Friday, March 5, 2010

15 Other Uses of Toothpaste

Toothpaste: It whiten, brighten, scent, remove stains, and restore and protect the enamel. But the ability to clean the toothpaste can be applied to many things other than teeth.

1. Relieve irritation from insect bites, wounds, and abrasions.

Relieve irritation from insect bites

2. Creating Cool The Burn.

15 Other Uses of Toothpaste

For small burns that do not involve an open wound, toothpaste can provide temporary cooling. Apply carefully to the affected area as soon burns developed; it while reducing shock and prevent blisters and open wounds.

3. Minimize the size of the stain face.
Minimize the size of the stain face

Want to accelerate the healing of acne? Apply a small dot of toothpaste to the affected area at night before bed. Wash in the morning.

4. Clean your fingernails.

Teeth made of enamel, and toothpaste is good for them, so it makes sense that the toothpaste will be good for your nails. Clean, bright, and more powerful, just by rubbing on the bottom and the top of the nails with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

5. Hair remains in place.

Gel toothpaste containing soluble polymer that as much hair gel. If you want to continue to have extreme hair style, try a gel toothpaste as a product if your hair gel in addition to usual. (This is also a great trick to make a baby stay awake pins in place.)

6. Scrub odor remover.

Garlic, fish, and other spicy foods may leave the smell on the hands. Rub with fingertips toothpaste for a while, get rid of the smell.

7. Remove stains.

Toothpaste can make tough stains on clothing and carpet disappeared. For clothing, immediately rub toothpaste into the stain and scrub until stains disappear quickly, then wash as usual. (Note that by using a whitening toothpaste, fabric colors can sometimes be reduced.) For the carpet stain, apply toothpaste and rub the stain with a rough brush, then rinse immediately.

8. Cleaning dirty shoes.

This tactic applies to running shoes or leather shoes. Like a carpet stain, apply toothpaste directly to the dirty areas or blisters, then scrub with a brush and clean.

9. Remove crayon stains on the wall paint.

Rub with a damp cloth had toothpaste smeared gently on the wall and watch Crayon marks disappear.

10. Sparkle Silver Jewelry.

Rub toothpaste into the silver jewelry and leave overnight. Wipe clean with a soft cloth in the morning.

11. Remove scratches on DVDs and CDs.

Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the disk and rub gently, then rinse clean.

12. Smoothed piano keys.

Piano keys keep skin oils from hands, which then attract dust and dirt. Apply a sufficient amount, rub gently until the stains disappear, rinse carefully clean.

13. Deodorize baby bottles.

Baby bottle can leave a sour milk smell. Clean with toothpaste. Remember, after that must be rinsed until completely clean.

14. Remove burned on iron crust.

Spread on crusty metal equipment from the heat. Such as iron plate, spoon, iron, etc.

15. Swimming goggles Defog.

Divers, swimmers, and athletes may already know about this handy little trick: Rub a small dot of toothpaste into your glasses each lens, then rinse thoroughly, and voila! There will be no need to buy expensive gel defogger again. Avoid scrubbing too hard, abrasive materials in toothpaste can scratch the lens.


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