Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Negative Impact WI-FI signal to our body

World Health - Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity), better known as wireless local networks is increasingly popular, especially in countries both developed and developing world. With wi-fi network of people able to enter the Internet without the hassle of connecting cables from the computer to a phone line.

It is nice yes if we are in an environment with no wi-fi it (like my school). But upon investigation, turned out wi-fi siyal influence also on our bodies. What is the impact?

Behind the convenience offered wi-fi, there are some beliefs that consider public wi-fi has a negative impact on health. Those who do not agree with the presence of wi-fi reasonable electromagnetic radiation from wi-fi can cause pain in the head, sleep disturbances and nausea, especially for those who electrosensitive. Wi-fi but is harmful to health?

Fear of adverse effects on health wi-fi is countered British scientists. As expressed by Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, told the BBC Panorama Programme, there was nothing to worry about with wi-fi technology. There's no definitive proof that mentioned, devices such as mobile phones and wi-fi health causes disturbed.

Similar, Professor Lawrie Challis also disclosed, from Nottingham University. In a statement on the BBC, Monday (05/21), Professor Challis, who served as chairman of Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) said: "Electromagnetic radiation from Wi-fi is very small, it is also low-power transmitters, other than that there is still a distance with the body.

"It could be electromagnetic radiation is very close to the body, when we assume the laptop, but in my observations of each parent will ask their children not to get too often use their phones and always asked them to put the laptop on the table, not in his lap, if they surfing too long. "

To support this statement, the BBC Panorama team visited a school in Norwich, which has a thousand students, and try to compare the levels of radiation from mobile phones and wi-fi use in the classroom. The results show a wi-fi radiation in a classroom three times larger than the jet issued cell phone.


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