Friday, March 19, 2010

Detecting Breast Tumors with Flashlight (Breastlight)

Women may be a little excited because it was able to detect breast tumors themselves only with a flashlight to illuminate only the breast with a red flashlight. The Breatlight, so the name of the device, equipped with a LED light that can be expected to detect breast tumors with accuracy up to 96 percent. Thus, this tool got a success rate greater than mammograph. Mamograph is one of the detection of breast tumors are usually performed by the hospital with accuracy of about 60 to 85 percent. The breaslight can detect very small lumps ranging from 7mm where this can not be done by Mammograph.

The Breastlight is suitable for all women especially those who feel ashamed if have to check her breasts every month to the hospital. According to Dr Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist at King Edward VII Hospital, London, The Breastlight works by illuminating the breast tissue with red light.

"The light will be illuminated red blood cells and red blood vessels so that all parts of the breast will look like a point clear of a road map or a network. When a tumor is found in a woman's breasts, a blood vessel will look bigger than others and will appear darker area when illuminated with light, "said Dr. Burnettseperti quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (26/1/2010).

How to use the tool The Breastlight quite easy. First of all, users must be in a dark room. While standing, place the flashlight is just below the breast and then switch to red lights and illuminate all the breast tissue. For the healthy breast, blood vessel tissue are small and thin. But to have a breast tumor, will look spots or dark areas around the breast blood vessels. By considering the development of these spots, known whether the tumor will grow or not from day to day.

Although highly beneficial for women, The Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign urged the parties concerned not to sell pharmaceutical equipment because they think it can trigger a sense of lazy women to check themselves into the doctor and his own conclusions that may be wrong. "It was indeed helpful, but it is feared that many women who own and concluded that the results could be wrong to interpret the results of its radiation.

Besides, no one can guarantee a tool that really safe and accurate. Or a woman might find herself affected by breast cancer tumor or from the results of the examination, but instead of shame and hide it so that would not be seeing doctors, "said one opponent of the Breastlight.

Nevertheless, based on survey results of Sunderland City Hospital, many women who love this flashlight denggan presence. 88 percent of women will feel more confident with the tools The Breastlight and 84 percent felt the Breaslight easy to use.


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