Sunday, March 7, 2010

Virus AIDS hide in Marrow Bone

The virus that causes AIDS was able to hide in the bone marrow, which can not be achieved medicines into the body.

As a result, the AIDS virus at any time be able to come back. The research team led by Dr. Kathleen Collins of the University of Michigan reported the results of this study in the journal Nature Medicine this week.

The research was also mentioned, the HIV virus can enter cells in the bone marrow which is feared will eventually enter the blood cells. When he entered the cells of bone marrow cells, the virus becomes inactive.

However, once entered into the blood cells, the virus can be active again and it can kill cells of new blood and move damage the cells of another. "During these drugs can reduce the number of deaths due to AIDS, but patients must use drugs throughout his life. If drug therapy is stopped, the virus could re-emerge. There are many hiding places should be investigated, "said Collins.

In previous studies proved the virus was found hiding in frequent blood cells called macrophages. If the sources of infection can be known in more detail, AIDS patients can immediately stop the consumption of the medicine after the infection is cured.


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