Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recognize the Causes of Premature Birth

preterm labor or Premature Birth is the occurrence of delivery before the full gestational age standards, namely in gestational age between 20-36 weeks. Normal pregnancy is 40 weeks duration is calculated from the first day of last menstrual period.

Infants born less months, usually birth weight less than 2,500 grams. These premature babies who may die at birth or in need of intensive care because his vital organs, immature, such as lung, liver, or swallowing reflex.

In Indonesia, 30 percent of preterm births occur. Preterm labor are often not known the reason. But according Dr.Gilberto R. Pereira, experts from the Perinatal children's hospital in Philadelphia, United States, there are several causes of preterm labor. Among these are:

- Cervical or cervix does not close completely so that pregnancy can not be maintained.

- Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, a condition with complications of pregnancy high blood pressure, release of protein in the urine and swelling in both legs. "If the pregnancy could endanger her mother passed on," said Pereira.

- Placenta previa or location of the placenta was covering the birth canal.

- Failure of fetal growth.

- Infection of the amnion or amniotic membrane.

- Too little amniotic fluid

- Birth of twins

- Forms of abnormal uterine

- Have experienced previous preterm delivery

Symptoms of preterm labor is there are additional amounts of mucus in the vagina, there is a sense of like menstrual cramps that come and go, feels there is pressure with a regular rhythm in the pelvic area, back pain associated with a sense of cramping in the abdomen. Those who experience it must immediately contact the nearest doctor.

To reduce the risk of preterm delivery, pregnant women are advised to regularly check its content so it can show us the disorder. "Premature births could be prevented by improving the health status of mothers," Pereira said in a Premature Infant Care Campaign launch in Jakarta, Thursday (24/6).


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