Monday, March 1, 2010

Jackfruit Fruit Benefit for Health

Jackfruit Trees belonging to the Moraceae family, scientific name is Artocarpus heterophyllus. In English, known as jackfruit.

Generally, Jackfruit tree was a medium-size, up to about 20 feet high, although there are up to 30 meters. Circular cylindrical stems, up to about 1 meter diameters.

It shoots a solid and thick, broad and rounded when the place opened. All parts of plants out thick white sap when wounded.

Fruit compound (syncarp) elongated spindle-shaped, often uneven, length up to 100 cm, on the outer side of short spines forming outside.

Jackfruit Benefits

· Young jackfruit fruit flesh (tewel) used as vegetable food.
· Jackfruit seed flour used as raw materials of food industry (food ingredient mixture).
· Young leaves can be used as livestock feed.
· Jackfruit wood is considered more superior than the finger for making furniture, construction of manufacturing buildings, mast, for the pole horse and cow barn (in Priangan), rowing, tools, and musical instruments.
· Jackfruit tree can be used as traditional medicine.

Benefits and Advantages

Jackfruit harvested fruit. "The meat of the fruit" ripe often eaten fresh, mixed in the ice, blended into drinks (juice), or processed into various types of local food: lunkhead jackfruit, jack fruit compote, jams jackfruit, jackfruit fried flour, jackfruit chips, and others -- other.

Jackfruit is also used as fragrances, ice cream and drinks, made of honey jackfruit, concentrate or flour. Jackfruit seeds, known as "concrete", can be boiled and eaten as a source of additional carbohydrates.

The fruit is a favorite of young jackfruit as a vegetable. In Sumatra, especially in Minangkabau, known for jackfruit curry dishes. In West Java, young jackfruit fruit including cooked as one of the acid vegetables.

In Central Java, known for a variety of dishes with basic ingredients young jackfruit fruit (called Gori), such as Lodeh vegetables, vegetable megena, oseng - oseng categories, and not to categories (young jackfruit vegetable). In Yogyakarta, especially young jackfruit cooked as gudeg.

While at around Jakarta and West Java, hump male flowers (called Matt Bear-Fowler or tongtolang) often make the material in Rojak. Diamond jackfruit curry, sample preparations of "fruit" of young jackfruit.

Jackfruit leaves are the preferred animal feed goats, sheep and cows. Fibrous bark, can be used as a rope and in the past also used as clothing material. Resin used in the mixture to trap the birds, for putty (add) boat and other - other.


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