Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sensitive Point of Women

Foreplay will be dull if only part of it-that's all you exploration. Look at other sensitive points that can be paired body excited him.

Sensitive Point of Women

There are many sensitive points of women who can you really struggle eksplor before. Areas such as the vagina, breasts, or buttocks do have a very sensitive nerve, but she also had a lot of sensors in every inch of her body.

Here are some of the sensitive points as quoted AskMen:


Take care stay beautiful hair is not the only reason she regularly to the salon. The process of washing, cutting, coloring, and a touch of hair style for him is a means of stress release.

You can also give a similar treatment, but for different purposes. Gently stroked her hair and give a circular massage of the temples to the back of his neck to make her relax before sex.

Base of the neck

Once your fingers to the nape of his neck, kissed tenderly. This section is often ignored by men. Do not forget also the magnitude of the effect of touch and lick on her shoulder.

Bone groin

Show your appreciation for sexiness partner's body with a touch and kiss the crotch. When he was still fully clothed, touch you in this section can be a sign that you want to pass the night with a great sex story.

Rear knee

These areas are rarely included in the list of stimuli before making love men. When in fact, behind the knee is a very sensitive area. Embarked gentle touch when he was wearing a mini skirt or shorts to vibrant passion.


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