doctors are not allowed to implant these devices and they should quarantine every ingredient. Patients who have an interest in PIP in terhadaptgel silicone breast implants they should contact the surgeon implants them. Once we receive further information, we will provide further advice continued. "

To note, there are nearly 8500 breast surgery in Britain last year. (NSA)

Tip Maintaining Healthy Skin

FACIAL can be one way to spend the time to pamper yourself. Here are some tips to keep your body skin health safe and inexpensive can be applied to the pattern of our lives.
No need to pay dearly for body skin care. The ways are very simple and can make your skin become refreshed and more youthful. Follow the steps below if you want to get healthy skin:

• First, keep the skin clean. No need to be excessive, if it actually will cause excessive dry skin. Simply take a bath twice a day.

• Second, drink water at least 8 glasses a day to keep skin moist.

• Third, a healthy lifestyle is to eat foods that contain vitamins and fiber (fruits and vegetables) and exercise regularly.

• Fourth, keep the skin to stay dry and clean, especially the area of skin folds and areas covered. Because the area is easily infected skin fungus. Use anti-fungal powder, twice a day morning and evening after bathing for the treatment and just once a day in the morning for prevention.

Beware pollution

The increasing air pollution in the environment and also an unhealthy lifestyle did influence the body's health and the effect is of course affected skin. More and more diseases that result from it.

The only way we must also protect our health in order to remain fit, trying to look fit even though we must also maintain our appearance.

In order for our appearance look fresh, it is necessary to pay attention to skin health. In addition to maintaining skin health agency, we also must keep up appearances not only from the skin of the body only.

Skin health is the main thing we should care, because this is also an asset of the interface. (SINDO/NSA)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alexa Chung: I'm Not Suffering from Eating Disorders

British presenter and former model Alexa Chung is known to have tall and slender body typical of the models. Alexa also has the unique taste of fashion. But speculation is currently 26 years old girl was suffering from an eating disorder. Really?
Chinese-English hybrid is indeed familiar with the world of fashion. After leaving the modeling world, winning awards as the best-dressed woman was still colored version of Vogue's fashion stage by sitting in the front row of the show.

Now, Chung try their luck to become a designer and have a Mulberry bag is named after the name.

However, due to thin, Chung always exposed to gossip about her weight and suffering from an eating disorder that took the fashionista victim. Upset and angry with these rumors, she had decided to go to vote.

"I can not express how frustrated because they do not believe when she said, 'I do not suffer from eating disorders'," she explained to British Elle magazine cited the November issue of People.

"I'm naturally very thin indeed. I can be even thinner when the stress. And you can not imagine how much stress I was last year," she said honestly, tell me about her debut on U.S. television show "It's On with Alexa Chung."

"Everyone can see that I did not show great performance and I can not handle it," she continued.

After the event was completed last year, rumors about eating disorders that began circulating on the internet, virgin newly released personal collection for Madewell was denied.

"It made me angry because I do not want to be an example to young girls just as skinny. I do not want to be admired as thin as opposed to dress well, and I do not want them to be confused," she added. (NSA)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Men Must Know 5 Things about Women's Breasts

Breasts are one of the crown for the Eve. Parts of the body this one is a sexual organ that became an obsession of men.

Not a few of them stunned, intrigued, or surreptitiously view just to look at him. While women are protected and only a few are willing to show part of the crown.

However, behind the beauty of its form, many men do not understand this about the sexual organs. Men also do not understand about the perceptions of female body part that becomes a matter of pride in it.

Well, to uncover the truth, female sexuality experts conducted a survey of around 700 respondents. Here are some important findings that should be known the Adam to want to understand and better appreciate the women's crown.

1. Breast is the charm
Three-quarters of women who were included in the survey agreed that the interest of men in women's breast is not harmful. Seventy percent of women assume that most men enchanted charm of this one organ.

But of course, this does not mean he can go around treating or poke fun at women's breasts. "It's really no excuse if you are not polite or keep staring at him," said Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a sex researcher from Indiana University's Kinsey Institute.

Therefore, keep civility. If you like, it is enough to enjoy its beauty in person. Fixed respect of women in public because it is the duty of every woman appreciates a man.

2. Women are more loving breasts
Most women look at breasts as sexual identity, is more than just a fashion accessory or other body part. Approximately 62 percent of women prefer to open the top of their bodies rather than the bottom, and 78 percent of women claim to prefer the position of woman-on-top because they can show off her breasts during sex.

Women also often take advantage of her crown as an advantage. As many as 87 percent of those surveyed considered that the women who make "efforts to show off" her breasts get preferential treatment.

3. Women can be very problematic with her breasts

When a girl grew up, there are emotional factors related to breast growth. In fact, changes in the breast can also be a very complicated issue. On average, women experience a change in breast size up to six times as an adult.

Monthly menstrual cycle, contraceptive pill, weight changes, pregnancy, and lactation are the factors that influence the shape, size and feeling the Eve of the breast.

"The sexiest thing a woman can use is to use her confidence. If he feels less confident, help him to feel more comfortable with her body," says Elisabeth Squires, author of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls.

4. In bed, Man did not know anything

Herbenick said, the Adam usually make two mistakes in treating these women's crown. "Men tend to touch it as they enjoy the touch (usually a smooth or rough), or they do it the way he never liked the couple before," he said

In fact, women do not always liked it that way. "Every woman has different feelings about her breasts," said Dr. Logan Levkoff sexologists author of How to Teach Them to Become Sexually Healthy Adults.

Logan had a trick to overcome it: Every time the couple took off her bra in front of you, forget all your memory before the breast. It was even useful for you who are paired for years. Start with a way to pretend, as if you've never seen it.

"You learn and learn again how a person sighing, moaning, and screaming when you touch it. You'll never get stuck in old routines," said Herbenick.

5. Breast strengthen the emotional bond
"Breast is not always about sex," says Levkoff, "and when you know it, the women would really appreciate it."

Levkoff notice, men should learn to take advantage of an intimate moment with a couple no-frills sex. For example, when you're relaxing with your partner while watching TV. "Laid his head on his chest to give him the maternal strength in you," says Levkoff.

Another tip: If she complained of pain in her breasts, try to offer yourself to massage. But again, do it with a non-sexual way.