Friday, June 18, 2010

Joint pain and gout.

Gout is a metabolic waste material of the body that tend to be toxin, under normal circumstances the production of uric acid and disposal must be balanced, but on certain conditions in the blood uric acid levels can increase. elevated levels of uric acid could be due to uric acid removal process disrupted, causing accumulation in the body, could also be due to the increased production of uric acid. Blood uric acid level is affected by many things, such as:

* Food. Already not a secret anymore if meat especially organ meats, seafood and alcohol contains a lot of purine which causes elevated levels of uric acid in the body.

* Descendants. People with a family history of suffering from a high uric acid more frequently attacked than those without joint pain.

* Impaired kidney. Kidney disorders may affect uric acid levels, this may be due to a decline in the ability to secrete renal uric acid through urine.

If uric acid is high, why?

High levels of uric acid the body can lead to accumulation of uric acid, if the embankment is in joint pain joints could occur, if hell is still a little mending, most just ordinary rheumatic pain, but when it really can make a lot of experience inflammation of the joints characterized by swollen, reddening and severe rheumatic pain.

How is prevention?

* Eat less red meat, especially organ meats, because the innards contain high purine could increase the production of uric acid.

* Reduce the consumption of alcohol. besides making drunk alcohol also makes high uric acid.

* Expand drink. High water concentrations in the body can dissolve uric acid, so before had buried late at first.

In addition to the above steps, according to a publication by Arthritis Care and Research in American cities, that consumption of coffee and tea is also quite effective for lowering uric acid.

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