Monday, March 29, 2010

Why are there health disorders in children

The children get sick because of his endurance and strong yet still so sensitive that children (under five) most often sick. Moreover if the diet and unruly life. Character children tend to fight when told to rest, and also not easily persuaded to enjoy healthy foods.

Children are more inclined to choose food according to taste his tongue, not in accordance with health needs. Moreover, every day a lot of food and beverage vendors that pass in front of the house in addition to drain pockets of parents, food and beverages are not guaranteed safe or healthy for the consumer.

Here are some of the causes of health disorders in children:

1. Lack of rest and too much play

In general, children prefer to continue playing rather than sent to bed and rest. Even stopping to eat it sometimes they do not want that we often do not understand "why children are not easy to feel hungry even after not eating daily. If it happens only occasionally may not be too influential on health, but when the child often will not eat and only wants to play it, do not be surprised if they are easily hurt, lack of energy, vitamins and minerals.

2. Food and beverages that contain chemicals

Children often eat foods and beverages that contain additional substances that can damage your health. Substances such as preservatives, coloring, and reinforcing a sense of who is usually a chemical commonly used in the food and beverage vendors. Dyes, preservatives, or reinforcing a sense of nature is very difficult in Indonesia because the price is quite expensive. Sold for consumption especially school children, the industry prefers household chemicals.

3. Too often consume drugs

Sick children do need medication, but did not have to force your child with a chemical or antibiotic drugs continuously. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor about the good and bad to drink a particular drug and duration of use.

Try to be considered and adapted to the complaints of the. For example, a child with the flu or a cold. Why the flu or a cold is a germ or bacteria that could be eliminated by increasing the body resistance to intake of highly nutritious foods, such as vegetable soup or porridge or drink warm milk combined with a banana.

4. Less attention from parents

Parents are so busy with your work often giving less attention to their children. All the affairs and needs of children handed over to the maid or nanny. Children who lack of love and attention parents often feel depressed and insecure. This can interfere with mental health and physical well because they are not lazy appetite or eating.

5. Environment plays an unhealthy

Child's environment and dingy, dirty, greatly affects health. For example, many flies and dust would descend foods eaten. Not to mention if people around the playground of his suffering from infectious diseases. His endurance is still vulnerable to lead the children contracted the disease easily. Therefore, keep the kids from the neighborhood who did not play well.

6. The existence of hereditary factors or genetic

Parents who have a history of the disease can be caused by genetic factors must take precautions to avoid these illnesses experienced by children. Instilled discipline parents to their children (for example, set a good diet and right) helps maintain the health of children.

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