Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pediatrician Concentrated in Cities

The number of pediatricians in Indonesia is still considered less than ideal number, namely one in 25 000 inhabitants. Currently, the number of new pediatricians in Indonesia in 2700 people with the highest concentration in large cities or counties.

This was revealed by dr.Badriul Hegar, Sp.A, chairman of the Indonesian Association of Pediatricians (IDAI) in a seminar on adolescent health issues to commemorate the 56th anniversary IDAI in Jakarta, (16/6).

"There are 8000 people needed doctors more children. Of the 14 educational institutions throughout Indonesia, each year only produced 100-150 pediatrician," explains dr.Badriul.

In addition to the amount of the loss, there is also a pediatrician who was in town more or district. "It has not been distributed properly," he said again.

Therefore, further Badriul, currently IDAI trying to spread his competence of general practitioners and midwives as the spearhead of the health service.

"We're trying to do the transfer of knowledge by introducing the health problems of children and its management," he said.

In the peak IDAI Anniversary celebration to be held early in July, IDAI planning to give tribute to the pediatrician who dedicate themselves in remote areas.


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