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Healing Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

Healing Hemorrhoids Without Surgery - You people with hemorrhoids? maybe you're looking for hemorrhoid medications. you know, that 'hemorrhoid disease' can be treated without surgery. good news for you. refer to this article

When you hear the word operation (surgery), that comes to mind is the flash of a knife hemorrhoid sufferers are scary. Yet nothing has been horrified at this sharp equipment tore parts of the body. For patients, this is part of a struggle in an effort to rid wasirnya disease. That is why, many hemorrhoid sufferers reluctant to undergo surgery. If it is still possible, hemorrhoid sufferers would choose another way of handling.

Anus should also be repaired

Haemorrhoids is a widening of blood vessels beneath the anal mucous membrane (flexus hemorrhoidal) into a kind of tangled yarn so as to form lumps or bumps. Most hemorrhoids occur in the so called internal haemorrhoid. Because the location in this is often inconvenient sufferer. While hemorrhoids are happening outside or haemorrhoid externa number of cases only slightly, about 5 -7%.

According to Western medical concepts, the occurrence of hemorrhoids caused by obstructed blood flow to the heart forth, so that blood vessels dilate.

To perform the binding of a troubled arteries, dr. Henry needs the help of Doppler ultrasound

Slightly different from the above understanding, the concept of Eastern medicine to explain that the occurrence of hemorrhoids is not simply a backflow are no barriers, but because the structure is also one of her anus. This is supported by research, which states 90%, hemorrhoids caused by heredity. Due to genetics, meaning that the wrong structure of the anus.

In the circular muscle of the anus are grabbed continuously for 24 hours. Allegedly, hemorrhoids happen because there is a weak part of the structure of the anus. "Therefore, in treating hemorrhoids, not enough to treat wasirnya, but her anus muscle contraction must also be repaired," said dr. Niko M. Manaf, RS digestive surgeon. Kartika, Polumas, Jakarta.

Hemorrhoid conditions differentiated into four levels. The first level, bleeding only occurs with itching. The second level, bleeding and pain accompanied by the appearance of small bumps that have not disrupt the process of defecation. The third level, the bleeding with a lump that comes out after a bowel movement, but can go alone. The fourth level is marked by a bump that comes out after defecation can not go alone, so that should be helped to enter it again. In fact, dr. Niko M. Manaf add a fifth gradation, when the lump can not be pushed back. This occurs because the process of fibrosis (hardening) or the formation of thrombosis (blood clotting). At this level, patients are usually extremely painful.

Differences in levels of hemorrhoids is then differentiate how to handle it. For mild cases are usually quite controlled by drinking, eating high-fiber menu, and defecating on a regular basis. Creams containing corticosteroid drugs and materials of local anesthetic can reduce swelling and pain. However, the possibility of re-emergence of hemorrhoids is still wide open.

More severe hemorrhoid can be overcome by the binding of the swollen part with rubber in order to "die" and off by itself. However, how binding of the base of the hemorrhoid is already quite outdated and only a limited circle who is still practicing. Its success could not be guaranteed, it will often lead to infection or bleeding torturing extraordinary.

Binding artery

If reluctant or afraid to undergo surgery, the patient can also choose non-operative measures. Among others, these are quite modern and has been accepted in the medical world is sclerotherapy (injecting a liquid irritant). In this way the swollen blood vessels will experience shrinkage. Or, by using Doppler ultrasound Transproctoscopie Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (TDUHAL) which has been developed in Australia. Implementation of this method is quite simple; patients underwent only the binding act of the arteries that leads to swelling of hemorrhoid.

TDUHAL method is typical of the tools he used Doppler ultrasound and its supporting equipment. In the sophisticated and expensive equipment have doppler transducer, equipped with sensors such loudspeakers. With the help of these tools, the doctor can listen to the sound pulse so that it can know where the troubled artery. In front of the Doppler transducer, there are small windows and lamps. From this hole doctors were doing was binding on the arterial problem. Binding point approximately 10 cm from the anus.

With the introduction of therapy in the form of sedation to prevent anxiety, this action only takes 15 minutes plus to recover from sedation for about 30 minutes. "Anesthesia is not required and relatively pain is not too disturbing," said dr. Henry Santoso, Indonesia surgeon Procto Center (PCI) who practice TDUHAL method.


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